Thursday, July 31, 2008

WOW this is my 16TH post for JULY

OKay so WOW--- That's a record for me and this blog. 16 post in one month!! ANyway, what's new? Well lets see--- I'm going to New York on Saturday to see Mary Poppins on broadway with Danielle and Mad so that should be lots of fun. Brian, Emily and I also finlalized out camping plans. SO that is a definate. Emily's still doing her bowling league. SHe so badly wants to earn a patch. They give out patches for 25 pins over average and things like that. She wants one so bad!! Next weekend we are going to 2 different parties on Saturday. Our friends Mark and Stacie are having their 2nd annual "Pool Party". ANd my cousin and his wife are having a housewarming. SO we go to M & S's at 12 and will stay for a few hours and then head over to my cousins new house luckily theirs doesn't even start until 3. So it should be a fun but busy day. Oh yeah also on the 7th we are going to a Jack Johnson concert. I really like him and am really looking forward to it!! SO between the play, the concert, the parties, bowling, camping, and my Mother-in-law is visiting us from New Mexico at the end of August--- It should be a very busy but fun August! SO I'm glad I've been able to write alot in July cause I'm not promising anything for August.

Reign Over Me.... Starring Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Something new...

Okay so I'm gonna try a new thing on my BLOG.. at the end of each new blog starting with this one. I'm gonna put a movie that I really enjoyed at the bottom of the blog.A movie that I either connected with, or just thought was really good. Why have I decided to do this, I don't really know. Maybe it's so one day--- if Emily ever wants to know what my favorite movies are--- she'll know. I guess really its because my Mom isn't here for me to ask her questions. There are so many ?'s I want to know that only my Mom can answer and she isn't here. I think that is partly why I created this blog.. so that some of me is documented here for Emily. I've tried to put on this blog things that are just part of me but that maybe she would not think to ask about now. Also I've tried to tell little Emily stories, so that one day she can read one and catch a glimpse of the kid she once was. Anyway, here's the first movie......

Dominick and Eugene starring Ray Lliota and Tom Hulce.

Introducing.... The newest INTERNET addict.

Emily, is completely addicted to the internet. Everyday she ask, "Can I go on the Computer?" She goes on all the kid web sites, Noggin, Disney, Nick, and ETC. Also she tries to look up websites for all the toys she has, for example... she loves Pokemon.. so she goes to or! Sometimes there are websites and sometimes there aren't but she's gonna try anyway. She just figures if they are a toy, they should have a website. She is so funny. She comes up to me today, and you know as a Mom you can tell when your kid wants something.. It's just a mom thing. So sure enough she comes up and gives me a kiss and gives me the LOOK and then says, "Mommy---Can I go on the Internet? PLEASE!" I try to limit her to 20 minutes. She learns somethings sooo fast, Last year, she could not even use the mouse..This year she's a computer using pro! She knows how to use the computer better than I could when I was in my 20's! Seriously, Sometimes I am amazed by her. She just completely 100% invest in things she likes. She devours them and learns all she can! She asked me the other day---- How do I put the symbol for the smiley face when typing on the computer? She's just really cool like that. That is why I know she can be anything she really wants to be... even now, when she is only 7-- I know it!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A camping we will go...... HOPEFULLY

Hello...At the beginning of the summer, we had talked about going camping again like we did last year because we all had a nice time and Emily just LOVED it. But as the summer went on and on.. We just could not figure out a way to SQUEEZE it in---- Brian is doing a big project for work and just can't take the time off. SO we were just thinking we'd have to 86 the idea. But the other night actually at the diner, Emily told the BALLOON GUY that she "was going camping" when he asked so what are you doing this summer? SO now we feel bad, I mean I know she needs to learn to deal with disappointment (especially with the way this world is) but still.... We wanted to try and go if we could... so.... Brian looked up a few of the Jellystone campsites and we realized the only one we could do with this short of notice was the one we went to last time. Which is fine, except we are running out of time. So, we are trying to work it out and book it. Brian can only take off a 1/2 day, so it will probably just be me and & Em. But I'm not sure. Anyway, Let's hope we can make it happen.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Adventures in "Diner"ing

