Saturday, October 25, 2008

WOW... What a gift!!

My wedding anniversary was on Oct. 20th. I didn't mention it on the 20th because I was SOO proud of Emily that day it was kind of put on the back burner. But I did cook a steak dinner before we went to the award ceremony (see OCT 20th's Blog for details). But we didn't really get to enjoy our steaks because we were rushing to make it to the ceremony by 6:30.. Brian had told me that he got me something but that it hadn't arrived yet. Of course I was excited about what it could be. SO on Thursday night he gave me the BEST present I have EVER received. It was a book that he has been writing since Emily's birth and it is about Emily and My Mom and the journey that we all went through during the most difficult time in our life. I've been looking forward to him finishing it for sooo long. I just wanted their lives to be documented so that future generations of our family could know about them. SO anyway Brian had secretly been working on finishing it and got it bound, on the front cover is a picture of a rose bud (representing Emily) and a wilting rose (representing my Mom)... it is called, "A life Begun". This book documents our journey.. told through Brian's prospective. I was floored, Thursday night I practically read the whole book and was crying just remembering everything we all went through. I think my Mom would be very happy that her life, which she believed sometimes didn't amount to much, really was so important and that she gave us the greatest gift. I wish she was here still but I do know that my Mom was the reason I have Emily. Her time in our lives wasn't nearly as long as I would have liked but It did teach me so much. I think she is seeing us and knows that. SO THANK YOU BRIAN, My DEAR sweet HUSBAND... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! But you do realize you'll never ever be able to BEAT this present. It is the BEST present EVER!!!!

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