Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What I really think........

Well anyone who reads my blog or just knows me, knows how much I respect and admire Barack Obama. AND THAT I get so upset when people say, Barack is a COMMUNIST, a RADICAL, A MARXIST, A SOCIALIST, A Terrorist, ANTI-AMERICAN, a Sympathizer, A REDISTRIBUTOR..... and GASP a CELEBRITY! WHY, Because he has given people (all kinds of people)the benefit of LISTENING to them or because He wants to have a better America, an American that ACTUALLY helps the people that need it the MOST!! People can call that BIG GOVERNMENT, I call it doing what is right to do!! THIS IS A FACT.... RIGHT NOW, WARREN BUFFETT only has to pay taxes on a portion of his money, Rich people only have to pay Payroll tax on their first $102,000, if they make $10,000,000.00 a year they only have to pay on the first $102,000. IT doesn't seem fair!!!! We have to pay on all of our money, they should have to as well. It's just not fair, you know some of the most important people in a my life are republicans, and I respect them. I HONESTLY DO, but I REALLY don't think they are right about alot of their views. These are people who believed in George Bush and who now say, well George Bush has made some major mistakes... well thats brilliant, but really how is voting for John McCain any DIFFERENT? His policies are so similar and that is just a TRUTH!! When someone has been proved to be as WRONG as Bush has, how can people not want a CHANGE!! I know they are SCARED!! But why are the afraid, well because they have been living & breathing this campaign, and all this campaign or atleast the republicans' take on it has done is make them FEARFUL!! Well if you listen to the Republican pundits... Barack is all those things listed at the beginning of this blog!! I would be afraid to. But those things are not REAL!! IF JOHN MCCAIN had to endure the lies/spew that BARACK HAS HAD TO and it was thrown at people they way the republicans have thrown things at their supporters! Well I'd be mighty afraid too. But instead I feel HOPE!! I FEEL REAL HOPE!! I WISH that those people in my life whom I honestly care about who are republicans, could know this feeling, instead they are afraid!! It makes me kind of sad. I also understand they have every right to their opinions. I just wish that I could say to them HAVE A LITTLE FAITH, What harm can it to? Ask yourself these questions? Are you better off now then you were 8 years ago, Have not 4000+ of our bravest died already, Were we not attacked on 9/11, Is the economy not already in the shitter, Has your 401K not already been at least a little depleted, Are people not uninsured, Are people not struggling, Are you not thinking a little bit more of how you spend your money, Have relatives/ your own family lost their jobs in the last 8 years. Are we NOT spending $10,000,000,000.00 a MONTH in Iraq? Isn't it about time our soldiers come home? Are you not just a little afraid of Sarah Palin being your president, if a man of 72 dies? HAVE A LITTLE HOPE, Have a little faith, Ask yourself one more question, why it is you can't vote for Barack Obama? Are you a little TOOOOO afraid? And if you shouldn't be MORE afraid of us staying the same? We've been talking about things for so long, perhaps it's time to ACTUALLY do something about them? People say Barack Obama doesn't have ENOUGH experience, I say,... BULL..... John McCain has been in the government for sooo long, and we are still in this trouble? Why NOT let a person, with a REAL American story, NOT A MILLIONAIRE!! Someone who can relate to us, and who cares about us. I have Listened to alot of Speeches from BOTH candidates. I WATCHED the debates carefully and you know what I didn't hear alot from John McCain... HELPING the MIDDLE CLASS, Educating our Children, or GETTING our SOLDIERS home with their LOVED ones. These things matter to me and I THINK they should matter to you too.

UPDATE.... 7:36 am.... I started writing the above blog BEFORE Barack's Commercial.. and if that Commercial doesn't atleast have you thinking about voting for Barack Obama something is seriously wrong with you. Because there wasn't one mention of ANYTHING negative towards John McCain. It was about you and I.. and all Americans. Because Barack Obama is one of us. He CARES about making America better, I'm not saying that John McCain doesn't--- I just think he's been in GOVERNMENT TOO LONG to know what Americans need, and he's been rich to long to know what the AVERAGE person needs, and if he's been here so long WHY hasn't things gotten better yet. PLEASE THINK... review Barack's website, his agendas, his beliefs, and judge the man fairly not what the Republican fear mongers would have you believe. PLEASE, we NEED to have a change and we NEED to give him a chance. THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT...(Well Morning)
:) PEACE ... OH YEAH.. GO PHILLIES!! (even though, I'm not much of a MLB fan) I'm happy for them and their fans!!! YEAH!

