Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well it's been a hectic couple of weeks and with Emily's school starting and everything going on.. I realized I didn't write about something very important. Brian's Grandma passed away.. earlier this month. She was 95. I can honestly say I NEVER knew anyone like her before. I admired her soo much.. she spoke her mind and she lived her life and I NEVER knew anyone that lived that long or that great in my life until I was lucky enough to meet and become family with "Great". I liked that nick name.. Her great grandchildren in Ohio called her that... and I always thought it fit her perfectly. She was great. Her name was Grace, that too was a perfect name. We didn't agree on everything and she never minded telling me what things about me, she didnt understand. For instance... she told me I was ruining that steak.. when I ordered it well down. She also was from a different generation and kept some of those biases that older people tend to have. But she was kind to everyone, and especially her family..... she was so very generous. I always was amazed by her ability to take not only me in but Fernando as well. She treated him no differently then one of her own grandchildren.. I really loved her for that. I loved her for alot of reasons.. I loved her for her kindness, and her rugid yet gentle way that I can't explain better than that. She would give you her opinion but not in a way that angered you., just in a flat matter of fact way that said well this is really the right way and I don't need to argue with you about it. It was just Great, just her way... and I don't think there will ever be anyone like her. I'm sooo glad I knew her for 11 years..... I'll miss her, I'll miss her, I'll miss her.. and I know it's soo much more difficult for Brian. But we all know that she was ready... she's been telling us for years... Im ready whenever God calls me... I'm ready. So we know she was ready, and wanting to see her husband again up in heaven. She lived by herself, drove her own car, mended to her garden up until just over a month ago... she had a great live, it was long, it was filled with love, and family. What more can you ask out of life... her death was peaceful, and she was ready. I think everyone would want to go like that... with visions of things to discover in heaven and completely at peace after a loong wonderful life.. SO it's not soo much sadness I feel but just a sense that we all will simply miss her.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My little lover of learning....

Emily is doing her homework right now.... and she's chanting. "I love doing spelling Homework", "I love doing spelling Homework" "I love doing spelling homework" as she is doing her spelling homework.... she just finished and then she said, " Oh good... now on to Math" I have it sooo easy. I've heard of kids that argue, fight, protest, cry, over homework.... My kid makes cheers up!! I love her so much!!!!!

Also Emily is very EXCITED that she started SPANISH this year. She came home today with her Spanish folder and I have to say... can read the language very fluently already! Mi inteligente la hija. (my intelligent daughter)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Emily B. 3rd Grader

Well today was Emily's first day of 3rd grade. IT didn't start out soo good, Emily was worried about school sooo much this year. We kept telling her over and over it was going to be a great day!! But she didn't want to listen. So I just said a prayer when she got on the bus (she was crying and everything) that she would have a great day and sure enough she did!!! She loved her teacher and was happy to find out she had the same one on one aide as last year! She had a big ol' smile on her face when she got off the bus afterschool. YEAH!!! YAY!! HOORAY!!! She did AWESOME, just like her daddy and I told her she would! (Emily really wanted me to post this- my apologizes for how long it's been since I posted anything on here) I'm really proud of my girl, and I know she's gonna have a super year!!!