Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello, Bloggers, its me Missy.

Okay to all my adoring fans out there, He he he..... I haven't forgotten about this blog. I've just been soooo busy. At the moment I can't remember what with but it must have been very important. Anyway, I'm here and I only have a few minutes to quickly write something on here. Not a whole lot going on... last night we went to a talent show/curriculum fair at Emily's school. Well Emily wanted to go and because of that I'm glad we went! ;) Let's see... today I watched Josh. He'll be two next weekend. I can't beleive it---- he's getting so big and starting to really talk alot!! Seens everyday he learns two or three new words.. it's a fun time! Been seeing him and Mad alot lately. Doing the lunch thing w. Dan. Fun. Anyway, Emily's doing great. She's playing in her room right now--- a few minutes to herself before bed time. She likes that. In a few minutes it'll be snuggle time. Yeah- my favorite time of day. Okay what else... I'm missing my laptop so much. I didn't think I've become soo in need of it but since we sent it out to get repaired I feel like a limb is missing---- Okay so many that was a slight exageration but really not much of one. I guess I'll go I just wanted to write something so nobody thought I fell off a cliff or something. Okay my heart did a little jump just at that idea (I'm THAT afraid of heights.) :) goodnight!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

ProActive WORKS....

Hello, Well it's Saturday and we are definitely having a LAZY day, although I WALKED on the TREADMILL for like the 5th day in a ROW and I am so happy. The treadmill being in our room- ROCKS, I can watch TV and the time goes by so much faster. It's motivating me to keep it up. YEAH!! I'll be skinny before Summer!! BET! Anyway, I have been using Proactive for maybe 2 weeks and it totally works!! I'm so happy, a product that actually does what it promises-- how amazing. Some days I don't even wear foundation and am fine! It's really cool. Ok. I totally don't feel like writing today so I guess I'll stop.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Missy is..... not been coming on here enough.

Hello, well it's been a little while. My new obsession with facebook is started to wear off, so I hopefully can get on here a little more now and put some new post on here more often. I'm listening to Flogging Molly on my daughter's Hello Kitty CD player... quite a contrast. But we are going to their concert at House of Blues in AC tomorrow night and I've been listening to them alot lately. Their concerts are so much FUN, lots of excitement. We are really looking forward to it, what we aren't looking forward to is Brian's surgery. It's been scheduled for May 4th. I know it's gonna help, I just have a really good feeling about it, and so I'm trying not to worry. The anxiety medicine helps too. I think Brian just wants it to be over, who can blame him and he was upset that it couldn't even be scheduled until May-- he was hoping that it would be like April or even this month, plus now he can't go to Steeler Fan's camp and is totally BUMMED. I don't know what I can do to make him feel better, but I hope he knows that I'm here for him. Anyway, Lets see I need to get Emily off the bus soon, SO I have about 10 minutes to write and then I'll have to go. I worked today, and was able to get done about an hour early so I've been happy to have a little Me time before Emily gets home from school. Oh yeah also this really ANNOYING thing happened, Our harddrive that holds ALL of our digital pictures... DEAD, Fried... I mean how annoying and the guy said because of the way the harddrive is made it could be $1500.00 to get it off of there. Brian's going to try some things but it's not looking good and I mean that is so UPSETTING.. it's like there was a fire and everything is gone. Some of them are located in other spots, like the ones on here but it's still so heartbreaking. Brian-- please come through!! Keeping my fingers crossed. Alright I guess I should go so I'm not rush rush rushing... to make the bus. I've been walking everyday this week, so that's cool-- I'll keep you posted on my progress, because you know if I can do it--- the lazy lady, then anyone can! ;) Missy

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Surgery, Facebook and Praise...

Hello, soo let's see, I think I've mentioned this before but Brian's been having these dizzy(?) spells and they are really upsetting. He went and had a balance test last week and then he had a follow up with his Ears, nose and throat doctor to day for a diagnosis and plan. Anyway he needs to have surgery to do 4 things... remove his tonsils, shave his palate, move his adams apple up, and fix his deviated septum and all of this should per his doc... "make him feel like a new man" because right now he is not getting the oxygen his body needs and it's affected so many things included small blood vessels in his ears... and blah blah blah. I'm just hoping it A) helps him sleep better and B) helps him feel better. If those two things happen it will be AWESOME.... Brian is not happy about having to have surgery. I understands, but if it helps his quality of life-- you gotta do it and Brian knows that---- it's just surgery and surgery is always scary and SCARY. So please keep your fingers crossed and Prayers placed for Brian in the coming weeks. :) THANKS!!! Anyway, what else.. I'm still completely addicted to facebook. ALthough it's not as much fun when you've seen everyone's pictures and it's just updates and then you are kind of reminded that you were not the most popular kid in school and still have that slight feeling of being an outsider still. I can't explain it, so many people seem to have genuine relationships with their "friends" on facebook and for me-- most of those people are people I knew only from High School and even then not very well. SO it's still a little awkward. But yet, I can't seem to stop from going on it atleast a couple of times a day just to see what's new. I'm such a dork. Or perhaps just bored, or maybe just trying to find an escape from scary things--- like Brian and my health. It's probably a bit of all of these things. Let's see-- I'm not sure if I mentioned this already (i'm sure I have) but Emily made the EXCEL program at her school. It's called PLACE. Each letter stands for something but I can't remember what they are. She really likes it, ofcourse if she had it her way she'd already be through a majority of the "homework" book and she is only suppose to do what is assigned and that's hard for her, the girl loves to LEARN what can I say.... PROUD MAMA. People probably are so sick of me praising my daughter but oh well if you are going to come here, that's what you are gonna get because I'm just so proud of that girl. LOVE her soo... Anyway, I guess I should probably go. I'll write again soon. Take Care. :)

Monday, March 2, 2009


I was contemplating building a dark room some where in my house. This thought came to me because Target is no longer developing FILM... not 35 mm FILM they are doing only DIGITAL. Not only did this make me feel OLD but it kinda pissed me off too. I mean, I really miss the excitement of not knowing what a picture looks like. The world is not perfect and yet if an image on our digital camera isn't perfect we almost always DELETE it. I miss going up to the counter, getting my envelope of pictures, and not having a clue what is on them. I miss the excitement and the thrill of going through them and finding the 5 really good ones and also being able to laugh at the really bad ones. I have a whole bunch of 35 mm film and also 110 film (yes can u believe it) I don't even have a clue what is on them. It will probably cost me $40(each) to get the 110 film developed and so I'm thinking it will probably never happen!! I also LOVE looking at old pictures, seeing what we looked like in a different decade, the clothes, the HAIR( I was a teenager in the 80's--the HAIR was BIG and HIGH and HAIRSPRAYED TO DEATH and hysterical.), the attitude, the glasses, It's FUNNY. It's one of the things I enjoy the most about Facebook--- people like to put up old pictures, quite frankly really funny pictures, that I just laugh at-- embarrassing- yes but also really FUNNY. So you laugh and you don't take it so serious. Someone voiced their opinion of annoyance at the old pictures on FB, and that's their right to but for me it's like get over it, do you understand how funny it is, and that good or bad--- it is what it is. Just a moment in your life that you had, you can like it or not but it was yours. SO I choose to accept it, and enjoy it and laugh at it and then live my life now and be happy. :) OH and THAT'S FREE ADVICE!