Monday, October 27, 2008

:)----- SMILE------:)

Hello, Emily had a dentist appointment.. YES, no cavities!! Even though she is 7, this was her first dentist appointment, so we were all unsure of how she would do. But she did really really great!! YEAH!! Anyway, I worked today so Brian took her by himself, on the way home he picked me up from work and we came home all together and in the car, we were talking about the appointment, and I was in a good mood because it went well. I worry about those types of things. Anyway, we were listening to NPR, on the radio. They had a sound bite from one of Barack's speeches he gave today. He really is an incredible speaker and it gave me such pride listening to him. I don't care what people say... it is wonderful to feel HOPE. To imagine a world better then the one which we currently have. TO Long for a new time, a time of change and improvement. I can't wait until Barack Obama is my president!! I can't wait!! AND JUST SO YOU KNOW.... BRIAN AND I are VOLUNTEERING this WEEKEND for BARACK OBAMA... Feeling GOOD, doing something I REALLY REALLY REALLY believe in!!!! Even If I'm not really looking forward to having a bunch of John McCain supporters hanging up on me or slamming the door in my face! But hopefully we will get some respectful opposition. :) Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The nail in the coffin

THE LARGEST NEWSPAPER in ALASKA is endorsing BARACK OBAMA for PRESIDENT!!! Well if that isn't telling I don't know what is. They essentially said "they are proud that an alaskan has this opportunity but that THEY could not even argue that she is ready for being president, with just being a 72 year old heartbeat away from the presidency". I COMPLETELY agree with them.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

WOW... What a gift!!

My wedding anniversary was on Oct. 20th. I didn't mention it on the 20th because I was SOO proud of Emily that day it was kind of put on the back burner. But I did cook a steak dinner before we went to the award ceremony (see OCT 20th's Blog for details). But we didn't really get to enjoy our steaks because we were rushing to make it to the ceremony by 6:30.. Brian had told me that he got me something but that it hadn't arrived yet. Of course I was excited about what it could be. SO on Thursday night he gave me the BEST present I have EVER received. It was a book that he has been writing since Emily's birth and it is about Emily and My Mom and the journey that we all went through during the most difficult time in our life. I've been looking forward to him finishing it for sooo long. I just wanted their lives to be documented so that future generations of our family could know about them. SO anyway Brian had secretly been working on finishing it and got it bound, on the front cover is a picture of a rose bud (representing Emily) and a wilting rose (representing my Mom)... it is called, "A life Begun". This book documents our journey.. told through Brian's prospective. I was floored, Thursday night I practically read the whole book and was crying just remembering everything we all went through. I think my Mom would be very happy that her life, which she believed sometimes didn't amount to much, really was so important and that she gave us the greatest gift. I wish she was here still but I do know that my Mom was the reason I have Emily. Her time in our lives wasn't nearly as long as I would have liked but It did teach me so much. I think she is seeing us and knows that. SO THANK YOU BRIAN, My DEAR sweet HUSBAND... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! But you do realize you'll never ever be able to BEAT this present. It is the BEST present EVER!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hope Floats.... Hopefully!

