Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hello Yellow..................

Well I know that's a strange title but I understand it and that is all that matters... Ha Ha!! Anyway, I'm doing okay. Brian has been having these dizzy spells and they are quite upsetting. He has to go see an ear, nose and throat specialist because hopefully it's just an inner ear thing, and nothing more serious. More to worry about, isn't life like that. Just when one worry goes away another one comes. I'm trying not too worry but it's almost impossible-- thinking of the worse case scenario-- my mind works like that and then I try to instantly push it out of my thoughts. Please say a little pray for him that it's nothing serious! thanks!! Well lets see, Yesterday two ideas popped in my head for blog ideas, the first was about my recurring dreams.. to see if any one out there in blog land could analyze them for me. But then I just thought I don't want to maybe learn what they meant. I have a pretty good idea anyway, SO then I thought I would write about the Berlin Farmers Market--- it's a flea market not far from where we live, but for some reason my Mom always called it the Berlin Auction. I think they use to do auctions there and anyway that's just what we called it. Our family visited it over and over again while I was growing up, sometimes every weekend. Sometimes twice a month. It was just something we did, you know the funny thing is that we rarely ever bought anything much, maybe a Nancy Drew book for my sister Mary but we just enjoyed it--- the hunt for the bargain and the atmosphere and the SOFT PRETZELS... they are the best, anyway I got such a craving for them yesterday, I convinced Brian that we should go get some!! Yum Yum... they never change.. Delicious! I hope they can survive this economy because oh it would just be awful.. they are more than delicious, they also remind me so much of time with my Mom. We NEVER went to the Auction without getting some and I mean like a dozen, or atleast a 1/2 dozen and they were warm and good and we would eat 1/2 of the bag of them before we got home. Just like how I did yesterday. While they were hot and delicious! Yum! Well, I guess I did write about that one didn't I. So right now, Brian's new medicine for his dizzy spells has wiped him out and he is taking a nap, which is good because he doesn't sleep enough and Emily is playing with a little sticker book she got for Christmas--- She's happy and my cat Napoleon is laying in the sun that is coming in from the window. So it's a peaceful little scene here. Everyone happy or sleeping..... Alright well I guess I'll go and find something productive to do, you know like clean.. UUURRGGHHH, well maybe not I mean I don't want to interrupt all this lovely Peace. :)

OH my Goodness. I almost forgot I have a cute Berlin Auction story. My niece Heather was visiting me when she was about 7 or 8, Emily's age now and we told her that we were going to the mall. To which she replied, Are we going to the Clean Mall or the Dirty Mall? I laughed and laughed because I knew the dirty mall was the Berlin Auction. Isn't that just so cute, I mean she just lay it out there exactly perfectly, it is just that, a dirty mall! I love that story.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Zuma and Typing....

Hello, I'm feeling a little sad tonight, Just stuff... too much thinking. That can definitely do it sometimes. But I did just have a momentary lapse of it, because Emily is down stairs so completely joyful playing her newest obsession.... The game ZUMA. She just loves it! She is downstairs on my laptop, singing " Don't Panic-- Playing Zuma-- Never give up" She has a great little tune to it. It's actually quite catchy. She also has been learning to TYPE the right way. Using the home row and all. She is getting quite good. I remember back in the OLD days of my school days-- I didn't learn to type until 7th grade. And here my 2nd grader is already mastering it! WOW... times sure have changed!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Congratulations Mr. President...

Hello, I couldn't go to bed tonight without writing a little about my joy over seeing this day finally come. It is OFFICIAL now, President Obama is our 44th President!!! I'm so happy, I am so inspired over and over again. I saw the crowds that gathered in Washington to witness a new day, a day of immense meaning. A day of renewed hope and it really made me feel proud to be an American. I was at work so I didn't get to see too much coverage, but Tom (my boss & Friend) let me listen to it on my computer and I even got to watch a little too. SO thank you Tom!! It meant so much to me! I was able to see him sworn in, I loved it--- the flubs and all. It made me think this man is really eager to get in to office. He was talking over the other guy and everything! Fantastic! Anyway, As Emily said when she saw our neighbors this morning..... Happy Inauguration Day!! To which they didn't seem quite so happy, I think they were Republicans... But oh well it didn't tamper her spirits any. That's my girl.... :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Reason's I'm a DORK.......

Okay.. Some people can't deal with being called a DORK. But whatever, I am a dork/ Nerd. I think it makes me, well me. I'll admit it and here are some reasons I can officially call myself a dork and also laugh at myself:

1) I own the DVD.... ABC's Afterschool specials! IT's 26 episodes of Afterschool specials that aired in the 1970's and 1980's-- AWESOME!!

2) I walk to work... I think I'm just an ENVIRONMENTALIST not wanting to POLLUTE our air but you may think else wise... TO each his own.

3) I own the first season of the BRADY BUNCH on DVD!!

4) I like and sing along to Emily's CD's like Laurie Berkner!

