Friday, July 25, 2008

Adventures in "Diner"ing

Hi.... Last night our family went to a diner. I LOVE diners. I know there are diners elsewhere in the world. But I truly think New Jersey has the best ones. HONEST. Anyway, we went to this diner called, "Phily Diner" Yes Phily not Philly. Although we say we are going to the Philly diner which is in NJ. Confused, yet? So anyway, we are all sitting there determining what we will order. The great thing is you can get anything at a diner... from Seafood Fra Diablo to a BLT. SO anyway, there are only 3 things I order from a diner, they are: Turkey Club NO tomato extra crispy bacon, Hot open face turkey sandwich or Chicken parm dinner. I don't know why they are the only 3 things I order- But they are. Anyway, last night... We are sitting there figuring out what to eat and Emily is eagerly awaiting (as she refers to him)"the Crazy Balloon Man". The diner has this slightly annoying guy (who I think wanted to be a comedian but didn't quite make it) that makes balloon animals for the kids(for TIPS of course). So he finally comes to our table. Emily is so excited she can barely contain her happiness. Although as soon as he starts talking to Emily she freezes up a little. After his Lil' banter he finally ask Emily what she wants him to make, she immediately says, "A caterpillar- with NO eyebrows, 2 eyes and a mouth". "Okay" says the balloon man and he starts making it. As he is making it, Emily starts critiquing him... "no not like that", "That's not the kind I wanted" Etc. She isn't trying to be mean- Emily just likes things they way she envisions them. Well the Balloon guy probably hasn't encountered too many kids like Emily, so I step in and say, "Emily, he's making a very nice Caterpillar" not wanting to hurt his feeling. Emily is content with that answer, until he hands her the finished caterpillar and she does not like the nose he made-- well for one thing she did not ask for it to have a NOSE and for another the way he did it, it kind of looks like eyes because he drew two lines. Emily likes things to look like what they are. SO she says, " the nose looks like eyes" I say, "Emily, when we get home I can fix that." Picking up on that, the balloon guy hands me the sharpie marker and I proceed to fix it. After that he makes Emily two more things.. A butterfly, and a guitar (which u could actually play. And that's it... Brian gives the guy a $10 dollar tip because well that's all he had on him and the guy did have to well "take a lil' direction-Lets say from Emily" But the balloons made her very happy!! It was 10 dollars well spent, except, of course, when we got home the Butterfly popped in about 3 seconds... Literally it didn't even make it in the house. It popped on the front lawn!! SO there you have it! ;) Peace People.

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