Well today I'm Babysitting Joshua, he's taking his nap.. so I need to try and keep things quiet so I've decided to write a while. Isn't a sleeping baby just about the sweetest thing.. So you'll forgive me if I'm feeling a little sentimental today. The other day, I watched this video of Barack Obama holding babies on the campaign trail--- it was cute and a tad cheesy but it really touched my heart, thinking about the kind of person I FEEL that Barack Obama is and feeling very proud that perhaps I'll get to call this man, my president. I've never felt a connection to a presidential candidate like the one I feel for Barack, perhaps it's knowing that he lost his mother when she was only 53, and my Mother died at 51, both from Ovarian Cancer. Perhaps it's just a feeling I get from him, a belief in his words, a hope of the meaning of his presidency, the barriers it breaks, the power of it, and mostly just the hope of a change in the right direction for all Americans. I've never DONATED to a campaign before, I've certainly never went to a candidate's rally--- Until this election!! I didn't think I was THAT person. But this time I feel so much! I want so much for it to all be different. I WANT to feel proud of my President, to admire a president the way our parents admired John Kennedy. I see the hope in the horizon... the hope for real change... for the environment, for peace, for our economy, but mostly I feel HOPE for Emily's FUTURE, and I guess for all our kids. I feel HOPE and I want so much to know that we can truly change our future for the better, YES WE CAN...., just a few more weeks and we will know if Hope, will have a chance to become REAL possibility to create SUCCESS for our earth, our soldiers, our kids, ourselves, our AMERICA!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Proud Mama....

Proud, doesn't even explain how I'm feeling this morning- I'm SOOOOOOOO over the moon PROUD!! Emily's award ceremony was last night and it was awesome!! She makes me proud so much, but just to know that she is seen this way by so many was a wonderful feeling. Emily was so proud of herself and that made me the happiest. I was crying, Brian was holding them back. He said, "I almost lost it up there!" He walked with her up to the podium after her principal talked about her. She then shook hands with the entire school board. It was a very special night! PROUD MAMA signing off..... Peace!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

1 PISSED citizen!

I can't believe the AUDACITY of the RNC in claiming that Barack Obama is ANTI-AMERICAN, its not only NOT TRUE but it's just fucking wrong....HE IS NOT FRIENDS WITH BILL AYERS!!!!Barack has NOT been ASSOCIATING with terrorist, he was on a commitee that was lead by a REPUBLICAN about EDUCATION!! It's such an OUTRAGEOUS claim!! It ANGERS me so much!! Because they make up this shit to sway, dare I say it... Stupid people.. who beleive anything and everything, who have racist views, who are fucking too dumb to know what is being said is not infact---- FACT, you know like those people at Sarah Palin's rallies who bring monkey dolls, who scream Kill Him, who scream Terrorist, who make up FOOD STAMP bills with Barack Obama's face on it and Watermelon, fried chicken, kool-aid and then say, "oh no, I wasn't being a racist"-- those people are ANTI AMERICAN and you know what else is anti-american, calling someone an arab when they are an american, calling someone a terrorist (without FUCKING proof),belittleing the "HEALTH" of women, saying someone SCARES you because he is lets just say it because someone is black, having someone say who is PRO-AMERICAN and who isn't(which is ALOT worse in my opinion they saying people cling to their religion or guns and later apologizing for it)!!! WE ARE SOOOO MUCH BETTER then this as AMERICANS!!!! What about healthcare, taxes, deficits, wars, real leadership, equality, being innocent UNTIL proven guilty, respect, honor, EDUCATION, I haven't heard one ounce of anything of substance from the Republicans in this campaign in a very LOOOONNNNGGG time. I have to assume that there are many republicans who are down right embarrassed about the way their party is acting right about now! I know some republicans and I can't imagine them as being proud about the way ALOT of people in their party are behaving!! John McCain is on his way to not being a man of any honor any longer. He is a hypocrite, he decried these ROBO CALLs when they used these same tactics on him, back in 2000, but worse then that he is trying to turn the clock back on how far we have come, when you are asked a question about people at your rallies saying dispicable things and you stick up for them, there is something WRONG with your ethics and morals, to not atleast say MOST of the people at my rallies!! He said he was going to run a clean campaign, HE LIED....this is the WORST run campaign in history, it is the UGliest, nastiest, meaniest, he is desperate and allowing anything to be said about his opponent that will possibly get the dumb people off their couches and into the booths on election day. Breathe.. Missy.. Breathe..... I want to say something. I'm not even sure I should have wrote this blog, I wrote it with my emotions in full swing, and I thought about just backspacing and erasing it all--- and I decided against it, becuase this is really truly how I feel, angry and upset over the way John McCain and the RNC are behaving right now. SO I will leave it like it is, and hope that those that read it see the depth of my concern over this ugliness that John McCain is allowing to happen. Oh, how far you have fallen John McCain--- oh how far!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Cute Emily story....

