Monday, April 28, 2008


Okay so it's Monday.. I'm tired and my body is aching a little. We SPEED walked in the March for Babies event for March of Dimes yesterday. We walked 5 miles, in about an hour and 5 minutes. It was nice, although a little disappointing becuase Emily had the touch of a cold and we thought it best if she did not go--- well it was soppose to rain. But it ended up not raining. SO Fernando and Emily stayed home while Brian, Me, My aunt and our nephew walked as "TEAM EMILY". It wasn't the same without Emily and Fernando, but it was still nice, and we raised over $2200.00 for the March of Dimes. I was really impressed with our team, because we raised almost a thousand dollars more then last year. WOW!!!! Anyway, afterwards we picked up Emily and Fernando and we all went to Olive Garden for lunch... Very good. On Saturday we hanged with our friends Mark, Stacie and Ethan and played "rock band" and had dinner. It was FUN!! On Sunday night, Emily and I worked on her shape "creature" project that is due on Wednesday. It's coming together. I'll post a picture of it when we are finished. It is a family project so we work on it together. I actually enjoy doing these kinds of things togethe. THen we watched the SIXER lose against Detroit--- very disappointing. It's now a tied series and we'll have to just wait and see what happens. I was really hoping they would be up 3 to 1 but that didn't happen. OKay.. well I guess I'll go. Missy

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuesday's Philadelphia Primary

Well I don't live in Philadelphia... but it didn't stop me from getting a call from a PRE-RECORDED Bill Clinton asking me to come to a rally for Hillary Clinton. But I didn't vote for Hillary CLinton(in the NJ primary), I voted for Barack Obama. I hope that he wins but I'll vote for Hillary if she is the democratic choice. However as I watched the primary on television last night I was disturbed by something I heard. A larger portion of Hillary Supporters said they would NOT vote for Barack if he was the candidate. SOme even said they WOULD vote for MCcain. HOwever more of Barack's would if it was the other way around. I was upset by this, not the Baracks would but that Hillary's would NOT... Well for one thing I've been optimistic about this election. My thoughts were we have an African American and a Women that have a bonafied chance of winning-- I was feeling proud that we as Americans maybe are ready for this. All those years of horrible racial tensions, ugliness and inequalities of women and blacks were maybe really truly changing not just outwardly but the true feelings of people. THat it was wonderful the fact that an African American and a Woman were running wasn't being made to be SUCH a big deal. I felt(& still do) good & PROUD to be an American and then I hear something like this and it makes me wonder if I'm right, if maybe still their is SOOOO many people that when confronted with the idea of a black man runnning are still prejudice. Maybe that's not it at all. Maybe they don't think he has enough experience but I don't know, it's hard for me to understand that feeling becuase I am so looking for a change and a breathe of fresh air and I feel like Barack is 100% capable. SO I can't wrap my head around the idea that when comfronted with Barack or Mccain, they would choose to just not vote or vote for the other side. I really thought that most democrats would stand with their party and maybe the democrats will--- Maybe it's like Brian's been saying it's those Independents we have to worry about. Although I think that he was thinking they would go with Barack... but the exit polling doesn't support his theory or mine. Maybe I'm worrying about this prematurely... I mean there is still ALOT of time left and who knows how different things will be when McCain gets back in the race. Maybe those people will change their minds... maybe something will happen to change mine.... Although I doubt it. But you never know maybe something will be brought to light that hasn't. It's already gotten a lil' bit muddy in there but I hope, I really hope that the democrats will rise above it and come together and DO THE RIGHT THING. And that Hillary or Barack will step aside peacefully and gracefully and in a way that unites the party becuase I don't want it to get ugly. I worry that all these new young voters will be so upset if Super Delegates give it to Hillary. Who knows what might happen but I truly hope that we(either side) will take the loss gracefully, and look at the BIGGER picture, we NEED a democrat in the office. Just my thoughts... PEACE PEOPLE!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

EMily's Favorite toy...OH MY!!

