Thursday, January 31, 2008

Something Meaningful

Well today was my annual ritual of sending "THE" Email. It's the email I send out to remind my family and friends that we will be walking in the March of Dimes walk for Babies. It's on April 27th this year!! It's the first step in something that means alot to me! This will be our 6th year walking in it. Last year our team raised almost $1300.00!! It was a new record for us! I'm very proud of that! It feels great to do something that is for a good cause and helps me remember to appreciate my daughter and all the people that helped to get her where she is today!! We are forever grateful to the doctors and nurses(Danielle) but I'm really talking right now about the research done for these babies. If Emily was born even 10 years sooner she would have had even less chance to survive then she already did. There have been so many advances in the NeoNatal field of medicine... it is just astonishing!!! Without March of Dimes, alot of these breakthroughs, would not have been discovered. Such as Surfactant for their tiny lungs!! In fact, March of dimes-funded scientist include 13 nobel prize winners!! Pretty Awesome, HUH? Anyway, I am obviously very proud of my families involvement in this terrific event!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edwards.... Out! Obama and Clinton... In

Well John Edwards is "officially" out of the election. It makes me sad, becuase I did really like him and believed him, and ofcourse I felt a strong connection with him on issues. SO I am left with these two "super-star" candidates that quite frankly even though the rest of America( well atleast rest of the democrats)apparently have found a connection with. I haven't yet, I mean I definately LIKE Barack Obama and of the two, that are left I will probably vote for him on SUPER TUESDAY. Why? Well becuase I do find him inspiring. I hear him speak and I think "WOW" and maybe that isn't enough but I don't really feel anything towards Hilary Clinton. I don't know why, I know she is a tremondous public figure and has done a lot, I just don't feel for her. Does that make sense? Does it seem immature, probably! I think there are two types of people... people who use their hearts to lead and people who use their heads to lead. I have always been a person who leads with her heart, so for me the way I feel about a person has more impact on me. I have always been this way, I think that both the democratic candidates that are left could make good president so I think it is easier for me to use my heart to decide on this one.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lovin' Jack Johnson

Okay... right now I am listening to Jack Johnson's CD "Better Together", it is an awesome CD. I know it's not new or anything, but I started listening to it again the other day and I really like it. Calm, Inspiring, Real, just really good. Anyway, I worked today for a few hours doing the bookkeeping for my friend's co. Then I came home, caught up with how Emily's day was at school, changed the cat liter (yuck) and made the bed. Okay, now it's my time--- so this is what I've decided to do with it. I should walk on the treadmill... but I don't really feel like it. Well atleast I walked yesterday, it had been a few days before that. Anyway, Bill Clinton was at the College that my brother attends. Camden County COllege today. I didn't go to listen to him or anything just Fernando told me about it. He didn't go either. He doesn't really care about politics, yet. I would have liked to have gone but I've been a little disappointed by BIll and Hilary lately. I think I really am going to vote for Barack come Election day ( I still like John Edwards but I'm afraid it's not going to happen for him ) Sad, because I think he would make a great president, but I am beginning to think that about Barack as well. He is SO inspiring, I want to believe in the "America" he speaks about. I think as long as he surrounds himself with really experienced- like thinking- people he will be a great president. What he may lack in experience he makes up in commen sense and compassion. Those things really do matter!!!! It's hard to remember that since we've had a goober in the White house for so long. Oh well, that's just my opinion anyway. :) I get so upset listening to President Bush speak, I must admit, I did not even watch his speech last night. I don't care how he spins it... the economy is for shit, the world is literally melting away, gas prices are sky high, we are still in Iraq losing our bravest, my own brother doesn't have health insurance because he isn't covered under my husbands anymore and doesn't have a full time/ or part time job and it's so expensive to get it for him. We just need a better plan and a better person running this country. I can't wait! I can't wait until it's over, The end of Bush's reign! Hooray, because I just don't beleive it can get any worse. ( I am ofcourse knocking on wood becuase well you can't take any chances) Okay, I really didn't mean to go on and on like that, it just happens. See for my own sanity we need another president. This one angers me so. Anyway, that's enough on that subject. ON a lighter and nicer note... Brian's aunt Barbara sent us an invitation to visit Georgia with them in March. She invited all 3 of her Nephews and their families. I hope we can go becuase it's been a while since Emily and I went on any kind of "real" vacation. (Brian doesn't count becuase he went to Ireland) It would also be really nice to see Barb and Nic again. I was just telling Brian we really need to try and find a way to get Florida to see them this year. We saw them in Sept for Niki's wedding but really did not get to spend alot of time with them. We were not sure we would be able to because we really want to go to New Mexico this year to visit Pat. We are the only ones who have yet to see her home in NM. SO we really need to do it this year. That didn't leave us much $ for alot else. So this might work out, unless their are expenses we don't know about for the Georgia trip. Atleast it's a possibilty. We haven't really talked about it yet. We pretty much just both read the email. So we'll have to get some more details and figure out if the timing works out for us. We have already decided that we will go see Pat whenever the fare is the cheapest. SO we don't really have a date set for that yet. Okay, I better go this was a lot longer blog then I intended to write and I need to go spend some time with Emily. :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Life and Death