Today was picture day at school. Emily was sent home from school around 1:30pm because they said she was sick (she wasn't really but that's another story----)

Anyway, when we got home I asked her how picture day went... she said "good".

I said to her, "Did you stand or sit for you class picture?"
(thinking about the fact she had a skirt on)

She said, "We stood, everyone had to stand with their hands behind them and they told us to say, "Cheese" and so everyone said, "Cheese" but I said, "Mozzarella".

I said, "Oh really, Did someone tell you to say that?" She said, "No I just felt like saying it.."

Alrighty then

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate #3... My thoughts

Alright, after this debate I said, Well it was McCain's best debate, but not good enough! This is before I heard any of the SPIN on it!! I think OBAMA still was the one that ANSWERED the questions the BEST!!! I think that the best line of the debate, was when John McCain said, "I'm NOT President Bush and if you wanted to run against him, you should have ran in 2004" I think it was a good line. But I do think it is just a LINE. Considering his alignment with BUSH on the votes. I think it was a good line and not much else. Barack Obama is a cool collected intelligent person and it always comes across. I think there is NO doubt, who should be president, duh... BARACK OBAMA!!!!!! I think a really good line for Barack Obama was......"Joe, I'll tell you what your fine is..... $0." I think John McCain's FACE.. said it all! AND ALL of John McCain's grimaces, sighs and ridiculous comments came off as dare I say it... Erratic! While Barack Obama was Mr. Cool. I DO think that Barack Obama again WON the HEALTHCARE argument, CLEAR AND PRECISE... REally, with NO POLITICAL thought involved John McCain's healthplan is just NOT AS GOOD!! If people would just vote on that, I think that Barack would win by a landslide!! I think John secured the BASE and perhaps some right/ leaning Independents but NOT ENOUGH of the rest of them to change too much. Atleast I hope. I am encouraged by some of the EARLY polling I'm now hearing about. I am feeling HOPEFUL and quite frankly, It scares the shit out of me, because I've been really disappointed in the previous elections I've voted in! But I have to HOPE!!! ThErEFORE I shall--- GO OBAMA!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So what else is happening in my life......

Hello, My life really doesn't REVOLVE around POLITICS even though that is ALL I seem to blog about lately. SO, I feel like I need to blog a little on the home front for a bit. Emily is doing so good in school. We were called by her principal to let us know that Emily has been chosen to receive an award, a STAR STUDENT award, only 2 kids will be honored with it. She's one of them. SO PROUD!!! The award is for outstanding achievement, attitude and effort. She gets her picture taken with the principal and it will be on the school TV channel and she is presented with a certificate during a Board of Education meeting on Oct 20th. We are so excited and proud of her. She is really excited that she will be on TV!!! She's a star at 7!! What are we talking about, she's been a star her whole life! I know-- I know.. I'm her Mom. But, you know it's true!! Also on Friday, Danielle and I took the girls and Joshua to Linville Orchards. It was a really cool farm, with FOOD, Hay rides, face painting, Cool displays and fun activities. Everyone had fun!! Joshua was sooo good, he's not even 2! But he really hanged in there and wasn't even fussy. We were really lucky!! We had a really nice time. The girls were off from school so it was nice, because they haven't really seen much of each other, since school started. It was fun hanging with Danielle, I swear I don't see her that much anymore since I'm working from the outside office. So that was really nice too. Emily came home today with the slightest bit of a sniffle... I hope REALLY hope it doesn't turn into a full on cold..... I SWEAR do they have them wash their hands in school!!! Emily is always getting sick when school starts! SO I'm really keeping my fingers crossed about it! After the rally on Saturday Brian, Emily, Fernando and I (yes the whole family) went to our friends Mark and Stacie's house and had a "gig". (a rock band gig) Yes, we are that dorky. It was fun but by 9 pm I felt like falling asleep! So we are kind of pathetic Rockers... LOL! Then on Sunday Emily and I went to the movies and saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which we had been promising to take Emily to since it came out. She LOVED it. So that was good. It was a pretty busy weekend. But fun!! Emily told me I needed to end this blog with ....................PEACE! :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Something Remarkable today..