Okay personally I'm not a fan of those BIG headed hoochie momma dolls- The Bratz. But I have got to tell you.. I found this Bratz globe at a really great price at Xmas for Emily and becuase she had outgrown this little Vtech globe(that was much loved), I decided to take a chance and we bought it for her - even though I'm really sorta opposed to the whole Bratz thing. ANyway, Emily LOVES this thing!! She plays with it so much and since she's ALWAYS been a kid who loves to learn she has always loved learning toys the most. SHe devours all the information this globe gives out. Like what the currency is for this country or that country. Or it tells you a countries name and you point to it with a little airplane pen. IT also tell you the lauguage spoken in a all the countries and fun facts about them as well. She has become quite the geography superstar. The reason I decided to write this blog was becuase she just said in the cutest LOUD voice... Mommy, DID you know that I have found 4 other COUNTRIES that use the US DOllar? No Honey I didn't..... Then she proceeded to find them on the globe and count them down......for example Equador. I thought oh my... oh my, I can't wait to found out in 15 years what this girl will become. SHe could change the world, No Matter what she becomes, she sure is special! OH also, it makes the fact that Brian paid $50 in shipping for this TOY, easier to swallow. He didn't do it on purpose, we were a little late decided we would buy it and it was getting close to Xmas and Brian checked Priority shipping before he realized it would Cost $50 TO SHIP... OH well, this is an example of not sweating the small stuff becuase we only ended up paying about $10 over the regular price and it's been well worth it.... :) WHO knew, THe BRatz globe would be the WINNER of the Christmas presents? I sure didn't expect that.

Saturday, April 19, 2008



Okay, I know I wanted Spring to come but I gotta tell you, today felt like SUMMER. It was 80 degrees outside the last 2 days.. BUT i'm not complaining. IT was nice just a bit freaky. TOO HOT for April... U know.. Oh Well, Emily rode her bike this morning and then we did a bunch of errands. Mostly shopping, U know stuff we don't really need but got. Like Brian got another guitar for his Guitar Hero game for WII and he and Fernando are battling right now. I'll put up a picture of them playing... it's a riot! Actually it is ALOT of fun! But I can only sing ( OH yeah, we also have ROCK BAND for PS3) That is the one you can play drums, sing and play the guitar!! It's fun even if I don't want to admit it to Brian--- HE'S OBSESSED with playing it. CLAIMS it is the only way he can de-stress from work. I'm like what about spending time with your wife and family!! No, he says that just makes me STRESSED... HA HA. He's a funny one!! So anyway, tomorrow the plan is that Emily and I will go to the "CHRISTMAS TREE SHOP" with my Aunt Barbara. I love that place and I am so looking forward to going. Maybe we will go to Panera bread for lunch tooo.... YUMMY. Not sure what else we will do tomorrow.. but hopefully it will be nice. Emily is looking forward to going because she knows that means a new book to get. SHe's so spoiled but in a good way. If that is possible. I mean a book? YOu can never have too many and Emily will get her money's worth out of it. SHe has so many books but she reads them over and over. SHe's just awesome! ANyway, Guess I gotta go.. Emily still isn't in bed and it's 9:30.. YIKES, her bed time is 8:30. Oh well it's the weekend. Have a nice one. LOVE Missy

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Glorious Spring Days..... FINALLY!!!

