Monday, October 27, 2008

:)----- SMILE------:)

Hello, Emily had a dentist appointment.. YES, no cavities!! Even though she is 7, this was her first dentist appointment, so we were all unsure of how she would do. But she did really really great!! YEAH!! Anyway, I worked today so Brian took her by himself, on the way home he picked me up from work and we came home all together and in the car, we were talking about the appointment, and I was in a good mood because it went well. I worry about those types of things. Anyway, we were listening to NPR, on the radio. They had a sound bite from one of Barack's speeches he gave today. He really is an incredible speaker and it gave me such pride listening to him. I don't care what people say... it is wonderful to feel HOPE. To imagine a world better then the one which we currently have. TO Long for a new time, a time of change and improvement. I can't wait until Barack Obama is my president!! I can't wait!! AND JUST SO YOU KNOW.... BRIAN AND I are VOLUNTEERING this WEEKEND for BARACK OBAMA... Feeling GOOD, doing something I REALLY REALLY REALLY believe in!!!! Even If I'm not really looking forward to having a bunch of John McCain supporters hanging up on me or slamming the door in my face! But hopefully we will get some respectful opposition. :) Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes!

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