We did something incredible today, We went to a Barack Obama Rally in Philadelphia! He held 4 of them today throughout the city, we went to the one in Germantown and we stood in a massive line for over two hours and it was awesome! The weather was perfect, the people inspiring, the feeling powerful. We met so many awesome people who like us have been inspired to join this wonderful man and help get him elected to be our President. Who feel the passion we feel for him. Who understand why we want and need him to be our president. I left feeling like, WOW... this is what America should be. People of all races together and talking to one another about feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time. There wasn't any violent or negative outburst. IT made me know absolutely 100% sure of my decision. Not that I wasn't already sure but it reaffirmed it for me. I wonder how many John McCain supporters feel what I felt today? Last night when I watched that video of the behind the scenes of the DNC (see yesterday's post) I just wanted to share it with everyone. For them to see what a kind, loving man Barack Obama is. Please watch it, Please think about really does this seem like the man that is being portrayed by the McCain campaign. IT made me cry, especially the part where Barack was watching Michelle give her speech, spinning the ring on his finger, and smiling proudly when she talked about their daughter. Knowing that pride for Emily and the love I feel for her and Brian, and that it was no different. Realizing once again we are all the same. There is NO difference between african americans, whites and latinos. We are the same. Feeling a little sorry for people who are so blind to it, and knowing that some people will never change and will never know what it is like to feel how I did today.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I got the warm fuzzies watching this video. Please Watch!! This is NOT a man associated with TERRORIST... Please don't believe the IDIOTs spewing HATE TALK!!

Click here To Watch!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A note to anyone still undecided...

Dear Undecided among us,

I am having trouble swallowing that there is any doubt about who it is you should vote for. But I understand for whatever the reason you haven't made up your mind. I would like to share some information with you that isn't getting reported on. A lot of it has to do with John's character. Aot of people assume that because he was a POW, that automatically makes him a good person. To tell you the truth before this election, that was my shallow thinking as well. But if you go deeper and investigate the real person before and after his time as a POW, you may find as I have that he is FLAWED big time!! I certainly still respect his service to our country and the physical and emotional damage it caused him. But I am no longer blind to the other truths about the man as well. So if you choose to, please read the following, if you don't beleive me, do your own investigating. I think it MATTERS!

-He's got a temper,and has been known to be abusive even to woman!
-He chose Sarah Palin- (this decision should scare the bajeebeez out of you)
-He lies-- one example.... he said he would NOT run his campaign negatively!
-He cheats--- one example....ON his first wife (court documents filed indicated that he cheated on her for 9 months while he still lived with her!! 9 MONTHS!!)
-He was FRIENDS with Charles Keating (THIS IS A MAN WHO WAS CONVICTED ON 73 COUNTS) and also raised more than $100,000 for McCain congress race! They went on vacations together! Charles Keatings actions led to the loss of 3.4 billion dollars from tax payers.
-He barely graduated, 894th out of 899 students. (Dumb too?)
-He while in the Navy crashed planes many many many times (most of them for stalling) If he wasn't good at that job what makes you think... Oh never mind!
-He VOTED against honoring Martin Luther King day in 1983
-He stated in 2001--- that the war would be "fairly easy!"
-He is an avid gambler, but he reported NO income derived of gambling from 2000-2007 now he must be really UNLUCKY! (Citizens for responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed a complaint today 10-9-08)
-He called us, His fellow prisoners... That's telling. Maybe all those years being a POW, did something to him or maybe he's just getting old! Maybe it was just a mistake but still.
Okay.. Well i for one, can not take anymore. You know, I think it's important for me to point out something. I do look at a person's whole life when I think about their character. I think about, for example... the fact that not only was Cindy McCain, addicted to prescription drugs but she has also done a lot of charity work too. But the drug addiction was part of her life as well. It doesn't define her but it is a truth of hers. The same as the fact that Barack Obama admitted to using drugs when he was a teenager or young adult is part of his truth. But, why I decided to write this blog entry was because I feel like so many people give John McCain a pass on other areas of his life because he was a POW. I want people to know that there are many truths to a person, not just one. I look at the whole picture. I do, I don't judge someone based on one thing, be it something good or bad. I really think that the person you should vote for, is the person who you feel would be fair, trustworthy, hardworking and honorable. I think that is Barack Obama. I'll be voting with a clear conscience come election day, especially after doing this little investigative reporting. Having learned all this about McCain it does make me want to TRY my hardest to convince you why not to vote for McCain! Sign in someone, vote for Ron Paul, or Elmo. I don't care who you vote for but please don't vote for a man if in your heart, you just ARE NOT sure you should. I think character matters when we choose a president. It matters ALOT!! You know, I haven't heard about ALOT of these things before I looked them up and do you know why? Because Barack Obama is of good character! He doesn't go down a path of Negativity-- He doesn't need to.



