Monday, July 10, 2017

Summer 2017 thus far...

Well... hello!  I haven't written anything on here in quite a little while.  Life.  It gets so busy.   I've been working a lot more than usual.  I am trying my best to pay off some debt and also to try and save some money for a trip to Florida we are planning.  Our family hasn't been since Emily was like 6, so it's kind of exciting.  We are going with Brian's brother's & his family.   They are what you call Disney experts.  So that's good.  We will not be staying at DisneyWorld but will be visiting the park for 3 days.  We are really excited!!  We also have a lot to still do to get ready for this trip, and we haven't yet come up w/ all the funds to cover everything.  So when all that gets worked out it will be a little easier to enjoy the idea of vacation.  Right now, it's still on the yikes side.. can we swing this?  We can and we will but it's still nerve-wrecking not being at the point where everything is paid.   We definitely need a vacation, unfortunately because the trip will be sometime in the future, we don't have any vacation plans for summer.  So it's going to be a pretty standard, stay at home summer.  Hopefully we can do a little local things to make it a somewhat eventful summer.  Emily's been having a pretty low-key summer as well.   Hmmm... so this is kind of a boring blog.  lol.   What else?  I have this horrible habit of losing my cell phone.  I'm not much of a cell phone person.  I have one, but I think I'd be ok if I didn't... lol.  I am constantly losing it, mostly because unlike most people, I don't have it attached to my hip.  It's something I use when i need to and don't when I don't.  So often times i wont know where it is for a day or two and by that point it's dead and I'm screwed cause I don't know where it is, I'm pretty bad at putting it in the same place.  It's very  annoying.  I need to get better at keeping a track of it.  It's not inexpensive and I should care more about it.... but I just can't seem to get in the habit of it, and I guess I just don't have a super need for it.  I figure if you need to get a hold of me, call the house line. Anyway,  what else?  Emily's doing well, she's working a little on her summer assignments for school.  She has to read a book for her AP English class, she choose to read 1984. She's about 100 pages in... I guess that's pretty good. I believe there is also an assignment to go along with it, but she hasn't started on that part.   She has yet to start on her History summer assignment. I reminded her of it today,  she's like.. OK.  Typical teenage.   I hope she doesn't wait to the last minute to get them done.  It would be nice if she got them done early and could just enjoy a few weeks with out it hanging over her head,  hint.. hint... Emily if you are reading this!! ;) Well I guess I'll go.  I hope if you come across this,  that you are having a great day!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

WOW!!! March for Babies 2017 Update!

So with less than 3 days to go til the #MarchforBabies walk.  We are at $4,226 of our $5,000 goal!! I'm BLOWN away.... so grateful to all our donors and people who are supporting us.  This is an all time high for us! BUT we are not giving up,  with your help I know we can reach our ultimate goal of $5,000.  SO PLEASE PLEASE consider making a small donation to our team.  It goes to the March of Dimes and helps all babies be born healthy.  Many of the advancements that were funded by March of Dimes helped save our Emily's life many years ago and we want to help other families be able to bring their baby's home too.  SO PLEASE click on the link below and make a secure donation to March of Dimes... THANK YOU! THANK YOU! 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

March for Babies 2017 Update....

Hey All... Our Family team's March for Babies walk is 2 weeks away. "Team Emily-CR 213" is doing pretty well so far, we've raised $3,129 of our $5,000 goal!! Which is great, but we have high hopes this year that we will finally reach that $5000 mark this year!  I'd like to share a post on here that I wrote on my facebook page.  I think it helps to explain a little more why this is so important to us.  This is our family's 15th year walking in it.  So that shows you we are invested in this charity and look forward every year to helping this great charity by doing what we can.,  Please help us with a small donation in an effort to help more babies be born full term and healthy! Thank you!!!!!

  "Our family LOVES walking in & raising funds for the #MarchforBabies event for the March of Dimes! It warms our heart and amazes us, just how much support we continue to get from our friends and family, it means so much to us personally, because March of Dimes is a part of our heart. We know WITHOUT a DOUBT that had March of Dimes not taken on the mission to help premature babies many yrs ago, and that without the research and advancements in Premature/NICU care directly resulting from this charity, Emily would not have made it. I can't even begin to imagine a world without that magnificent girl! So I just want to say an enormous thank you to all my donors!"

                                                                                                                    XO Missy 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

That time of year again... March for Babies!!!

Please help my family's March of Dimes, March for Babies team.  We know first hand what it's like when your baby is born premature.  We are sooooo thankful to all that March of Dimes has done in their fight to prevent and improve the lives of babies, especially premature babies like our Emily.  Any small donation to help our team reach it's fundraising goal, would be fantastic.  Our goal this year is to raise/collect $5000 for the March of dimes.  The walk is on April 30th this year! Would you please consider making a donation using the link below!  THANK YOU!!!