Hi.... Last night our family went to a diner. I LOVE diners. I know there are diners elsewhere in the world. But I truly think New Jersey has the best ones. HONEST. Anyway, we went to this diner called, "Phily Diner" Yes Phily not Philly. Although we say we are going to the Philly diner which is in NJ. Confused, yet? So anyway, we are all sitting there determining what we will order. The great thing is you can get anything at a diner... from Seafood Fra Diablo to a BLT. SO anyway, there are only 3 things I order from a diner, they are: Turkey Club NO tomato extra crispy bacon, Hot open face turkey sandwich or Chicken parm dinner. I don't know why they are the only 3 things I order- But they are. Anyway, last night... We are sitting there figuring out what to eat and Emily is eagerly awaiting (as she refers to him)"the Crazy Balloon Man". The diner has this slightly annoying guy (who I think wanted to be a comedian but didn't quite make it) that makes balloon animals for the kids(for TIPS of course). So he finally comes to our table. Emily is so excited she can barely contain her happiness. Although as soon as he starts talking to Emily she freezes up a little. After his Lil' banter he finally ask Emily what she wants him to make, she immediately says, "A caterpillar- with NO eyebrows, 2 eyes and a mouth". "Okay" says the balloon man and he starts making it. As he is making it, Emily starts critiquing him... "no not like that", "That's not the kind I wanted" Etc. She isn't trying to be mean- Emily just likes things they way she envisions them. Well the Balloon guy probably hasn't encountered too many kids like Emily, so I step in and say, "Emily, he's making a very nice Caterpillar" not wanting to hurt his feeling. Emily is content with that answer, until he hands her the finished caterpillar and she does not like the nose he made-- well for one thing she did not ask for it to have a NOSE and for another the way he did it, it kind of looks like eyes because he drew two lines. Emily likes things to look like what they are. SO she says, " the nose looks like eyes" I say, "Emily, when we get home I can fix that." Picking up on that, the balloon guy hands me the sharpie marker and I proceed to fix it. After that he makes Emily two more things.. A butterfly, and a guitar (which u could actually play. And that's it... Brian gives the guy a $10 dollar tip because well that's all he had on him and the guy did have to well "take a lil' direction-Lets say from Emily" But the balloons made her very happy!! It was 10 dollars well spent, except, of course, when we got home the Butterfly popped in about 3 seconds... Literally it didn't even make it in the house. It popped on the front lawn!! SO there you have it! ;) Peace People.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Things u shouldn't do

Okay.. Just read an article about how we should not use cell phones because they could cause "C"....
OH MY GOD... EVERY WEEK.. There is something added to the list of things u shouldn't do or use......(or should do depending on the article)

don't use plastics in the microwave
only use stainless steel pots
don't use a cell phone
too much sun
not enough sun
don't stand within 3 ft of microwave while in use
don't take multi-vitamins
take multi-vitamins
those good bulbs for the environment have MERCURY
wearing a bra
BBQ'ing your food too long or was it not long enough
Hormone replacement therapy
tanning beds
Artificial sweeteners
Hair dye
food that contains nitrates
plastic water bottles
Cleaning Chemicals
Granite counter tops- Just saw on NBC10 news 7/25/08
and the obvious one SMOKE





I need to go live in the forest.. fresh air, organic vegetables grown in my own garden, have dirty gray hair, and NO NEWS.


Hello... Well today is Wednesday, so Emily had her bowling league. She did really terrific. She scored 81 the first game and 84 the second game!! An all time high score! Plus she got 2 spares and 1 strike! HER VERY FIRST!! She was so excited!! She really has improved alot since we started going!! She is really using her MUSCLES! We got home from bowling around 11:45 and it's been a pretty boring day since. BUT we are going to see a local production of "CINDERELLA" tonight. It should be fun!! Last week we went and saw "PETER PAN" by the same summerstage production co. It's done with KIDS and EMily really seems to enjoy them. However, usually she gets so excited that she makes me leave during the really exciting parts, I am hoping that going to these--- will help her get over that. Danielle, her daughter and I are going to see Mary POPPINS in NYC on the 2nd of AUg. I really wanted Emily to go and she may hve done fine but at $120 a pop, I just could not risk it, plus EMily said she didn't want to go. SO atleast for this time I thought it was better if I just went and we'll see maybe next, I figure if we keep going to these inexpensive shows that it will let me know if she would do okay and enjoy herself at a broadway show--- which is a lot longer and more spectacular! Right now, I think it would just be too much for her. It's hard to explain why, she just gets too excited and can't deal with it and ask to leave, she usually says she needs to go to the bathroom. It's just her way to escape when her feelings become tooo much. It will probably just take time and maturity. A few years ago, she would have just cried, so it's improving already. EMILY, IN HER OWN TIME... REMEMBER. Anyway, I'll probably work tomorrow, Right now I work in my friends house, they have an office in their house. BUt they just rented an office that is right near our house... so I could walk to it or take a bike or something. It's a pretty exciting time for them and their business. You know just a big step, and a much bigger expense so I am truly hoping it works out for them. Not just because they employ me-- although that too. But mostly, becuase they are my friends and I hope that it is very successful for them. I think it will be but it's also just a lil' scary. I'm nervous, so I can't imagine how they are feeling. BUT then again I get nervous over everything, pretty much. Some times I read back my blogs and it's like BLAH BLAH BLAH... I hope that I'm not boring the hell out of who ever is reading this. I know I bore myself sometimes. PEACE PEOPLE...