5) I am OLD but still love watching Real World on MTV

6) I've seen Twilight 3 Times in the Theater and want to go see it a FOURTH time!! Aaaaaahhhh My EDWARD.

7) I like TOP CHEF and Project RUNWAY!!

8) I buy self help books and then DON'T READ THEM... Doesn't everyone do that though...

9) I'm a GOLD Member of the CLASSMATES Website.... just because I want to see how bad or good people look after 20 years.


11) I LOVE Other PEOPLE's BLOGS!! I'm upset a little that Rosie quit her blog.. I mean I thought we WERE friends!! HA HA!

12) I LIKE funky sneakers... like converses! They make me feel younger!

13) I think my husband is sexy when he's pretending to be a ROCKER while playing ROCK BAND!!

14) I watch National Lampoons Vacation probably once every two weeks... I find something very comforting about that movie. But I like the first half of the movie much better then the 2nd half. So I think my DVD will get worn out on 1/2 the DVD only. Can that happen?

15) I seriously can't explain the THRILL I get when I find an article of clothing on sale in the Clearance rank for like $2 and its either Emily or my size. I LOVE IT!! If I could bottle that feeling up---- I'd be happy always!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Update as promised! WOW that never happens.

Ok.... We went to the game last night and it was actually a really good game. THE Sixers WON... actually they KICKED BUTT! Totally cool-- It's fun having a little date with the hubby................. Peace OUT!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sixer's Game tonight!

Tonight we are going to a 76'ers Basketball game. Brian bought season tickets this year and as season ticket holders we have the opportunity to have seats in the box section for 2 games. SO Because I'm spoiled (HA HA) I wanted to go to those two games and one of them is TONIGHT! Our normal seats are in the nose bleed section and are BENEATH me!! HA HA..... :) We have to leave around 6 pm! I'm looking forward to it but part of me (the lazy part) is just like I'll just stay home. I don't want to have to get ready and find something to wear that I feel comfortable in and blah blah blah.. and it's just easier to stay home. I mean I'm not going to but I am always like this, once I get there I will have fun but the whole process just doesn't seem worth it! Pathetic, Right? Oh well....... My aunt is watching Emily for us and Emily is excited about that! Also my niece is watching her until my Aunt gets here so THANK YOU both for helping us out like this. Well actually they are helping Fernando out because we were going to the game regardless but Fernando wants to use our regular tickets and for him to do that he had to find a babysitter and that is what he did. But still THANKS, because it is very nice of you! Anyway, I better go and see if my clothes are dry (they are in the dryer, I'm so organized, nothing like waiting til the last second. We only have about an hour! YIKES. Anyway, I'll let you know later if they win or not. They are having a mediocre season so far. I haven't been that into them this year, I don't know why, because they are usually mediocre so that isn't it, I just haven't been watching to many of the games. Anyway, Good Bye.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

WOW... What a beautiful sunset tonight!

Hi, It's been a rather dull day, but tonight when Brian got home, he told me to come outside with him. I have to say I was still in my PJ's (isn't that pathetic!) but the sky was magnificent. It was a completely bright orange/pink beautiful sunset and I'm glad I saw it!! IT was GLORIOUS!! Truly. Ahhhhh..... Anyway, the rest of my day was like I said pretty dull, Emily was home from school, she had a 24 hour flu thing. She could have probably went to school but her school's nurse would have probably just sent her home. This nurse has me so paranoid about sending her in with even the slightest symptom. Because she will ALWAYS ask me to come and pick her up. Being that I don't drive, it does make that more difficult! Yesterday though she was really NOT feeling well. So it was probably for the best anyway, why risk her getting more sick if her reserve was a little down. Better to be safe then sorry. SO we just kind of chilled out and I made her really try and rest today. I figure if I make it NO FUN, she be less likely to want to stay home. Yes, she's only 8 but she pulls the "I don't wanna go to school thing already" and she's so smart she knows just how to get away with it! Stinker! But I must say this, I did enjoy our extra snuggle time today! Let's see what else. I will be babysitting Joshua tomorrow.... he is getting so talkative. It's really fun to see him learning so much, it's amazing week to week what he learns. FUN! It's a lot easier to understand what he wants and needs because if you ask him something, he'll say MMMmmmm if he wants it! It's really cute. I see him almost every week and I really like that. I have also been seeing a little more of my great nephew Nicholas too because Steve is working full time now and I think Heather is going a little stir crazy in her house. So I saw Nicholas two times last week, he is growing so fast and he is such a little cutie but he is into everything and Heather has her hands filled with that little guy!! But he is really sweet and really really cute! So Heather keep coming to visit us! My nephew, Justin was really funny last week because he and Heather counted how many pictures of them were up and they were giving me shit because I had so many more of other relatives/friends then of the two of them. I told them if you give them to me, I put them up. SO the next day Heather came back with pictures! IT was cute, I have to get them up or they are never going to let me forget it. HA HA!! Anyway, before I bore you even more I guess I should go. But I do hope that you were able to see that sunset tonight, it was heavenly. Anyway, GOOD NIGHT! Sweet dreams.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A film review....

