Monday, January 8, 2018

Florida Vacation-Part 1

So in November, we went on a trip to Florida.  I've been meaning to blog about it since, wow... I'd make an awful "This just in" type of  But anyway,  Our family along w/ extended family went to Orlando for a week.  What was best about this vacation is that we managed to relax & have fun as well.  Our sister in law Debbie planned the trip.  She loves Disney & their family has taken many many Disney vacations so we felt ecstatic that she was taking the reins of the trip.  We knew we'd be in good hands.  Debbie was great & included us in the planning, we were grateful for her expertise.  She knew what websites to use, when & how early to make reservations, etc.  She was wonderful & we felt lucky.  She really was such a blessing to us & allowed us to not stress over all the planning.  I could not be more thankful.  Our trip started on Friday November 3rd,  we were driving down from NJ but we got on the road a little later than we had hoped but managed to get on the road by about 3:30 pm (Emily needed to go to school that day... she'd be missing 3 days as was) BUT that became a little bit of an issue only because we had reservations at Hoop Dee Doo Revue dinner show for either 5 PM on Saturday.  Brian did a great job driving & we didn't stop to rest that first night until sometime around 2 in the morning.  One of the more humorous moments came that first night when we pulled up to our "crappy" just for sleeping, roadside hotel.  Right in front of our room in a trash can was the bottom half of a BIG stuffed bear, all that could be seen was his butt and feet.  I just about died from laughing so much! After many "Ted" drinking jokes and pictures we finally went to bed. 
 The next morning we got up around 7:30am and continued the rest of the way.  We got to Orlando about 1:30/2 pm or so, we thought we'd be ok but since check in wasn't until 4 pm at the condo's we were staying at, we ran into a little bit of a delay when it came to check in.  They were willing to let us check in early but none of the condos were ready and so by the time we got in the room I believe it was a little after 3, & we all had to still  get showers.... we ended up being late to dinner but i guess Disney accounts for that & although we were a little late, we really didn't' miss much.  It was yummy & fun!  They served fried chicken,  cole slaw, corn bread, beans.. etc.  It was really good.  Emily was even able to order mac & cheese!  Everyone had a great time... Emily seemed to have a great time X's 10.  It was wonderful seeing her enjoying herself so much!!!! She loves musical theatre so this was right up her alley. We had a great time and even a bit of a "Disney magical" moment at the end of the dinner.  The table next to ours was a table full of young ladies in maybe their early twenties celebrating one of the girls birthdays.  When we were about to leave, one of them asked Emily what her name was and how old she was.   Then she asked her if she wanted this cute pair of Minnie mouse ears she had gotten which were too small for her to wear.  They were super cute!!!  Emily said yes, and I was like, why? Are you sure?  & this sweet young lady was like, "absolutely,  I hope she enjoys them!"  When we went to the park.. we saw they were like $29.99!  I was like WOW! Super nice of that girl and a great way to start the vacation w/ kindness like that! I was feeling the feels! The next morning we slept in and didn't do a damn thing except maybe go to the grocery store. We also each took hour-long baths in the ginormous tub that was in the master bedroom.  LOL! That's what I call relaxing.  Brian & I even got some Epson salts to throw in there to ease our aches & pains! It was wonderful! We knew the next three days would be the busiest of the vacation and we wanted to be as ready as we could be.  This is what happens when you get  We stayed at this resort called Liki Tiki village or something like that.  Jim & Deb were staying at the wilderness lodge at Disney so we were able to stay at their timeshare.  It was a really nice place, with a washer & dryer in the suite and a full kitchen with a separate dining room & a private bedroom for Emily too.   

Friday, September 15, 2017

Retail funnies

So I work retail,  I'm a shift manager at a "Major" drug store.  Isn't that what they would always say if you were a contestant on a game show in the 80's?  So lately there's been some really funny or at least I think they are funny things that have happened at work.  I do actually enjoy my job. Not of course all aspects of it, but I like keeping busy and interacting with customers & co-workers. The other day our Asset protection district manager comes in for a visit.  For the sake of the story, I'll just call him, "Roc" anyway Roc is talking to another worker we will call "Juan", anyway I go into the office where they are talking & say something like this,
"Excuse me?  Did Juan tell you about the bacon we found?"

Roc is like, "No... what about bacon"  

So I say, "Well we found this rolled up bacon package that we think fell out of some shoplifters pants,  It was rolled up in a ball & when we found it it was still cold, so I think I have a pretty good idea who attempted to steal it" 

Roc than says, "Really, wow people are crazy" 

I'm like,  "Yeah and that's not the only thing, we also found a 1 1b container of butter that was crumpled up.  SO we are assuming the person who stole it must have put the individual sticks down his pants too and left the container,  I guess it was easier to conceal that way." 

Roc says,  "Wow!  Bacon and Butter" 

To which (without missing a beat mind you) I say.... "Yeah, hasn't he heard about the ongoing cholesterol problem in America"  A nod of course to the greatest movie of all time, "My Cousin Vinny"  

He looked at me like I had two heads, so I don't think he got it. 

But I thought I was HYSTERICAL!

Here's another little gem.

I have this co-worker (& friend) name "Liza" that was working one morning & I didn't come in til after she had already left for the day.   The store manager always leaves a daily note for the shift managers about what we have to get accomplished for the day.  Anyway this particular note also included what was said that morning on the weekly mandatory manager's conference call.  One of the notes from the call was,

-All employees must be in their work clothes, including name tags every day.
  To which Liza writes under it, -CANCEL PAJAMA DAY! 