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Hello, SO today we went to see WALL-E, Emily had really wanted to see it. I liked it, although it did seem a little long to me. Although considering the first part of the movie is done without real "talking" I found it really amazing that the animators got the emotions down like they did. The other thing about the movie is that it teaches a lesson without being preachy. Too many movies throw the "ISSUE" at the audience and loss it in the process, this movie will have kids talking to their parents about what happened and why through curiosity. Atleast that's what I think. Anyway, we are having a nice weekend so far. We went to this great pizzeria place we LOVE called Capola's, It is soooo good. We get the same thing every time we go there, because their pizza is so good, we never want to try anything else. Yummy, anyway then we went to the dollar store. Brian hates going there but he found out that it has these bubble envelopes he uses for shipping (he's a little addicted to ebay)for 2 for $1. And they cost like $2 usually for just one. HE will now agree to go because he can get them there. SO YEAH..HE will actually step into a dollar store with me... PROGRESS! Ha We went to target too. We go in target atleast once a week and if we don't go there atleast once a week, at the end of that week I'll think I forgot to do something or like something is missing and I'll realize that I didn't get my TARGET fix. SAD but TRUE. Oh Well, I'm not sure what we are going to do tomorrow. My aunt invited us to the lake, and at first Emily wanted to go then she said, "Nah, I'm TIRED of going to the lake." So I don't know if we are gonna go or not. Brian thinks it's WAY to hot to be going. It's like 90 something degrees outside. I feel like if it's that hot GO IN THE WATER..... but Brian doesn't agree with that logic. Anyway, I guess we'll decide in the morning whether to go or not. Good thing it doesn't open until 11am so there is not a real RUSH about deciding. We will probably go and maybe Brian will go see a movie in an AIR CONDITIONED THEATER!! NO I'm not BITTER... HA HA! I'm really just kidding... I mean don't get me wrong I would really like for him to go with us but I also understand that he HATES really HOT weather and so there has to be compromises too. I just hope one of these weekends is like 80 and beautiful and we can go. Somehow since AUgust is practically here, I doubt that will happen.... OH WELL. Anyway, I guess I'll go, and spend some "quality" time with my hubby. :) PEACE

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Emily, in her own time.

