Friday, October 15, 2010

Emily the Philanthropist....

So this is a letter I've been meaning to share on here. My daughter is the kindest kid.. and as proof here is a letter she wrote to her Grandma. She decided to do this all on her own and I was very proud. :)

Dear Grandma,

I just heard that in a library book I got about cheetahs, very few are left. They are endangered. So I decided to save the cheetahs by making a few posters. I wrote on the posters that people should not have hunted cheetahs for their beautiful fur because they need it to survive and hunting is illegal. The Cheetah Saving donation will begin August 1, 2010 and will end August 8, 2010. In the donation, we plan on going to the Philadelphia Zoo to tell people about the cheetahs being endangered. I love you.

Love, Emily Roach
Sent July 31, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Emily Brianne 4th Grader

HI I know I'm a little late with this post considering school started over a month ago. BUT WOW!!! I still CAN'T believe Emily is in 4th GRADE!! What a big girl she is becoming, But I'm SOOOO proud of Emily. She's been doing really good in school this year so far. Her teacher seems really nice, we meet her at Back to school Night. Emily is again in the EXCEL program this year and we are really very proud of that as well. She did great on her NJASK test. We got the scores a couple of weeks ago... Emily was above proficient in both areas. She did SUPER in math, missing a perfect score of 300 by only 15. Anyway, she seems to be doing really way behaviorally as well. We started giving her 1/4 of a chewable melotonin tablet to help her to fall asleep at night and it really seems to be helping her alot. :) She used to have a hard time falling asleep but this just helps her so much and I really think she's a lot more refreshed in school. :) This makes me feel a lot better!! I think it's going to help her in sooo many ways.. it's so important to sleep well. Anyway, we couldn't be prouder of our girl. In just a little over a month she'll be 10!! I can't even fathom it but she's so special and I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!