Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bit O Honey

Do you remember this candy, I saw it in the store today and it reminded me soooo much of my Mom. I had to buy it!!! It was my Mom's favorite, along with Tootsie Rolls. :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Brian's Getting INKED!!!!

Hi, So my hubby is getting a tattoo. He has an appointment tonight at 7 pm. I just hope he likes what he gets ( He's getting a Celtic cross). I don't really have a problem with him getting one, I mean it's his body. But I just hope that he will be happy with it. I kept saying it's forever Brian, FOREVER!!! I'll post a photo of it when it's done! :)

Snow Day

Snow DAY!!!! Emily's 1st Snow day of the year!! Not much snow but she had a blast playing in it!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Sweet Moment....

Just writing this little gem down so I never forget....

I had to take a shower early this morning because I was going to be babysitting Joshua. SO I got in the shower before Emily woke up.... 1/2 way thru my shower I hear Emily in the hallway and she turns the door knob to the bathroom. I tell her, You can come in EMily. SHe walks in and real sleepily says......

"Mommy, When you are done taking your shower, Will you snuggle with me?"

MY HEART SWELLED!! "Ofcourse, I'll snuggle with you baby" I reply.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Feelin' Better

Okay... Well today I feel alot better than yesterday. Pat arrived safe and sound last night (a little after 8 pm) and had a nice little visit with Emily before Emily had to go to bed. Then Brian and I watched her slideshow from her Antartica Trip. It was beautiful. She is an amazing women and she just really loves to travel. I find her really remarkable in many ways. SHe is a neat Grandma to have. She teaches her grandchildren about experiencing life. SHe's in her 60's and doesn't seem to be slowing down any. On to other news.... Emily does have ear infections in both ears. She was given an antibiotic and the Dr. actually said she could go to school today as long as she did not have a fever. I decided though that Emily should stay home one more day. She'll miss her valentine party and 100 day party but she was okay once I said we could have pretend ones with her stuffed animals as her friends and I would play her teacher. Brian even got us "valentine" cupcakes from the WAWA. She is setting it up now. SHe loves using her imagination like that. So she thought that was a really neat idea. SHe's taking attendance right now and I told her to tell me when she was ready for the teacher to read to the class. So I may have to go any minute. Anyway, she should be feeling better in a day or two-- although she has to take the medicine for 10 days. Brian gave me the new Nicholas Sparks book and "My so called Life" DVD set for Valentine's Day, I was really happy! Then when I called to say Thank you for the presents. He said, I have your big presents to give to you later...... I'm like no the book and DVD are enough and he said, he likes to spoil me.. And even though I really don't need anything more I think I am really lucky to have such a sweet man in my life. I'm very lucky. I LOVE YOU BRIAN...... and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone else today too.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"My Meditation you have Interrupted"

Okay.. so what's up with the title of this blog. Well I could not come up with a name so I let my husband's "star war's" talking yoda decide it. It is a mildly appropriate title becuase I got really sick on Saturday night- well actually very early Sunday morning..... Like 4 am early. I had what seemed like an allergy attack. My eyes were red and watery, my nose was just constantly dripping, and the pressure on my sinus was almost too much to handle. It was weird, because it came on so quickly and so intensely. It turned into a full fledged cold by Sunday with body aches, sinus pressure, the works. So much for my treadmill record... haven't been on it since my 4 days in a row!! Also, Emily was sick last week on Weds, Thurs, and Friday and was sent home from school today. We think she has an ear infection now. So she's sick again. We have a dr's appointment scheduled for tonight for her. I am feeling better and actually was working when the school nurse called me. I got so frustrated with her. She calls and I am at work and she says Emily is complaining about her ear hurting and that I need to come get her. I can hear EMily in the background crying so I say, "Do you want me to talk to Emily" (meaning I want to try and calm her down) and she says "Ummmmmm.... but you need to come get her" I say, "I understand, but can I talk to her to try and calm her down" She's like, "oh.. Okay" SO I talk to Emily and tell her It's okay and that I'll come to get her and to try and calm down" Emily says, "Okay" and hands the phone back to the nurse and the nurse says kind of rude, " Well Emily's crying has been going on for sometime now and you need to come get her" And I'm thinking well, You just called me so how am I suppose to know how long this is been going on and why didn't you call me sooner. WHatever!! I mean I am sensitive so maybe it's just me but I found her manner completely inappropriate. But like I said maybe it's just me. SO I had to ask Danielle if she would take me to pick up EMily and she said yes, (BTW-Danielle, you are such a good friend) so we had to pack her kids up and I had to finish the work I was doing and even so we still left within 15-20 minutes. SO we are almost to the school and the nurse calls me and is Like " It's the school nurse, we are still waiting for you to pick up Emily" and I am like thinking .... OH MY GOD! SO I said in a slightly off tone back... " I was at work, I'm almost there and I got here as fast as I could" I mean... what If I worked an hour away. I mean really.. it was 1:50 when she called it was now like 2:15 and Oh my GOD. Is it just me? So it was just a little bit frustrating, because do they think that I'm not doing everything in my power to get there ASAP. I mean I guess I should have explained that it would take me a 1/2 hr to get there, because I was at work. I will the next time. I mean is there that many stay at home mom's who can just drop everything to get kids in 5 minutes. Seems to me that most parents would need a little time to get their kids from school and the school should be accustomed to it. I don't know. It just brothered me. (Obviously) I need to just let it go and focus on Emily...... SHe's resting right now... It's 4:45 and my MIL is visiting tonight from New Mexico. She's here for a week but is only staying at our house tonight and then the rest of the time she is staying at Jim's house. Her flight is delayed and we don't even know what time she will get in now. So it's turning into a slightly stressful day. Emily was so looking forward to this week.... becuase Grandma was visiting,there is a Valentine Party and a "100 day" party at school tomorrow and she was so upset when I picked her up at school because she will miss them if she needs to be out again. (which it's looking like she will need to be) I'm totally letting the Dr. decide if she should go to school or not tomorrow. It's so hard to know when to send them to school and when to keep them home. I mean if I had it my way, she would be kept home a lot more but then I worry about how much school she is missing! But then they call and you think Okay I should not have sent her. But you can only go with what you think at the time. I mean you have like 30 minutes in the morning to determine if your child is well enough to go to school but no matter what you decide sometimes it's not the right decision and you just have to deal. Like today. Emily seemed well enough to go to school and I decided to send her but I guess that was the wrong decision today. I guess you never know and then the school nurse calls and I feel like a dope for not knowing that I should not have sent her. OH well. Let it go.. right. Right . Anyway, I got to go.... There is a million things to do before Emily goes to the dr and before Pat arrives. So bye for now.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

