Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Emily is in a bowling league with Madeline. Their team is called "Zoo Crew". It's every Wednesday at 10am-- Bowling and lunch!! So we went today--- it was our 3rd time going and Emily did very well. I am hoping she has fun and also builds up a little endurance and confidence from doing it!! She got a high score today for her of 69. Her average is 62. So she was very excited about that. The last two times we went she would throw the ball down so slowly--- that it would stop before it reached the pins and we would have to get one of the employees to retrieve it for us. But NOT today... SO that was so great, she's putting a little ummmmppphhh behind it. Yah!! I thought that was awesome. PS... Emily wants me to write that Madeline got a STRIKE today. She's very good too!!!

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