Thursday, April 17, 2008

Glorious Spring Days..... FINALLY!!!

Well it is perfect weather out today. And I AM off!!! Yeah, I'm not babysitting or working.... So it's just a nice break and I must get outside today. Maybe I'll take a walk. I'm feeling tired but it's so nice outside so I'm not going to let that get me down. Oh Well, don't really have much to say... Watched the debate last night on TV. I think that Obama had a tough night but he held his own, which makes me believe he can against McCain. I HOPE..... As Hilary stated we MUST have a democrat in office... I don't want more of the same old, same old.....PLEASE!!! I think I'm fine with either Hilary or Obama.. I favor Barack a little more but am okay with either of them. So, I just hope one of them can beat McCain!! No offense, to all you McCain supporters and it's nothing against him personally but I do think it will be 4 or 8 more years of the same thing that is happening now... And look at the world-- it aint pretty people.. It ain't!! It's quite frankly scary and I would like us to stand up and TRY and do something about!!! We can't if it's the same positions that we currently have. Anyway, I'm trying to find my Zen. So I'm going to stop talking politics today. Well, unless someone ask me something... Ha. Emily is doing really well... Actually, She is doing great!! Still doing awesome in school.... I'm so proud of her!!! Okay, well I guess I better go.... Maybe I'll plant the bulbs I got from the store yesterday...Yeah, that's what I'll do. Perfect!! I'll let you know if I actually do it. Ha, Anyway-- have a great Day!!!