Well it is perfect weather out today. And I AM off!!! Yeah, I'm not babysitting or working.... So it's just a nice break and I must get outside today. Maybe I'll take a walk. I'm feeling tired but it's so nice outside so I'm not going to let that get me down. Oh Well, don't really have much to say... Watched the debate last night on TV. I think that Obama had a tough night but he held his own, which makes me believe he can against McCain. I HOPE..... As Hilary stated we MUST have a democrat in office... I don't want more of the same old, same old.....PLEASE!!! I think I'm fine with either Hilary or Obama.. I favor Barack a little more but am okay with either of them. So, I just hope one of them can beat McCain!! No offense, to all you McCain supporters and it's nothing against him personally but I do think it will be 4 or 8 more years of the same thing that is happening now... And look at the world-- it aint pretty people.. It ain't!! It's quite frankly scary and I would like us to stand up and TRY and do something about!!! We can't if it's the same positions that we currently have. Anyway, I'm trying to find my Zen. So I'm going to stop talking politics today. Well, unless someone ask me something... Ha. Emily is doing really well... Actually, She is doing great!! Still doing awesome in school.... I'm so proud of her!!! Okay, well I guess I better go.... Maybe I'll plant the bulbs I got from the store yesterday...Yeah, that's what I'll do. Perfect!! I'll let you know if I actually do it. Ha, Anyway-- have a great Day!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Yard Stew

Today I went outside with Emily. She was playing, doing things I used to do as a kid myself. Pulling out various weeds(and we have many types)from our yard and she made herself a Yard Stew... A little onion grass, Some flowering weeds, weeds that looked like rosemary, some bark and some blades of tall grass... throw in some berries and couple of sticks... a yard stew... How yummy!!! I remember doing this very thing. Watching her with love, and reminding myself of these sweet moments- both hers and mine. And this moment which was ours. Feeling a little sorry for those people with perfectly manicured lawns.... how much boring their stews must be.


Pray for those less fortunate
Pray for the ones I love
Pray to ease the pain
Pray to God above

Count my blessings
I am told
Worry not for things
I have no control

Easy said and hard to do
SO I pray and pray
and I continue to


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thoughts... Just THoughts..

I'm in a worried mood.... SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!! I find life so hard at times. I love life but why can't it be easier. It's all over... these things to worry about. Most people can hear something and it kind of goes in one ear and out the other. I hear something.. Oh this person is sick.. Oh he got in to a car accident.. oh this freak accident happened. I obsessed about it. Well if it can happen to him, what about me or my family or my friends. What is this ache I feel.. could it be this or that. I know it's something. I fret and frown and worry and dispair and it's exhausting. It is!! I wish I wasn't like this. But well atleast for today I am.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Introducing...... Nicholas (my Great-nephew)

Okay I'm a little late with this considering he was born at the end of November. BUT here he is..... He's so cute!!!

Spring is starting to spring

I HOPE..... It was a gorgeous day yesterday. And today although a bit cloudy still has the feel of early spring!! I am really looking forward to some warm weather. I don't know why, it wasn't really a bad winter--- we only had one real snow day but I AM SO LOOKING forward to full-on Spring!! I saw 3 robins together in my yard---- If that isn't a good sign, I don't know what is... YEAH!!!


Okay, First off.... How cool is that picture of Emily in the water.(Or Wooder if you are like me and from NJ). She looks like she is a water wizard, and is commanding the water to obey her. It's a really great picture that Brian took! I just love it! (see Below) Okay now about the title of this blog.... I really like John Cusack. I have since the early 80's and films like "Say Anything" but I also have seen him in several interviews and he seems very real and really nice. Brian really likes him too. Maybe even more then me.. he is one of Brian's favorite actors. But apparentely he was on Bill Maher on March 28th promoting War, Inc... he's newest film. I didn't see the interview on March 28 but Rosie mentioned it on her blog so I decided to YouTube it and check it out. It was really something. He discusses his generally disgust for this war and how President Bush had a plan to go into this war and ALOT of it had to do with MONEY. What he said really just makes you want to learn more and be more informed becuase if you don't know anything then it is that much easier to get the wool pulled over your head. I don't know whether John Cusack has ALL the information. I don't know if "EVERYTHING" he says is fact, but I do beleive it could be. I think that the Bush Admin has been one of the worst in our history. I don't BELIEVE anything they say, I think that we as citizens should be informed the truth... or atleast NOT LIED TO. Which is what I beleive they have been doing to us all along!! Just the opinion of a NJ housewife for what it is worth!!