F*ck, F*ck, F*ckity, F*ck

Okay... Have you ever been so angry at a Co. you can understand why people go postal. I mean we hate our cable co. and for anybody that lives in S NJ who know who they are. THEY SUCK..... We call and call and they send people out who make things worse and it's so hard not to lose your mind. These people will literally drive you mad. I mean really.... we have our phone, cable TV and internet through the cable co. and right now we have NO CABLE AND NO PHONE and for some screwy reason we have internet. I should not say that- or we may just lose that too. I CAN't WAIT TO WE GET A DIFFERENT SITUATION. I will take the old fashion phone co. anyday... we may have paid a little more but atleast we had phone service... UUUURRRGGGHHHH!!! It's SO FRUSTRATING!!!!! Okay I just had to VENT... I HAD TO... I HAD TO... I don't want to be one of those people on the water tower! LOL!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Walked again today... 4 days in a row!! Yah! :)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Treadmill News

Okay.... I have been doing pretty good on the treadmill... I walked today for over 45
minutes and I walked on Wednesday and Thursday too. Still haven't reached my goal of everyday for atleast 30 minutes but maybe these three days will help me reach that goal. I mean three days in a row!! WOO HOO... :)

Stress factor!

I don't know about you, but for me it is so hard to "not sweat the small stuff". It's my nature to sweat the small stuff!! And the big stuff and all the other stuff in between. It's part of my very core. I've been this way since I was young. I remember "worrying" all night before the first day of school. Not being able to sleep... thinking and stressing about it. My mom was this way, I'm this way and I notice it even in my daughter. Do we have a mutated gene? My mom was constantly worried about making ends meet. I saw it, it impacted me even if she didn't mean for it to. I don't want that for Emily. It's hard. I'm glad she has 1/2 my husband in her. He is much different then me, he's calm! He handles stress well! SO atleast she has both examples! I hope one day I'll be better at handling stress, I'm just not sure.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My daughter "THE AUTHOR"

My 7 year old daughter has been writting a "series" of books. She calls them "Robert and Friends" books. She now has about 12 of them. I thought it would be cute, if I shared the first in the series on my blog. Okay......

Me and Robert become Friends!
(A true Story)
By Emily Roach

Pg. 1


Pg. 2


Pg. 3


Pg. 4


Pg. 5


Pg 6


Pg. 7


Pg. 8


Pg. 9


Pg. 10


Back Cover


DON'T MISS......



Can you beleive it? She is even marketing her books on the back just like a real little entrepeneur. This first book was the simpliest book, it was a true story about how she made friends with a little boy in her school at recess. Like I said she now has a whole series of books called "Robert and Friends" books. Most of the books she starts in school (after she is done her work) and then she finishes them when she gets home!! They are really so stinking cute. I just love my "talented" and "magnificent" little author! She's the best!!!