Wednesday, October 8, 2008

debate #2.. My thoughts

So Okay last night's debate... Well I think that neither one of them HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK.. But I think because John needed to decisively win and he didn't-- I think he was the LOSER of the debate. I will say this, I don't think John McCain went too UGLY and I do respect that. ALthough, I think IF he is going to Smear Barack, I think he ought to do it to his face. I mean if he can do it behind his back in front of all his own supporters, have the balls to do it to Barack's face. I think it is telling, that NO ONE asked about Bill Ayers as well, because WE as American's don't care about it. WE WANT HELP!! So stop the SMEARS Senator McCain, just stop them.. Because not only isn't it ethical, it also isn't helping you. I also think that there will be PLENTY of mud to sling back at John about his connections!! INVESTIGATE THEM!! How about that? SO anyway, I think that a highlight of the night for Barack Obama is when he talked about John accusing him in the last debate about NOT UNDERSTANDING and Barack said He's right I don't understand, I don't understand why we are in a War with Iraq when bin Laden is still out there! I thought that was brilliant!!!I thought a highlight for John McCain was when he went and talked to the Soldier in the audience, I think it really appeared genuine. I also liked when Barack Obama voiced he HAD to respond to John's whole false claims on his taxes. I thought it showed that he really WANTED the People to understand his plan. I liked that. I also think it was Barack's best explanation of both his taxes and his healthcare program. SO that was all good. I was touched that Barack showed some of his heart, when he talked about his mother and when she was dying of cancer and STILL fighting the insurance co. I think it showed something about his character and showed me why he does care about actually making GOOD healthcare available to everyone. Because it affected his OWN family.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The devil on John's shoulder....

