Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello, Bloggers, its me Missy.

Okay to all my adoring fans out there, He he he..... I haven't forgotten about this blog. I've just been soooo busy. At the moment I can't remember what with but it must have been very important. Anyway, I'm here and I only have a few minutes to quickly write something on here. Not a whole lot going on... last night we went to a talent show/curriculum fair at Emily's school. Well Emily wanted to go and because of that I'm glad we went! ;) Let's see... today I watched Josh. He'll be two next weekend. I can't beleive it---- he's getting so big and starting to really talk alot!! Seens everyday he learns two or three new words.. it's a fun time! Been seeing him and Mad alot lately. Doing the lunch thing w. Dan. Fun. Anyway, Emily's doing great. She's playing in her room right now--- a few minutes to herself before bed time. She likes that. In a few minutes it'll be snuggle time. Yeah- my favorite time of day. Okay what else... I'm missing my laptop so much. I didn't think I've become soo in need of it but since we sent it out to get repaired I feel like a limb is missing---- Okay so many that was a slight exageration but really not much of one. I guess I'll go I just wanted to write something so nobody thought I fell off a cliff or something. Okay my heart did a little jump just at that idea (I'm THAT afraid of heights.) :) goodnight!

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