Saturday, April 19, 2008


Okay, I know I wanted Spring to come but I gotta tell you, today felt like SUMMER. It was 80 degrees outside the last 2 days.. BUT i'm not complaining. IT was nice just a bit freaky. TOO HOT for April... U know.. Oh Well, Emily rode her bike this morning and then we did a bunch of errands. Mostly shopping, U know stuff we don't really need but got. Like Brian got another guitar for his Guitar Hero game for WII and he and Fernando are battling right now. I'll put up a picture of them playing... it's a riot! Actually it is ALOT of fun! But I can only sing ( OH yeah, we also have ROCK BAND for PS3) That is the one you can play drums, sing and play the guitar!! It's fun even if I don't want to admit it to Brian--- HE'S OBSESSED with playing it. CLAIMS it is the only way he can de-stress from work. I'm like what about spending time with your wife and family!! No, he says that just makes me STRESSED... HA HA. He's a funny one!! So anyway, tomorrow the plan is that Emily and I will go to the "CHRISTMAS TREE SHOP" with my Aunt Barbara. I love that place and I am so looking forward to going. Maybe we will go to Panera bread for lunch tooo.... YUMMY. Not sure what else we will do tomorrow.. but hopefully it will be nice. Emily is looking forward to going because she knows that means a new book to get. SHe's so spoiled but in a good way. If that is possible. I mean a book? YOu can never have too many and Emily will get her money's worth out of it. SHe has so many books but she reads them over and over. SHe's just awesome! ANyway, Guess I gotta go.. Emily still isn't in bed and it's 9:30.. YIKES, her bed time is 8:30. Oh well it's the weekend. Have a nice one. LOVE Missy

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