Monday, November 23, 2009

Emily's 9!!!! OH MY!!!!!

Yes that's right my little baby girl is 9 years old today!!! She's becoming such a big girl, I asked her last night, "even though you're 9--- I can still call you my baby, right?" and she said, "right". She's just the best kid!!! I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH!!! Yesterday she had her PIRATE birthday party. We just invited a few of her friends over. I just wasn't up to a big BIRTHDAY party this year and she was fine with just having a few friends (Madeline, Ethan, etc...) It was a fun party and she said it was Excellent!! The party was fun but after it we had a real scare. Emily fell down the stairs, not sure what exactly happened if she just tripped or had an absence seizure at the top of the stairs or what. Anyway she fell from the top of the stairs and landed on her HEAD and flipped over. IT WAS SCARY LOOKING and for a few seconds I was REALLY SCARED that she hurt herself bad. THANK GOD!!! She seems fine and I think just really scared her self more then anything, I know she scared Brian and I. I was shaking the rest of the night, and I could not get the image of her falling, out of my head, I must have checked on her like 19 times in the night. It rattled my nerves. I was sooo worried about my girl. BUT she's fine... like I said THANK GOD!!! Anyway, today we just had an ice cream cake and sang Happy Birthday again. I really can't believe she is 9--- the time just flies by. She got some cool gifts---- she got a Webkin Pug whose wearing a T-Shirt, and she got a matching T-Shirt. She got a watch, clothes, puzzles, bakugan toys, a microscope (from Daddy and me), and a some more toys too. I think she had a nice birthday. The gift she really wanted was a pillow pet, which is coming in the mail. It's just a stuffed animal pillow but SHE JUST THOUGHT IT WAS SOOOOOOO CUTE She HAD TO HAVE it!!!! So we ordered it online and it'll come sometime in the next 2-4 weeks. That'll be a nice surprise anyway for her. Anyway, just wanted to pop on here and tell everyone about my girl's bday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET EMILY!! MOMMY LOVES YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!! XOXOXO