Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edwards.... Out! Obama and Clinton... In

Well John Edwards is "officially" out of the election. It makes me sad, becuase I did really like him and believed him, and ofcourse I felt a strong connection with him on issues. SO I am left with these two "super-star" candidates that quite frankly even though the rest of America( well atleast rest of the democrats)apparently have found a connection with. I haven't yet, I mean I definately LIKE Barack Obama and of the two, that are left I will probably vote for him on SUPER TUESDAY. Why? Well becuase I do find him inspiring. I hear him speak and I think "WOW" and maybe that isn't enough but I don't really feel anything towards Hilary Clinton. I don't know why, I know she is a tremondous public figure and has done a lot, I just don't feel for her. Does that make sense? Does it seem immature, probably! I think there are two types of people... people who use their hearts to lead and people who use their heads to lead. I have always been a person who leads with her heart, so for me the way I feel about a person has more impact on me. I have always been this way, I think that both the democratic candidates that are left could make good president so I think it is easier for me to use my heart to decide on this one.

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