Monday, March 2, 2009


I was contemplating building a dark room some where in my house. This thought came to me because Target is no longer developing FILM... not 35 mm FILM they are doing only DIGITAL. Not only did this make me feel OLD but it kinda pissed me off too. I mean, I really miss the excitement of not knowing what a picture looks like. The world is not perfect and yet if an image on our digital camera isn't perfect we almost always DELETE it. I miss going up to the counter, getting my envelope of pictures, and not having a clue what is on them. I miss the excitement and the thrill of going through them and finding the 5 really good ones and also being able to laugh at the really bad ones. I have a whole bunch of 35 mm film and also 110 film (yes can u believe it) I don't even have a clue what is on them. It will probably cost me $40(each) to get the 110 film developed and so I'm thinking it will probably never happen!! I also LOVE looking at old pictures, seeing what we looked like in a different decade, the clothes, the HAIR( I was a teenager in the 80's--the HAIR was BIG and HIGH and HAIRSPRAYED TO DEATH and hysterical.), the attitude, the glasses, It's FUNNY. It's one of the things I enjoy the most about Facebook--- people like to put up old pictures, quite frankly really funny pictures, that I just laugh at-- embarrassing- yes but also really FUNNY. So you laugh and you don't take it so serious. Someone voiced their opinion of annoyance at the old pictures on FB, and that's their right to but for me it's like get over it, do you understand how funny it is, and that good or bad--- it is what it is. Just a moment in your life that you had, you can like it or not but it was yours. SO I choose to accept it, and enjoy it and laugh at it and then live my life now and be happy. :) OH and THAT'S FREE ADVICE!

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