Just finished eating 2 Eggo waffles that we bought for EMily. They have little pictures of KUNG FU PANDA on them. It's kinda cool how they can do it and how there little marketing ploy worked on EMily.... I had not had them in a while and they were quite tasty. Emily slept in today until 10 AM. WOW--- that was impressive! All this bowling and Vollyball she has been playing (we are using a beachball) must be tuckering her out. You see EMily is not very athletic, and she gets easily frustrated when she isn't instantly good at something, and since the Beachball is so light she has been able to volly it back and forth and is quite proud of herself! WHich is wonderful, you see she has poor motor planning--- and I can see how that could be really frustrating. IF you ask EMily to stand a certain way, YOu can just see her little brain and body trying to figure out the right way for her limbs to do it!! She'll eventually figure it out but it takes a lot more for her then for most other kids. It's hard because I don't want that to be a frustration of hers, but she's soooo gifted in other ways. I was talking to Danielle the other day and we were having this discussion on kids getting trouphies and awards for just competing... and since I wasn't an athelete I didn't mind, and how it bothered Danielle a little, what with her being athletic while growing up, her feeling was more that kids should really earn it. I was also thinking of EMily and the fact that maybe she will never be a STAR athelete. I was thinking that maybe ALL kids should get some kind of award for participating and then Danielle said, "DOn't worry about Emily--- she'll get plenty of other types of awards for academics." ANd I thought, you know you are right. There are plenty of kids out there who would love to be as smart as EMily and maybe it's just fair, reading, writing and even math come easy to EMily, she doesn't struggle with homework.. in two minutes it's done. You know, maybe it's just fair. I mean I'm still going to try and make Emily a well rounded kid-- and I wish that she was good at everything. Not becuase it matters to me but I think those kids have the easiest times, but also there is a big part of me that has always beleived, that maybe she just isn't meant to be an athelete and that is alright. As a parent you feel a lot of pressure to have your kid in a SPORT but Emily just isn't ready for a team sport becuase it would NOT be FUN for her, and I think the coaches might have to spend more time with Emily then the other kids which would not be fair to the other kids either. Plus we kinda got that impression from her PT aswell. She's just not at the level were the other kids are at all. My take is give her time. When Emily was younger we used to read her this book called, "Ruby in her own Time", which is the story of a little duck who doesn't do everything that his brothers and sister ducklings can do. Her parents just keep saying "Ruby will do it, in her own time" and ofcourse at the end of the story, Ruby is the little duck who can fly the highest and farthiest. That's how I feel about Emily, she will get there in her own time. She always has. It's just when she is ready not before. I mean this is the kid who wasn't potty trained til she was 6 1/2 but she hasn't had a real accident since(there have been times when she was at the toilet and could not get her panties down quick enough),and she has never wetted the bed. She hasn't learned to tie her shoes yet but she will--- in her own time. So anyway, maybe it's just a matter of time for her--- or maybe she'll never be a true athelete. Either way, it's okay, Emily is perfect in my eyes and we are SO truly blessed with her. This I know above everything, she is a miracle, a gift from GOD. and I am SOOOO Thankful.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Emily is in a bowling league with Madeline. Their team is called "Zoo Crew". It's every Wednesday at 10am-- Bowling and lunch!! So we went today--- it was our 3rd time going and Emily did very well. I am hoping she has fun and also builds up a little endurance and confidence from doing it!! She got a high score today for her of 69. Her average is 62. So she was very excited about that. The last two times we went she would throw the ball down so slowly--- that it would stop before it reached the pins and we would have to get one of the employees to retrieve it for us. But NOT today... SO that was so great, she's putting a little ummmmppphhh behind it. Yah!! I thought that was awesome. PS... Emily wants me to write that Madeline got a STRIKE today. She's very good too!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stressing MYSELF out!!

I'm feeling stressed out and it's not really one thing... Just many.. that are adding up and stressing me out. I feel like we've been letting some things around the house lapse and just knowing we have to get them done is stressing me. Also, every where you look, you see something about this lousy economy. That doesn't help your stress levels, not to mention what it REALLY is doing to your pocketbooks. SO I'm feeling this non-specific stress and it's pissing me off! Putting me in a very bad mood!! It's other things to, just really MANY THINGS that are leading me to feeling this way. The WAWA up the corner has $3.93 gas. How much longer can we be getting this extra kick in our budget without it causing real damage!! It's just slowly draining you of your nest eggs..... UUUURRRRGGGGGHHHH frustrating!! I thought I was feeling really hopeful about the election and yet I'm slowly realizing I'm feeling really depleted ..... What changes can be done to really DO anything to change the course of our future? A future that is looking so scary. I'm beginning to feel like whatever they are will only be a bandaid on a gun shot wound! Or am I just in a really bad mood.... I know it's a LOT of both. But which one will WIN. I don't want to feel this way, but I can't help it! Maybe getting some stuff done, feeling productive will help me feel better, so hopefully tomorrow I can go ahead and get some things done....The only problem is that it all cost money and thats the other thing stressing me out... It's like a vicious cycle that doesn't end. I have to just try and make my dollar go further and remember my family is SOOOO much better than some. I just have to be thankful about all we have and not let all these other things stop me from seeing that big PICTURE... Its just so much easier said then done. YOU KNOW.... Anyway, the good thing about moods is that they change. PEACE.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Lake

Hello, It's 1:30 AM but I can't sleep so I've decided to write a blog. Today, Emily and I went with my aunt to this lake in Woodstown NJ. It's at a sportsman club that my aunt's boyfriend is a member of. It's so NICE there and we had a great time. The weather was PERFECT. Emily just LOVED it and didn't want to leave. When I said it was time to go, she said, " I wish I was a mermaid and could STAY in the water forever!" This from a kid, just last summer who was really afraid of the water. It's really remarkable. Also, it's great exercise for her!! I like being at the lake for so many reasons, mostly because of the joy Emily gets from going, but also because it reminds me of when my Mom took me to a lake one summer. We went everyday, it was the summer between 8th and 9th grade. I was BOY CRAZY that summer, and I LOVED going becuase of all the boys that were there. My mom was so "COOL" that summer she just really let me do my own thing once we got there. She would set up our things and I would hang with her and Fernando (who was only a baby) and then for the rest of the day I would hang with the Lake regulars. A group of kids about my age who went like me to the lake almost everyday--- I had my first boyfriend at the lake! I never told my mom how much it meant to me. How much going there everyday meant to me, or how cool I thought she was for doing that for me. I grew up a lot that summer and I discovered alot that summer, and I bonded alot with my Mom that summer--- eventhough she may not have been aware.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A book review..