I wanted to write a quick blog, since it's been a while. It's so Sad, about Heath Ledger. I really liked him as an actor. Thought he was incredibly talented. I've been really bothered by his death, I mean anytime someone so young dies it is sad... But I do think that I feel more sad then I would for someone else I've never met. I mean I didn't know him, but I do feel like he somehow touched my life because I enjoyed his acting. I got something out of it... be it laughter or tears. I was touched by his performances. I think that is why I feel very sad about it. It may not make sense or it may. I don't know... I also am feeling so very sad for his family.... I know that pain. It is heartwrenching. It is so hard. Okay, anyway, I'm going to move on.... Emily is her usually wonderful self. SHe is doing good, and she is still doing fantastic with her school work. Her last set of test/quizzes from school had 12 different test ... she got one 98 and 10 100's and one 110 cuz of a extra credit question. God, she really is so SMART.. I can't beleive it, and ofcourse am just so proud of her always. I think she is doing well socially too, but we will find out more at parent/teacher conferences which will be in early Feb. She got a note two weeks ago that said she had a bad week (emotional meltdowns) but that was the first note in a while so I'm hoping it was just that week. She really is such a good kid. We are so lucky. I know I say that ALOT but it's so true. I just love her SO much. Last night, Danielle and I went to dinner and then we went to the " Christmas Tree Shoppe" , great place if you haven't been... especially when you don't have a lot of money but are in the mood to shop. ME, right now. We aren't completely broke but we are trying NOT to use any Credit cards at all, so it's a little harder to have disposible funds. But I am trying to get organized so I got some little containers and things for the house and it was fun! I love going shopping with Danielle, because she shops very simalar to me. We mozy..... we look! No pressure (well except at Christmas!) Not too much else going on.... OH yeah... one thing....Oh my GOD... Almost forgot... Brian is getting a vasectimy on Feb 1st. So that's pretty major. I think it's a good thing, but part of me I don't know why is a little bit sad. It's just so permanent. I guess. Done... Finished.. No more. I don't really want anymore children... I mean Emily is so amazing... We were so blessed with her and I am not sure I could go thru what we went thru with Emily a 2nd time. Since the doc's can't promise me that I would not deliver early again. I just can't go thru it again. Emily was such a miracle, I'm not sure I have the right to ask for more. Does that make sense? So, we will get it done. Well Brian will. He says he isn't nervous. God, I wish a little of his bravado would rub off on me. I'm nervous and I'm not the one getting my "members" messed with. ;) Okay... Well if you read this.. maybe pray for his...... well you know. PEACE OUT, and remember to VOTE.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An Emily Poem

"All About Mommy"

I Love Mommy.
She's so great.
She loves me
We live in a state.

The end

By Emily Roach
age 7

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend News

Hello... We had a nice weekend. We went with friends of ours to see a movie yesterday. Emily and I and Our friend and her son went and saw "Alvin & the Chipmunks" It was very cute. We liked it. It was I believe the first live action movie Emily ever saw. She only saw animated movies in the theatre before. So I was wondering if she would get bored 1/2 way through it but she didn't... she really LOVED it. Brian and Mark went and saw National Treasure while we saw Alvin and the chipmunks and then we all went to dinner afterward. It was a good day. We came home and put Emily to bed and then finished watching "Perfect Stranger" with Haley Berry. It was Okay... but it did have a surprise ending. I was not guessing that one. So the ending was good but the movie was only okay other then that. Emily is in the bathtub right now.... yelling, "MOMMY" MOMMY" MOMMY!!!! So I better go check on her...... HOLD ON....Okay she just wanted to get out and also wanted a paper towel.. She hates getting water on her face. Okay she is out and Brian is putting on her PJ's... and actually she has to go to bed soon. It's 8:11 we try to get her to bed by 8:30 especially school nights. Anyway... today we didn't really do too much, Emily finished up a "Noun" snowman project that is due tomorrow. It came out really good. Emily cut and pasted for about 2 hours today so it would be done for tomorrow. She did great with it! We just increased her seizure medicine becuase she is still having the "absence seizures" and she got a note last week from her teacher saying she had a rough week. So hopefully that will help her this week and going forward. She is doing good otherwise. We also went shopping today... we had to pick up some things from Sam's club and shoprite for the next couple of days to hold us over until Payday. So like I said we had a nice weekend and now we need to get Emily to bed and maybe we will watch another movie. We never watch this many movies but it was nice to catch up on some we've been meaning to see. :) Okay... Guess I'll go since I don't really have much more to say. peace to everyone. LOVE

