Sunday, June 6, 2010

the NON-VACATION blues

I know it's been a while... I guess I've just haven't felt like writing. Everything is fine, NOW I guess... the last month or so has been tough. Brian had lost his job the beginning of May...after 9 years with the company. Sucks because they said he didn't have permission to do a side job which he in fact had gotten permission to do, but it wasn't in writing, and so they USED that has the excused to fire him, when we think they were just looking towards going in a different direction that didn't include or need him. They didn't pay him severance or nothing... it was a really scary time, but thankfully it's worked out. Brian got a job about TWO WEEKS ago, and he likes it. SO that was just a HUGE relief.... but since it's a new job that means NO VACATION for us. I SOOOOOOOOOO NEED a VACATION.. as I'm sure Brian does too. Life is just sooo hard sometimes..... we were planning a vacation to Florida in July before he lost his job but now that's not going to happen. It's so frustrating cause I feel like it's been forever since we had a REAL Vacation!!! We've done a day here or there but not a FULL WEEK of something.. so it's just hard. I hate complaining especially because I know we're blessed that Brian got something soooo quick. It's just I think we all really needed this vacation & I was really looking forward to it... and it was just taken out from us. SO it's hard!! I'm feeling soooo BORED lately. Brian has been working really hard at both his new job & also trying to finish up these side jobs that he's doing as well. And since his new job pays about $18,000 less a year than his old job--- it's not like we have ANY extra money to do anything. I've taken on more hours as well at work. Which again is needed, on all fronts. Where I work has been busier.. which is great considering all that is wrong with the economy still. So in some ways I'm sooo grateful to take on the hours but in other ways it's hard too like being away from Emily more (especially summer cause it goes by sooo fast already) but like I said we definitely could USE the $ so I'm NOT gonna complain toooo hard. :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Emily "BIG GIRL" email

Dear CVS,
I would like you to STOP MAKING SUCH NASTY MEDICINE! That one medicine my dad got for me- the Children’s Cough and Cold DM Exlir-
was so nasty it almost made me THROW UP! EWWWW! It was so nasty that I thought it was the nastiest medicine ever!  And Mommy thought it was BETTER than Delsym-which is also nasty! Also EWWWW! All the medicines I have taken over the years are NASTY and EWWW- except for moxcacillan(I think that’s how you spell it). Moxcacillian is the greatest medicine ever taken.  But as for the others- STOP MAKING THEM!    

Your Friend,
Emily Roach, Age 9