So I've been reading the book, "Singing Songs" by Meg Tilly. It's the first book of my Summer reading list. The summer list that I've created for myself so that I can rediscover something that I once liked doing, Reading.'s a very good book.. however, it's disturbing because its written as if a child is speaking. The main character is Anna.... a child that grows up in a sexually abusive, non-traditional family- it's done in true time (atleast that's what I'm calling it). What I mean is it's not like an adult is remembering her childhood but it's more like Anna is speaking to you about her life which is occuring. While reading it I couldn't help feeling like I was reading a Junie B Jones book of Emily's but Junie(Anna) is describing..Horrific events in her childlike way. That isn't meant to be a criticism at all because it's a very good book-- it's just more heartbreaking because these things did happen to a child and it really comes accross how innocent she is and how terribly wrong it is. I'm almost finished it, only have about 50 more pages to read. I would recommend it very much, but be prepared because at moments it's truly upsetting to read. The other thing about the book that I found out is that Meg originally released it as a novel and fiction. She later admitted to it being based on her memories of her own childhood. So it's even more heartbreaking knowing that it's real or atleast some of it is. I also wonder what her siblings think of her for writing it, or admitting it was based on her own childhood. I didn't know alot about Meg Tilly, I mean I've seen "agnes of god" and "the big chill" and she was very good in both but I didn't know much beyond that. Except for ofcourse her being Jennifer Tilly's sister. So ofcourse as I always do, I headed to the internet to see what I could find out. I didn't find out a whole lot, becuase after I discovered her website---- I got a little hooked on it --- the best part of course is her BLOG. She is a very good writer and it's easy to read it and feel like you are getting to know her, the real person. So I'm sure that I'll visit it often. I really enjoy reading blogs. It's interesting to think that these people who seem so far out of reach--- are essentially just like you. With families and problems and beautiful moments and heartaches. I just find comfort somehow in that. We are all mere mortals after all. Anyway, now of course I want to read her other two books. :)--- That surely is the sign of a good book. The want to read more.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Emily as Jerry

A cute lil' Emily Story...

The other day we are in the middle of eating our dinner... I think it was pizza. And Emily says, "Wait a Minute... We were suppose to have corn dogs for dinner"
And Brian says, " Okay Jerry Seinfeld" (becuase it very much sounded like something Jerry Seinfeld would say)
And then Emily says, "I'm NOT Jerry Seinfeld!"
"I do NOT talk on a microphone!"
"I do NOT perform a show!"

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Reading...

I've decided to do a summer reading list for myself. I read alot when I was a teenager and even in my 20's but I don't read much anymore, so I've decided this will be the summer I'll rediscover my LOVE for reading. I'll update this list as I finish each book.

Books I've read the summer of 2008
1) Singing Songs By Meg Tilly
2) undiscovered By Debra Winger
3) The Choice By Nicholas Sparks

Well Hello Again....

Hi.. OMG I didn't realize how long it had been since I've written on my blog. WOW... I guess we've been busy. Now that EMily is done school it's harder to find a period of time for me to be able to write on here. We had a nice weekend although it didn't start out so hot. Starting Wednesday afternoon--- I had a terrible Migraine and it lasted until Friday night. It was just awful. So we really didn't do much on the 4th of July. But we made up for it on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we went to a BBQ at Danielle's house. We had a lot of fun-- it was just her family and our family. But it was fun, the girls went in the pool. And then we played yard games and roasted marshmallows--- it was nice. Today- Brian's youngest brother Jim had a birthday party. He had turned 40 on the 2nd. It was fun too. Emily had a great time jumping on their trampoline and we all played ROCK BAND and we even lit off some fireworks. SSSSSHHHHHH... don't tell!! It was fun!!! Emily hadn't been able to see any on the 4th, with me being sick and all so she was excited about them. Even if it wasn't night when they were set off, the sky was cloudy enough that you could see them. SO all in all it was a nice 4th of July weekend. Emily's had a very busy summer already--- we went to the lake with my aunt and we've been to the shore a few times and the zoo. I hope she's having fun!! I think so. BTW--- the Barenaked ladies have a great kids CD called SNACK TIME. It is really cool for kids. :) PEACE and happy belated 4th of July!!