Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Life Begun by Brian E. Roach

Just a reminder!!! My husband Brian wrote a book about our daughter Emily's birth  Well it's about what our family went through during that time & all that she endured... it's really a remarkable story of survival.  She was only 14 ounces when she was born.  It's hard to believe she is now the beautiful healthy 12 yo old in the advanced placement classes & who is on the principal's list! PROUD MAMA (& PAPA!) :) I'm so happy & proud of my husband's book! We really want to share her story to give other family's hope.  The story is a true story of all that our family went through during the hardest 6 months of our lives. Please check it out! :) Here's the link.. the book is available for purchase via Barnes & Nobles in either hard copy or e-copy. :) thanks!

Kinda Obsessed w this right now! :)

Grocery Tid Bit

I believe I saw this on Rachel Ray's show a while ago but I thought it was neat & I wrote it down.  Anyway it's been sitting here on my kitchen cabinet & I thought I'd share it with you all. :) DO you know that the groceries stores use a universal system for bread.  You know the twist ties on breads right? The color of the twist ties tells you when the bread was delivered:

Blue twist: Monday
Green twist: Tuesday
Red twist: Wednesday
White twist: Thursday
Yellow twist: Friday

Also an easy way to remember when you're at the store is it's alphabetically in order.. BGRWY *just remember to start w/ B-Monday, G-Tuesday.. etc.

Kinda COOL, Right? I'm always looking for the freshest dates & such on perishables.. so I really liked this.

Thanks Rachel. LOL! :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Movie Review: Last Night

This morning I watched the movie "Last Night"  I didn't know anything about the movie before watching it. This 2011 movie stars Keira Knightley & Sam Worthington as a married couple.  The movie starts off with Joanna(Keira) & Michael(Sam) attending a company party of Michael's & Joanna becoming jealous of her husband's obvious attraction to a new co-worker.  The have an argument about it after they return home from the party but after assurance from the husband that nothing happened or would happen they make up & all seems fairly well when Michael has to leave for an overnight business trip to Philadelphia.   That's when the temptations really start... but for both of them. Joanna runs into a past love & he invites her to dinner. Sam is on the business trip w/ the attractive new co-worker *played by Eva Mendes.  Both are playing w/ fire but how far will they take the temptations.

I thought the movie was fine.  I know that doesn't sound like a good review... fine. BUT the subject matter is sad.  An attractive nice couple who seem to love one another but still are looking for a desire that is fresh & new.   It's a fairly simple story but the acting is good & believable & while they are doing these sneaky things you don't hate them because of it.  You can see the battle they are having with themselves & it is interesting to see who takes it further.   I came away asking questions, like which is worse emotional cheating or physical cheating? or BOTH? SO I did like the movie, but I did think that the movie would end differently & the ending is a bit disappointing.... I don't know what I expected but I wanted more.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Movie Review: Our Very Own

Watched this movie again today.... SO love it!!!! This is a great example of a "Missy Movie"

Our Very Own is set in 1978 in Shelbyville TN.  At the heart of the movie is the friendship between 5 teenagers Clancy, Malora, Bobbie, Ray & Glen who are always looking for ways to break free of their small town. This consist mostly of trying to figure out which one of their parents cars they can borrow for any given night.  The story centers on Clancy Whitfield played by Jason Ritter, who's family is going through a hard time after his alcoholic father loses his job & that could cost the family everything including their own house.  Clancy tries to keep everything going on to himself & just wants to be a normal kid around his friends.  Who are his escape for all that is going wrong in his life.  Clancy's closest friend & love interest is Malora who wants to become like her idol "Shelbyville's" own Sondra Locke *a real actress from Shelbyville who was famous for being in all those Clint Eastwood movies back in the '70's.  The rumor is Sondra will be coming home for her movie premiere, & the local walking horse show & that has all the kids buzzing especially Malora who wants to be "just like her"  This is a great movie because it's characters are rich. From the gossipy waitress at the local diner to Malora's sassy mother. The casting for this movie is superb & you really believe each one of them could be from this small town.  I love this movie!! :)

Missy Movies...

