Thursday, January 31, 2008

Something Meaningful

Well today was my annual ritual of sending "THE" Email. It's the email I send out to remind my family and friends that we will be walking in the March of Dimes walk for Babies. It's on April 27th this year!! It's the first step in something that means alot to me! This will be our 6th year walking in it. Last year our team raised almost $1300.00!! It was a new record for us! I'm very proud of that! It feels great to do something that is for a good cause and helps me remember to appreciate my daughter and all the people that helped to get her where she is today!! We are forever grateful to the doctors and nurses(Danielle) but I'm really talking right now about the research done for these babies. If Emily was born even 10 years sooner she would have had even less chance to survive then she already did. There have been so many advances in the NeoNatal field of medicine... it is just astonishing!!! Without March of Dimes, alot of these breakthroughs, would not have been discovered. Such as Surfactant for their tiny lungs!! In fact, March of dimes-funded scientist include 13 nobel prize winners!! Pretty Awesome, HUH? Anyway, I am obviously very proud of my families involvement in this terrific event!

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