Thursday, September 17, 2015

I got a million of these stories.... #Workingretail

Working retail is a lesson in patience or to put it a better way, to be a good retail worker you must have the ability to be patient in the face of the idiot-ness of people.  Believe me, in retail when it comes to customers,  you get a nice bag of nuts!  Customers, at times, can be friendly, funny and at other times... just down right infuriating.  The key to being a good retail worker is learning how to do your job well despite the personality of the customer you are waiting on.   To have patience & politeness regardless. Now,  don't get me wrong, the majority of our customers are nice, most are friendly & treat us well.   But every now & then you get someone who test you.  For instance the other day,  I'm waiting on a guy who can at times be "problematic".  He's just a little high-struck let's say.  He tends to fly off the handle a bit.  He's a "regular" so I've gotten used to him & his, for lack of a better word.. . "quirks".  So I'm ok,  when he tells me, "I need to use 2 "gift cards" & an ebt card to buy these 4 diet sodas I (ummm) "need " because I only have like a dollar on each one card"   It's fine. Hey, he's not yelling & making a scene, which he's done in the past, so I just go with it.   Yup,  that's fine, no problem at all!  Honestly,  it doesn't really bother me, one way or another.... as I like to say,  I'm here all night regardless.  BUT as usually happens,  he's a talker, & starts talking to me about how he needs these sodas & how he's so happy they are on sale cause he only has a little money left.   I just nod my head & smile.  He mentions something about "having to drink diet" because he's diabetic.  Which for reasons beyond my comprehension really irritates the lady behind him.  Who in all honesty is probably just annoyed with his slow ass way of paying.  BUT she says.... "Diet soda is soooooo bad for you!! It's worse than regular.  You should just drink water" blah blah blah  (I'm quietly willing this woman to just be quiet knowing how unstable this particular customer can be) & he follows right along,.... "Really?? well everyone has their vices... " blah blah... "atleast I don't smoke, I know this friend of mine who smokes all the time" blah blah...  She follows up with.... "well there are just so many chemicals in there"  blah blah  I'm thinking to my self... just mind your business lady.  But she goes on about asper(crap)tain & Phenalena(crap)aline... & blah blah blah.  Finally... thankfully... the usually "unrational" guy decides he has had enough.  THEN THE MOST hypocritical thing ever comes out of this woman's mouth.  "Can I have 5 packs of Marlboro menthol cigarettes?".  I just stare at her for the briefest of moments while willing the voice in side my head that's screaming at this woman who should have just received the nomination for hypocrite of the year, to please not let my face show her how I feel.   I mean come on...really????  5 PACKS of cigarettes & you have the nerve to question this man's choice of diet soda.   Her glass house must be a mansion..  WOW!  I just smiled & wished her well.  A little proud of myself for another successful experience with the idiots of our world.  Yup... that's retail.

Friday, September 11, 2015

a "Back to school" tid bit!

I discovered a very valuable "back to school" tid bit a few years ago,  that I'm going to share with you. It's the greatest back to school supply ever (ok.. I might be exaggerating but honestly it'll change your school life... Ok.. i'm still exaggerating ... but you get the idea) It's brilliant... listen up... when your children get to middle school & high school  they might have "notebook" checks.   When my daughter was in 7th grade,  her math teacher did notebook checks each semester.   It was a nightmare, a semesters worth of work, all needing to be in the 3 ring binder.  I mean get real, no matter the good intentions of the student, loose leaf paper gets ripped, it looks a mess... it was at least a two night job for Emily (with my help) to put those little reinforcement circles on the papers.  It was a "minor" nightmare!!!  SO LISTEN TO ME NOW.... do yourself a favor, go out and buy "reinforced" loose leaf paper..... it has a little strip of a "plastic" glue like substance down the circle edge of the paper & will help keep the paper from ripping from the rings.  It will prevent a maddening time with those little self sticking reinforcement circles that need to be added to each side of each individual ripped paper, and will save your child so much time and effort.  The paper is way more expensive... it doesn't matter!  I repeat... IT DOESN'T MATTER... go buy it anyway! Trust me... my husband found it on sale at staples from $5 down to $2... we bought all they had in stock! 7 (100 sheet) packets! You may be tempted by the .25c 200 sheet "crap" paper packets that the stores all have at back to school time, don't be.  Don't do it!! Buy the reinforced loose leaf paper!  That's all.   Have a good day! OHHHHH & don't even get me started on buying cheap 3 ring binders... you'll end up using 3 cheap ones a year because they rip at the seams... don't do it! Ok...Ok... that's really all.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

High School.... it's Heeeerrrreee!

Feeling so many feelings on the eve of Emily entering High School.   There's an excitement & a little of a sadness (for me).   She's growing up so fast... & yet she's still so innocent & sweet.  In ways I want her to stay that way, and yet I know she can't stay a child for ever & live in a bubble, nor should she but it's sometimes scary to think about the fact that she has so much to learn about the world & growing up, in what is now 4 short years til graduation... will we be able to provide her with the knowledge she needs.  Can we let go enough for her to get her own wings?    It's a powerful thing to be a parent, to have the future of someone in your hand.  Are we capable?  Will we do the right things?  Yet,  even when I doubt myself.... I try hard to remember all that Emily has already overcome & despite all, she is still the happiest kid I know, she is fine. more than fine... she's Happy!!    That she has & does face every challenge & while things don't always come easy for her. Sometimes things are more difficult for Emily, &  that's why I worry... but Emily is ok.  She's alright!  She'll have a great time, & She's going to make lots of friends,  & when she does they'll be the BEST friends because that's Emily, always striving for perfection.  I know she's just waiting for the right person to come along, to get her, like a real friend does.  To click.  & I know she can do it, & she's going to have a great year! She'll reach for the stars!  I don't doubt that.  Ever since Emily was a young child we've always said... "She'll do it, in her own time"  It's just I said time seems to be going faster & faster!   The time is now Emily, go grab it!!! :)  As you enter high school remember to let these be the best four years of your life! Grab every opportunity, & face every challenge head on.  Don't be so shy that the years fly by & you have regrets,   personally I know I didn't do that when I was in school & I hope it's different for you! Please remember who you are,  but also grow & evolve.  Know that your parents love you & we'll also understand that at times we might not be the people you want to hang with,  we understand.  We'll always be cheering you & we'll always be right by your side, even when we are far from you.  We love you Emily & I know that you are going to do so great in high school.  You will continue as always to make us proud... I just know it! Good Luck babygirl!!! You are awesome, don't ever let anyone else make you feel any differently!