I've always enjoyed movies... I think working in a video store for 8 years starting in 1990 helped cement it... I started working part time at a video store right out of high school & continued working there til 1998 having worked my way up to store manager & knowing at that time the business was dying, video stores were failing at a rampant rate... the end was near! BUT I can honestly say I loved working there during what I call "The age of the video store" because definitely by the 2000's the traditional video store was pretty much extinct.  I got out at a good time, & thankfully landed another more "grown up" job but I still think of my time at the video store fundly, even if by the end I was ready to move on. I've learned to, that I'd never have the kind of fun that I'd had there anywhere else.  Mostly because of  the group of people whom I worked with there were funny, & fantastic & just such characters, in the coolest sense of the word.  :) Anyway,  for 8 yrs movies were a big part of my life. Like most video stores,  Our employees were encouraged to watch movies, so we could recommend them to the customers. SO started the fine tuning of what I call "Missy Movies".  I found I had a certain type of movie I liked & found out it was NOT normally the BIG BUDGETED 100 copies kind of movie, that the video store would hope I would push.  I usually liked more character study independent movies, romantic comedy, teenage angst type, Mystery, Classics, along w/ the occasional HIT like My Cousin Vinny- which come on, who doesn't like that movie? SO those were the kinds of movies a customer would find under the banner" Missy Movies" on the employee recommendations end cap.  :) SO I've decided since I want to start writing more on this blog, & my life not being the most exciting & sometimes I just don't have much to say on here (sad as that sounds) & how I still love movies that I would start writing reviews of the movies I watch.... think of it as the virtual "Missy Movie" end cap. :) Plus we have HBO free for a limited time... haha! :) Anyway...  come back & check out the reviews & maybe I'll just have discovered a movie that you'll want to watch too.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

These are random things I remember from my childhood

I remember my mom saying this nursery rhyme. (from memory so forgive me if actual words are different than the real one)

"There was a little girl w/ a little little curl
Right in the middle of her forehead
& when she was good she was very very good
But when she was bad she was horrid"

*what was she saying.. I never had curls. :)

I remember my mom saying...

"Lincoln Lincoln I've been a thinkin'
What a grand world it would be
If all the men were soon deported
Far beyond the northern sea"

*she could never find a good man

I love you Mom... missing u a lot today! Think of u always..

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bittersweet Growing pains

Our daughter is 12,  & it's hard to admit but no denying she's starting to grow up.  Just yesterday she put her first "poster" on her wall that wasn't of a dog, cat, or pokemon but of Adam Levine.  The lead singer of Maroon 5 & one of her "crushes".  What can I say she has good taste! :)  She just loves him, his looks, his music just everything about him.  I know when I was 12 I had my own wall of crushes... so I know it's completely normal to do but it's still a little bittersweet cause I can see she's growing up.  I push myself to give her a little more independence each day, it's hard when your role as her mother must change a little & what you want to do isn't what you should do & while it's more important than ever to guide her, it's also important to not lead her & that's a hard lesson for me. I'm learning & I'm stopping myself before I do for her what she is completely capable of doing for herself & in fact it's necessary for her to learn to do.  Don't get me wrong this is a process & it's been going on for years but it's more clear than ever that my role is changing & the neediness she had for me is starting to wane as it should.  I shouldn't be making her bed, or getting her breakfast every day, even though I find myself still doing those sometimes. Emily had some mild delays cause she was born premature, I suppose that made me do more for her, for longer than other parents may have. Maybe it's just that she's an only child, maybe it's my own issues of wanting to feel needed but whatever the reason I guess it's finally becoming clear that what is most important for me to do is let her do things for herself.  It's what she needs & what I must teach her as her mom.  So I find myself desperately trying to pull back & accept the fact that my little girl isn't so little anymore & it's more important then ever to let her start learning all the things in life she'll need when the girl she is, becomes the women she'll be.

My 2 cents on #GUNCONTROL

I don't have a problem w/ a person having a pistol being locked in their home for their family's protection.. although I think a security system might be a better course of action...especially when u have children in your home. Nor do I care if u want to shoot a deer with a shotgun or what ever it is a hunter uses, although what did *Bambi ever do to you? BUT I do have a problem w/ someone being able to kill 20 babies in a matter of moments before law enforcement can even show up. I hate when people say Guns don't kill.. well he would not have been able to kill as many of those precious babies w/ a rock or a knife.. come on!! It's infuriating....

Monday, January 7, 2013