Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What I really think........

Well anyone who reads my blog or just knows me, knows how much I respect and admire Barack Obama. AND THAT I get so upset when people say, Barack is a COMMUNIST, a RADICAL, A MARXIST, A SOCIALIST, A Terrorist, ANTI-AMERICAN, a Sympathizer, A REDISTRIBUTOR..... and GASP a CELEBRITY! WHY, Because he has given people (all kinds of people)the benefit of LISTENING to them or because He wants to have a better America, an American that ACTUALLY helps the people that need it the MOST!! People can call that BIG GOVERNMENT, I call it doing what is right to do!! THIS IS A FACT.... RIGHT NOW, WARREN BUFFETT only has to pay taxes on a portion of his money, Rich people only have to pay Payroll tax on their first $102,000, if they make $10,000,000.00 a year they only have to pay on the first $102,000. IT doesn't seem fair!!!! We have to pay on all of our money, they should have to as well. It's just not fair, you know some of the most important people in a my life are republicans, and I respect them. I HONESTLY DO, but I REALLY don't think they are right about alot of their views. These are people who believed in George Bush and who now say, well George Bush has made some major mistakes... well thats brilliant, but really how is voting for John McCain any DIFFERENT? His policies are so similar and that is just a TRUTH!! When someone has been proved to be as WRONG as Bush has, how can people not want a CHANGE!! I know they are SCARED!! But why are the afraid, well because they have been living & breathing this campaign, and all this campaign or atleast the republicans' take on it has done is make them FEARFUL!! Well if you listen to the Republican pundits... Barack is all those things listed at the beginning of this blog!! I would be afraid to. But those things are not REAL!! IF JOHN MCCAIN had to endure the lies/spew that BARACK HAS HAD TO and it was thrown at people they way the republicans have thrown things at their supporters! Well I'd be mighty afraid too. But instead I feel HOPE!! I FEEL REAL HOPE!! I WISH that those people in my life whom I honestly care about who are republicans, could know this feeling, instead they are afraid!! It makes me kind of sad. I also understand they have every right to their opinions. I just wish that I could say to them HAVE A LITTLE FAITH, What harm can it to? Ask yourself these questions? Are you better off now then you were 8 years ago, Have not 4000+ of our bravest died already, Were we not attacked on 9/11, Is the economy not already in the shitter, Has your 401K not already been at least a little depleted, Are people not uninsured, Are people not struggling, Are you not thinking a little bit more of how you spend your money, Have relatives/ your own family lost their jobs in the last 8 years. Are we NOT spending $10,000,000,000.00 a MONTH in Iraq? Isn't it about time our soldiers come home? Are you not just a little afraid of Sarah Palin being your president, if a man of 72 dies? HAVE A LITTLE HOPE, Have a little faith, Ask yourself one more question, why it is you can't vote for Barack Obama? Are you a little TOOOOO afraid? And if you shouldn't be MORE afraid of us staying the same? We've been talking about things for so long, perhaps it's time to ACTUALLY do something about them? People say Barack Obama doesn't have ENOUGH experience, I say,... BULL..... John McCain has been in the government for sooo long, and we are still in this trouble? Why NOT let a person, with a REAL American story, NOT A MILLIONAIRE!! Someone who can relate to us, and who cares about us. I have Listened to alot of Speeches from BOTH candidates. I WATCHED the debates carefully and you know what I didn't hear alot from John McCain... HELPING the MIDDLE CLASS, Educating our Children, or GETTING our SOLDIERS home with their LOVED ones. These things matter to me and I THINK they should matter to you too.

UPDATE.... 7:36 am.... I started writing the above blog BEFORE Barack's Commercial.. and if that Commercial doesn't atleast have you thinking about voting for Barack Obama something is seriously wrong with you. Because there wasn't one mention of ANYTHING negative towards John McCain. It was about you and I.. and all Americans. Because Barack Obama is one of us. He CARES about making America better, I'm not saying that John McCain doesn't--- I just think he's been in GOVERNMENT TOO LONG to know what Americans need, and he's been rich to long to know what the AVERAGE person needs, and if he's been here so long WHY hasn't things gotten better yet. PLEASE THINK... review Barack's website, his agendas, his beliefs, and judge the man fairly not what the Republican fear mongers would have you believe. PLEASE, we NEED to have a change and we NEED to give him a chance. THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT...(Well Morning)
:) PEACE ... OH YEAH.. GO PHILLIES!! (even though, I'm not much of a MLB fan) I'm happy for them and their fans!!! YEAH!

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