Hi, you know up until recently, for all my ranting on his policies, I had never really had a problem with McCain on a personal level. I thought he was a decent guy whose politics I simply disagreed with. But if he is going to start this smear campaign, I may just lose any respect I still have for him. Quite frankly, I had hoped he was above going where I fear he is has already started to go! Down a desperate stairway of 1/8 truths, and Lies, in a desperate attempt to lead the blind and skew Barack's good name. No deal with the devil is worth it, I hope that John McCain's conscience keeps him up at night. Because I can't beleive he doesn't know that it's wrong, if it wasn't he would have been doing it all along and not just when the ballgame is 10-0 in the eighth. Or has he been so blinded by his desire to win that he can't see the devil lurging on his shoulder. It makes me angry and a little sad too. An anger because John McCain out of a desperation finds it necessary to go UGLY. To rehash issues about Barack's EX minister, about a MILD association with Bill Ayers, who contributed $200 for Barack Obama's political campaign in 2001 and hosted a Tea. OMG.... Get real? Barack Obama was 8 years old when Ayers was a radical(terrorist)-opponent of the Vietnam War!! It's wrong for Barack Obama to be linked to Bill Ayers! It's so wrong, It makes my blood boil. I don't think that Sarah Palin beleives in witchcraft because there is a video showing a pastor at a church she attended talking about it. Or that John McCain thinks that the Catholic church is a WHORE, even though that is what one of his ministers said. We can't be blamed for what every person we've ever met, or even had a mild association with says or has done. We can't be linked to their beleifs or opinions! We would all have to be stepford people, not be polite to people, not give people a chance, judge them immediately. Have you ever met someone, formed a favorable opinion about someone and then found out something ugly about them? Does it mean you should never open up to others? Would you even know? Just as an example, I oppose people using the N word, but it doesn't mean that I've never been in a crowd where someone may have said it. I wouldn't want for someone to say well then "I" must be a racist. It's just stupid!! It makes me so angry--- that people are falling for this? Do they even have a clue who John McCain has been Associated with!!! Don't worry, If John McCain goes there-- I'm sure Barack Obama will have to tell you. But none of it should be happening, I don't judge others on who they've met or had a brief relationship with but who they are! So the whole thing it just wrong and it makes me so angry, this isn't what America needs, how are these lies and exagerations going to help our country, tell me honestly how is it going to help us? Will it help resolve issues? Will IT? Barack Obama is a fair person, I think he tries to listen to all kinds of people. Maybe it's because of this, that he's had an open mind when it comes to people. I happen to respect that, and when you are open and listen to all kinds of people, every now and then one of them happens to be a bad seed.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Pumpkin Festival

Hello, Today was our town's annual Pumpkin Festival. Face painting, food, pony rides, booths, music, etc. It's fun and Emily really enjoyed herself. She rode a a pony, got her face painting, got a picture taken with a giant Teddy bear, and ate junk. We did really have a nice time and the weather was perfect, for some reason the day of the pumpkin festival is always really HOT.. but today it was just really nice. low 70's or high 60's. PERFECTION!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thoughts for TODAY..

Seriously How can any one watch Bill O'Reilly--He is an A-HOLE!

Friday, October 3, 2008

A cute Emily POLITICAL tale...

SO last night We were just starting Emily's homework and the TV was still on and a John McCain ad comes on and after it's over. Emily turns to me and says, "Why do they always say that?" I said, "Say What?" She Said, " They say, I'm John McCain and I approve this message or I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message" Which just made me laugh, because I thought it was very observant. So I said, " Well Because they are telling you all the reasons they think people should vote for them or reasons not to vote for the other guy" She says, "Oh" and then goes on to make her own political ad for Barack Obama-- I can't remember what she said exactly but it went something like this, " Vote for Barack Obama. Because we love our country and because he will help us to be better Americans--- I'm Emily Roach and I approve this message" It was longer but that was pretty much the gist of it.

TOO CUTE! What can I say she's our kid!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Before the Pundits skew my view...

I THOUGHT JOE BIDEN KICKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!!! Mrs. Palin DID much better then expected but the BAR was set SOOO low it was pathetic. COACHED and REHEARSED, That was Sarah. IT WAS A JOKE, I pray to God that people are not so stupid as to elect someone because they are cute, or folksy, or have good one liners. GET REAL, WE are in SERIOUS trouble. This isn't American Idol, it's our FUTURE!! Darn Right, Also, Joe six pack, Hockey Moms, Soccer Moms and Also, would agree! Say it aint so Joe!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Has any of this penetrated your brain?