 I about died,  I thought it was the funniest thing.  It just tickled my funny bone.  Even now I think it's brilliant.   I mean cause what do they think?  That we are a bunch of morons.  

Thursday, September 14, 2017

My Kiddo is a Junior!!! What? How?

So it's back to school time again.  Emily's a junior this year!  I literally can't imagine that I have a kid who is a junior.  That's insane to me.   How did this happen?  But ok... I've got to face facts, I do indeed have a Junior in High school!!  LOL!  It's truly astonishing how fast it went. I also could not be prouder of her.   This year will probably hold sooo many new experiences for Emily.   She (we) will be tiptoeing our way through college planning.  I say tiptoeing because she's only a Junior so we have a little time.  But since this is my only child,  maybe I'm just being naive there.  She will have to take the SAT's this year.  We are thinking in May.  She did well when she took a PSAT in Freshman year.  So hopefully she'll do well again,  Thankfully she doesn't get too stressed out about those kinds of test.   I know she will do fine,  she is very lucky that she has a really good grasp of many different kinds of studies.   Anyway, my hopes for this new year for her are what they are every year, that she makes a new friend or two.  That she is happy, safe,  that she continues to learn the life skills she will need to live successfully independently one day.  As well I hope she continues to love learning.  Emily is and always has been a lover of learning.  I remember when she was about 2.  I signed her up for this monthly book learning series mail order thing.  I believe it was called "Brighter Vision" learning series or something like that.  She got it for several years.  Each month the package would arrive and it would contain an activity book, a project of some kind & an actual book.  It was really cool. it would grow with your child, so the older the child got, the more advanced the materials.  Ever since Emily was very young, toddler age or before....  she has enjoyed books, would sit on your lap and let you read book after book to her.   I think this contributed to her reading at such an early age.  She was reading well before her 3rd birthday.  Her love of learning hasn't diminished any either,  it's obviously evolved & today many of her learning is via TV or the internet but it's still there.  That love for learning. Learning about EVERYTHING!   We always tease her that she can't believe everything on the internet... we say "BonJour" because of that TV commercial from awhile ago about the man who listed himself as a "french model" on the internet, but was really just some random below average looking fellow, who's line was "BonJour" to "prove" he was who he claimed.   I forget what the commercial was for.  I'd call that's a marketing fail. LOL!  Right now her favorite show on television is this show she discovered called Mysteries at the museum.  Which tells interesting tales about famous or infamous things from the past, things you might find in a museum.  I've actually not seen an episode of it.  It apparently has been on for like 11 seasons, how do I know this,  because we have 57 episodes on the DVR.   She has watched most of them.  We are down to like 20% of space.  How will I record my real housewives?  ;)   Anyway... just wanted to pop on her to give my kiddo a shout out and say,  "Emily.... have a great year!  You are amazing and I love you!"  Love, Mom.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Summer 2017 thus far...

Well... hello!  I haven't written anything on here in quite a little while.  Life.  It gets so busy.   I've been working a lot more than usual.  I am trying my best to pay off some debt and also to try and save some money for a trip to Florida we are planning.  Our family hasn't been since Emily was like 6, so it's kind of exciting.  We are going with Brian's brother's & his family.   They are what you call Disney experts.  So that's good.  We will not be staying at DisneyWorld but will be visiting the park for 3 days.  We are really excited!!  We also have a lot to still do to get ready for this trip, and we haven't yet come up w/ all the funds to cover everything.  So when all that gets worked out it will be a little easier to enjoy the idea of vacation.  Right now, it's still on the yikes side.. can we swing this?  We can and we will but it's still nerve-wrecking not being at the point where everything is paid.   We definitely need a vacation, unfortunately because the trip will be sometime in the future, we don't have any vacation plans for summer.  So it's going to be a pretty standard, stay at home summer.  Hopefully we can do a little local things to make it a somewhat eventful summer.  Emily's been having a pretty low-key summer as well.   Hmmm... so this is kind of a boring blog.  lol.   What else?  I have this horrible habit of losing my cell phone.  I'm not much of a cell phone person.  I have one, but I think I'd be ok if I didn't... lol.  I am constantly losing it, mostly because unlike most people, I don't have it attached to my hip.  It's something I use when i need to and don't when I don't.  So often times i wont know where it is for a day or two and by that point it's dead and I'm screwed cause I don't know where it is, I'm pretty bad at putting it in the same place.  It's very  annoying.  I need to get better at keeping a track of it.  It's not inexpensive and I should care more about it.... but I just can't seem to get in the habit of it, and I guess I just don't have a super need for it.  I figure if you need to get a hold of me, call the house line. Anyway,  what else?  Emily's doing well, she's working a little on her summer assignments for school.  She has to read a book for her AP English class, she choose to read 1984. She's about 100 pages in... I guess that's pretty good. I believe there is also an assignment to go along with it, but she hasn't started on that part.   She has yet to start on her History summer assignment. I reminded her of it today,  she's like.. OK.  Typical teenage.   I hope she doesn't wait to the last minute to get them done.  It would be nice if she got them done early and could just enjoy a few weeks with out it hanging over her head,  hint.. hint... Emily if you are reading this!! ;) Well I guess I'll go.  I hope if you come across this,  that you are having a great day!