Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stressing MYSELF out!!

I'm feeling stressed out and it's not really one thing... Just many.. that are adding up and stressing me out. I feel like we've been letting some things around the house lapse and just knowing we have to get them done is stressing me. Also, every where you look, you see something about this lousy economy. That doesn't help your stress levels, not to mention what it REALLY is doing to your pocketbooks. SO I'm feeling this non-specific stress and it's pissing me off! Putting me in a very bad mood!! It's other things to, just really MANY THINGS that are leading me to feeling this way. The WAWA up the corner has $3.93 gas. How much longer can we be getting this extra kick in our budget without it causing real damage!! It's just slowly draining you of your nest eggs..... UUUURRRRGGGGGHHHH frustrating!! I thought I was feeling really hopeful about the election and yet I'm slowly realizing I'm feeling really depleted ..... What changes can be done to really DO anything to change the course of our future? A future that is looking so scary. I'm beginning to feel like whatever they are will only be a bandaid on a gun shot wound! Or am I just in a really bad mood.... I know it's a LOT of both. But which one will WIN. I don't want to feel this way, but I can't help it! Maybe getting some stuff done, feeling productive will help me feel better, so hopefully tomorrow I can go ahead and get some things done....The only problem is that it all cost money and thats the other thing stressing me out... It's like a vicious cycle that doesn't end. I have to just try and make my dollar go further and remember my family is SOOOO much better than some. I just have to be thankful about all we have and not let all these other things stop me from seeing that big PICTURE... Its just so much easier said then done. YOU KNOW.... Anyway, the good thing about moods is that they change. PEACE.

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