Friday, January 4, 2008

The IOWA Caucus!!!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!

Okay, we watched the Iowa Caucus all night long last night and didn't go to bed until well after 1 am so I am a little exhausted!! But I'm also really excited about what I saw!!!! I am really happy that Barack won, and only slightly disappointed that it wasn't John Edwards... My first choice! I am still upbeat because John Edwards came in 2nd! He has been 3rd in the national polls so maybe this will give him a boost... after a few more primaries we will see. Oh my god though, I got chills listening to Barack Obama's victory speech. I felt such pride, listening to him, and believing in the "America" that he speaks of. Wanting to truly believe that we are "One Nation" and that not only a select people feel this way but the majority of people. It was inspiring! He is charismatic! He is Awesome! I would be proud to call him "my President"! I haven't felt that in a while. Proud of our President! I also think that while Huckabee won the caucus I don't think he has staying power. I think he is tooo religious for a state like New Hampshire. Which just makes the republican field seem still up in the air alot! But I don't know. I think that Mitt Romney is having a bad day.... Oh Well.. I mean to spend all that money and not get anywhere.. OH well I feel so sad for him... TRULY... Poor fellow. Anyway, What I want more then anything is just for a democrat to win and with the Record # of democrats/independence/and (as Hilary) stated Republicans that have seen the light, that came out to support the democrats.. I for one think it is clear that their will be a democrat in the white house. I should not be so bold becuase my track record isn't good. I was so disappointed in 2004.. I felt like someone had died, what I realized was my spirit had a little.... Atleast a little! I am feeling really upbeat right now. It feels really nice to be this pumped up about the election... and soon I will be deciding who exactly I want to throw my support around, not just a democrat but "THE democrat". :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year---Skinnier ME... HOPEFULLY

Happy NEW YEAR!!! We DID NOTHING last night. We played Scamble and Brian KICKED my butt. It was still fun. Brian does NOT like playing w me because Well to be truthful I am a lousy loser. It really is just that. I try not to be but I just am. A character flaw what can I say. Anyway, Today... we bought a really NICE treadmill.... It's a Nordictrak... I don't know how to spell it.. But it was on a good sale and so we decided what the hell.... IT WAS ALOT OF MONEY... So I better use it! Brian I know will use it because he is amazing with his exercise regimen. HE goes Almost every morning to the gym. It was New years day and he got up and went to the gym. I am quite impressed with his drive.(that sounds a little dirty) Hopefully a little of it will rub off on me and I'll actually try to get into shape. I hope. I guess that is my new years resolution. A whole new body for next year. Wouldnt that be cool? Well it's my hope anyway... that and world peace. :)Anyway, another topic.... I just read Jenny McCarthy's book, "Louder than words" It's about her son Evan and his fight with Autism. She helped/healed him thru developmental programs and an extreme diet and it really helped heal most of his autism and he is doing so much better. Jenny McCarthy is quite funny and a really remarkable mother as far as I'm concerned. She didn't give up and accept the diagnosis. She really fought to help her son to conquer the diagnosis. I think! I have a new respect for her and it was a really well done book. I basically read it in one sitting. yesterday after work. I read it. At one point I was so into it that I left the water running in the bathtub and it overflowed and started spilling over all over thru the walls and into the downstairs laundry room. It really SUCKED. I felt really stupid after the fact. But anyway it tells you how good the book was. Anyway. I need to go take the christmas decorations down. I'm not really in the mood to do it but I'm watching the kids the next 3 days and I figure today really is the best day to do it. Plus Brian's at the movies with his brother so it just makes sense to get it done now so I better go. Have a Great new year!! :) PEACE PEEPS