Monday, April 29, 2013


Just wanted to stop on here to give our family team, "Team Emily CR-213" a BIG shout out!! SO PROUD OF OUR TEAM!! We raised $2,721.00!!!! WOW that's our biggest amount ever for the March of Dimes! YAY! GO TEAM!

Friday, April 26, 2013


Our team is at $2,211.00 so far!! BUT I still need you help to reach my personal goal!! IF your reading this, will you think about making a small donation of $5 or $10 to my effort! THANK YOU! :) So excited about the walk on Sunday. Should be fuN!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013


I like birds.  I always have.  I notice them. I'm not a bird watcher per say. I don't go out specifically looking for them.  But I'm the type of person who notices them, & If I see a cool bird, I'll make a mental note of it.  The other day after getting Emily on the bus, I heard a woodpecker. I looked up,  staring up at that tree until I saw him.  I couldn't make out much more than the shadow of him & his back & forth motion.. but it still made me smile.  Then a few days later,  I was walking home from the bus stop after Emily was picked up for school, & noticed this bird, an ordinary bird, I think it was a robin,  it was pecking at my neighbors window as I was walking by his house, it was the weirdest thing.   It was hanging (flying in place) around the window & every now & then flying at or pecking at the window, making it very obvious that it was there.  It seemed like it wanted something. I can't describe it better than that.  The neighbor came out of the house, kinda moaning, "this damn bird, this has been going on for the last few days.."  We chit chatted a bit, & I said, "I've never seen anything like that" It was odd.  Anyway the same day later in the day, Emily & I were taking a walk & I noticed the bird again in the same place, flying around the window than sitting on a V shaped hanger thing on the corner of the house.  I then noticed it, a small bird house or bird feeder. I think the damn bird was "asking" for his dinner.  I don't know why but this really impressed me. I'm sure if it was me in the house being disturbed by the bird I might have taken it a different way but ofcourse it wasn't & I was just impressed that the bird was requesting his meal.  Or atleast that was my take on it.  It's not like the bird & I had a conversation about it or anything.  It's been a few days since seeing the bird & when I walked by the house I noticed the bird feeder is no longer there.  I think the bird is thinking, "well damn"

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A "feel good" post

Hi Everyone.. Happy Sunday! It's been a nice weekend.  Our family started, "Juicing".  A few years ago my husband got into juicing because he was having some health issues.  The juicing did help him, BUT as is often the case, he did it for awhile & stopped.  BUT while he was doing it he did "feel" better & had lost a lot of weight.  Anyway,  he decided to start up again.  BUT this time around I decided it would benefit Emily & I too.  I'm ready.  Been feeling terrible lately, not to mention I'm at the heaviest I've ever been which has just put me in a funk.  Anyway... Friday night, Saturday & today we've juiced as a family.... & I don't know about the rest of them but I feel pretty good.  Also I took 3 walks this week. So I'm feeling a little energized & proud of myself. :) GO ME! LOL!  Here's a picture of what we juiced on Saturday! Antioxidants galore!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


We walk every year in March for Babies, which is a walk to help premature babies.  This is ofcourse because our own daughter Emily was born very premature back in November of 2000.  This will be our 11th time walking.  We are very proud of that,  but each year it is a challenge to try & get donations.  Don't get me wrong, we are extremely blessed w/ good friends & families but ofcourse we want to raise as much as we can for this worthy charity,  one that we care so much about on such a personal level.  We believe that through their work, & advances in premature babies care, we owe them a great deal. If Emily had been born only 10 yrs before she was her outcome could have been very different.   SO we are beyond grateful to them & it means the world to us to be able to give back & it feels so damn good too!  SO This year we decided to do something different.  We call it a win-win for everyone. Aside from the normal fund-raising we'll do, we wanted to do a little something extra to help raise money & it involves my husband Brian's book, "A LIFE BEGUN" about Emily's birth & our time in the NICU which is now available to buy.  The book is really good, & I know I'm bias but everyone who has ever read it has said the same thing.  In fact just the other day, Brian got an email from someone who said, it was "WONDERFUL simply WONDERFUL! She was crying at her desk at work because she couldn't stop reading!"  But anyway,  enough of my gushing over my husband's book, it honestly just comes from the pride I feel for him having wrote it, & for us having lived through the most difficult bitter-SWEET time in our lives.  BUT you'll have to buy the book to get the FULL story of all we endured & the lessons we learned because of it.  Which finally brings me to the real point of this blog post.  We have decided we will give 20% of the profits we make off book sales NOW until 4/27/2013. The day before the walk.  IF you buy the book before 4/27/2013 we will calculate 20% of the money we make off sales & personally donate that amount to March of Dimes before our walk on 4/28/2013.  SO right now is the PERFECT time to read it, cause not only will you get to read a great book but you'll get a chance to help us, help babies.   xoxo;jsessionid=604E43DE31743821B30F4E951FD3A0CF