Monday, April 15, 2013


I like birds.  I always have.  I notice them. I'm not a bird watcher per say. I don't go out specifically looking for them.  But I'm the type of person who notices them, & If I see a cool bird, I'll make a mental note of it.  The other day after getting Emily on the bus, I heard a woodpecker. I looked up,  staring up at that tree until I saw him.  I couldn't make out much more than the shadow of him & his back & forth motion.. but it still made me smile.  Then a few days later,  I was walking home from the bus stop after Emily was picked up for school, & noticed this bird, an ordinary bird, I think it was a robin,  it was pecking at my neighbors window as I was walking by his house, it was the weirdest thing.   It was hanging (flying in place) around the window & every now & then flying at or pecking at the window, making it very obvious that it was there.  It seemed like it wanted something. I can't describe it better than that.  The neighbor came out of the house, kinda moaning, "this damn bird, this has been going on for the last few days.."  We chit chatted a bit, & I said, "I've never seen anything like that" It was odd.  Anyway the same day later in the day, Emily & I were taking a walk & I noticed the bird again in the same place, flying around the window than sitting on a V shaped hanger thing on the corner of the house.  I then noticed it, a small bird house or bird feeder. I think the damn bird was "asking" for his dinner.  I don't know why but this really impressed me. I'm sure if it was me in the house being disturbed by the bird I might have taken it a different way but ofcourse it wasn't & I was just impressed that the bird was requesting his meal.  Or atleast that was my take on it.  It's not like the bird & I had a conversation about it or anything.  It's been a few days since seeing the bird & when I walked by the house I noticed the bird feeder is no longer there.  I think the bird is thinking, "well damn"

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