Hi, HELLO, How ARE you? I had a really nasty cold for the last several days. It was a doozy! I didn't even know the day the bail out didn't happen or that the stock market had a 700 point drop until Brian told me that night and I was so sick I didn't much care at the moment. But I'M BACK and fiestier then ever!!! Okay so here's my thoughts... About the Bail out--- It sucks, but I think we need to do something... because WTF-- if we don't, it could get so much worse. I think that it's scary ofcourse, but so is doing NOTHING.. So I guess we should! I'll admit to not understanding it all, but it's not like we are paying them off we are investing in their stocks and hoping that we can later sell them and atleast break even, if the market should recover. (Atleast that's my understanding!!) SO hopefully we won't LOSE all that money? And we don't have much choice. I guess. It all sucks and there's NO good way out of it! The better ?--- is how did we get here and how can we stop it so it never happens again!! For me, it's voting for REAL change, Voting for Barack OBama and Joe Biden!!! I had to laugh when I caught a little of the VIEW from today... Elisabeth is such a JOKE. She has the right to believe whatever she wants to beleive but she can't even back up what she is saying. I will give her this, she shows up. She tries. But my God, she was asked to explain why Sarah Palin is qualified to be President. AND SHE couldn't immediately think of something to EVEN Say then she goes and says, "WELL WHY IS BARACK OBAMA QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT?" After a few minutes she said 3 (PATHETIC) reasons why she thought she was qualified. But you know I was thinking about it, I know why I think Barack is WAY MORE EXPERIENCED then Sarah Palin. I've listed them here on this blog so many times, I'm sick of typing them. But I will remind any one who reads this blog (PLEASE SEND ME A COMMENT-- SO I ATLEAST know SOMEONE READS MY BLOG--WOULDCHA?) , but anyway, I will remind you that back in MAY-- BEFORE PALIN I said and still beleive in this.... "Intelligence trumps Experience anyday!!!" SO for me it's so clear I NOT ONLY think that Barack Obama has the experience to lead but he definately has the Intelligence to lead." Can you honestly say that god forbid something happened to John, you can see Sarah Palin leading us? So for me it's just that. I really think that Barack OBama is just a smart guy, a really smart guy-- He TAUGHT CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, While Sarah was I don't know... fishing? I know that was a dig (what can I say, I've been watching Sarah too much) Barack Obama will be able to help us Re-establish STRONG relationships with the other NATIONS in the world. If so many of us( here in the USA) see McCain/Palin connected so closely with Pres. Bush or just old school policies that haven't worked-- don't you think other nations do too? I, unlike so many out there DO NOT Believe that we are the only country that MATTERS... WE are but one country, It's my home so ofcourse I think it's the best, but we are NOT living on this PLANET alone. We can't FIGHT Global WARMING ALONE... We can't CLEAN up our country and think that's enough to save our planet!! Get real! We can't TRY and STAY in a country and SHOVE OUR DEMOCRACY down there throats, at some point we need to cut the cord! YES, I'M REFERRING TO THE QUOTE ABOUT A HUNDRED YEARS!! We need ALLIES in the world, who have our back! It's always better to be fighting with back up, then to be fighting alone!! And also we can't keep spending money on a war in one country, when we need it for our own or a different allied country in the future and we have nothing left. And I'm positive this BAILOUT isn't making the USA look any good, and when did it happen? again on George Bush's watch! So for all these reasons and so many more Barack Obama will strengthen our GLOBAL view---It's not just me saying this, I mean hell who am I-- , but there are global polls that say the same. The majority of those polled from other countries think that Barack Obama will be the right choice to strengthen our Global ties!!! LOOK IT UP!! I'm NOT making this shit up!! I can't understand it? I can't see how people can't see which of the two tickets is MORE EXPERIENCED and MORE INTELLIGENT and MORE STRONG!! PLEASE VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA and JOE BIDEN..... And to my dear neice Heather, REGISTER to vote!!! and to my dear neice's Boyfriend STEVEN--- I'm PROUD of you for REGISTERING to VOTE!!! And for your right minded thinking to vote for Barack Obama/Joe Biden.. NOW spread the word to your friends!! What can I say, I'm obsessed!! OH YEAH, ONE MORE THING... I can't WAIT TO WATCH The VP Debate! I wonder how Mrs. Palin's cram study-session went... we shall see! OH AND I'VE SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST!!!!! MY daughter GOT STUDENT OF THE MONTH!!! Now SHE is one smart COOKIE!! MOMMY is soooo PROUD OF you EMILY!! I can just hear Emily saying, "Now Mommy-- Don't be tooo PROUD"