I know this isn't a new movie but I just saw the movie "Waitress" on HBO. I LIKED IT! It's totally a Missy Movie.... A quirky drama/comedy. My FAVORITE kind!! It's about this Waitress who works at a PIE Diner, Yes, apparently there are diners that only serve PIE. I didn't know that. But well maybe only in movies NOT real life- I don't know. But anyway, to get back to the review---- She is a really great Pie baker and she is trying to enter a pie contest and leave her loser husband. But life gets complicated when she finds out after a night of drunken sex with the loser husband she gets pregnant! Anyway, I don't want to give up the whole plot so I will not say too much more but it's good and I think you should get off your butt and rent it. Especially if you happen to like quirky little films like ME!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

BDF, I love you from BMF

Hi, I have to tell you this cute Emily story. First Emily is the BEST bed time staller in the UNIVERSE but she is SOOO Cute about it! I'm a sucker for her every time! Tonight I promised myself that she was going to be in BED by 8:30 but that didn't happen. We were playing with this balloon that she got last week from Chick Fila and she was having so much fun just catching that thing, (so Much for all those Xmas PRESENTS--- Right?) SO anyway, I let her stay up til 8:42, and then, after we brushed her teeth it was probably 8:45 and then she asked me for a back rub so I said, Well okay but it's either a back rub or a story. NOT BOTH! (See I'm being a toughie.. :) "OK-- I'll take a back rub." she says. So I give her a back rub. I got one of those little massaging doohickeys for Xmas. You know they have a handle and looks like a little car with wheels and she just loves it! After the back rub she says, "Can you write on my back-- PLEASE MOMMY?" We play this game where we try to guess what the other person draws. I told her, yes but only 2 and then of course I did 3 drawings. After that she says, "Mommy, I have a secret" She says it so sweet, so ofcourse I just melt and I say, "Oh good, cause I LOVE secrets" and then Emily says, "Mommy-- You are my BMF and I love you always and forever and will you be my BFF?" SO I say, " Ofcourse, and you are most definitely my BDF and we will always and forever be BFF." Emily is really into abbreviating and just so you know:


So anyway, she stayed up til 9:05 but OMG, How cute is she? I mean I really do LOVE bed time just because it is really such a sweet time and so what if she stays up a little late, it's totally worth it! And technically she was IN BED just fifteen minutes late just not ASLEEP! See what I mean I'm a SUCKER, but honestly can you blame me. :) So anyway, sweet dreams. Goodnight.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Great Bumper Sticker....

Okay... So today while I walked home from work. I saw this Bumper Sticker.....

Friends Don't let Friends VOTE Republican.

It made me SMILE!


Sunday, January 4, 2009

A few of my New Favorites....

HI... So awhile ago I listed my favorite things... And I just thought I'd update it with a few new ones.

-Twilight Movie and book (of course)
-my new bobo lined crocs... comfy
-giant chewy nerds
-Cheesecake factory nachos
-Emily's joyful squeals
-my new purple laptop
-MY blog

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blah Blah Blah and a Product Review

HI... Brian and Fernando are at the movies, and Emily is happily playing with BENDAROOs--- they are sorta a sticky version of pipe cleaners that you can mold into just about anything, she got them for Christmas and really likes them. Maybe I'll take a picture of some of her creations and display them on here. Anyway, I figured this was the perfect time for me to take a few minutes to write a blog. I'm listening to the Twilight Soundtrack. I went and saw it again last night. Okay, that's three times and I enjoyed it just as much as ever! Danielle and I went with her niece to see it! SOO FUN! Anyway, I'm finally on the 2nd book, I've read about 150 pages so far. Let's see this winter vacation has gone by sooo fast. I wish that it wasn't over, I have really enjoyed having Emily home. It makes me a little sad that she has to go back to school already. But I'll have a busy week to distract myself... I work on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and I'll be babysitting Josh on Friday. So that'll be good. Oh yeah, I have to tell you this, Emily has become fascinated with the "smooth away" Infomercial. It's this hair removal system that is on TV-- anyway, we saw it at the Rite-Aid and decided to give it a whirl. Anyway so here is my take on the product. It promises to Instantly remove hair with out pain. It does remove hair but it takes a Little effort ( not instantly) but it is NOT painful at all. I actually think it was worth the $9.95, I would use it if I forgot to shave and I wanted to just clean up my ankles or in the summer for a quick fresh up. The fact that it doesn't require electricity or water is great to just take in the car for long trips and you can shave you legs as you are waiting to get to your destination(as long as you're not driving) It does take a while to do but I actually found it rather soothing. Anyway, that's that. My first Product testing. I say if you see Smooth away---- give it a try. :) Have a nice Day.. Missy