Tuesday, September 8, 2015

High School.... it's Heeeerrrreee!

Feeling so many feelings on the eve of Emily entering High School.   There's an excitement & a little of a sadness (for me).   She's growing up so fast... & yet she's still so innocent & sweet.  In ways I want her to stay that way, and yet I know she can't stay a child for ever & live in a bubble, nor should she but it's sometimes scary to think about the fact that she has so much to learn about the world & growing up, in what is now 4 short years til graduation... will we be able to provide her with the knowledge she needs.  Can we let go enough for her to get her own wings?    It's a powerful thing to be a parent, to have the future of someone in your hand.  Are we capable?  Will we do the right things?  Yet,  even when I doubt myself.... I try hard to remember all that Emily has already overcome & despite all, she is still the happiest kid I know, she is fine. more than fine... she's Happy!!    That she has & does face every challenge & while things don't always come easy for her. Sometimes things are more difficult for Emily, &  that's why I worry... but Emily is ok.  She's alright!  She'll have a great time, & She's going to make lots of friends,  & when she does they'll be the BEST friends because that's Emily, always striving for perfection.  I know she's just waiting for the right person to come along, to get her, like a real friend does.  To click.  & I know she can do it, & she's going to have a great year! She'll reach for the stars!  I don't doubt that.  Ever since Emily was a young child we've always said... "She'll do it, in her own time"  It's just now....like I said time seems to be going faster & faster!   The time is now Emily, go grab it!!! :)  As you enter high school remember to let these be the best four years of your life! Grab every opportunity, & face every challenge head on.  Don't be so shy that the years fly by & you have regrets,   personally I know I didn't do that when I was in school & I hope it's different for you! Please remember who you are,  but also grow & evolve.  Know that your parents love you & we'll also understand that at times we might not be the people you want to hang with,  we understand.  We'll always be cheering you & we'll always be right by your side, even when we are far from you.  We love you Emily & I know that you are going to do so great in high school.  You will continue as always to make us proud... I just know it! Good Luck babygirl!!! You are awesome, don't ever let anyone else make you feel any differently!

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