Saturday, November 1, 2008

"HI, I'm Brian and this is my wife Missy and we are..

volunteers with the Barack Obama campaign, and we are just here to remind you to vote on Tuesday, Nov 4TH and we hope that we will have your support for the entire democratic ticket" OKAY, SO GUESS WHAT WE DID TODAY? We volunteered for Barack OBAMA!!!! HOW cool is that? We canvassed the Voorhees area and I'M EXHAUSTED!! We had lots of houses and two apartment complexes. It was a lot of UP the stairs, DOWN the stairs... BUT IT WAS SOOO WORTH IT!! Well, atleast it will be WHEN BARACK IS ELECTED!!! And we can feel like we contributed a teeny tiny tiny way. We were there pretty much all day. We got to the Camden County Democratic Commitee office in Cherry Hill NJ at 10:00 am (we weren't even late-that's saying something for us) and at around 4:00 pm we stopped because we were exhausted, and lets just say because Brian had the SHY colon. SO we came home, relieved ourselves and then picked up Emily and took her back to see the DNC office, to drop off our left over supplies and to let her experience a little of the political process! Then we went to the Christmas tree shop and came home and I can barely keep my eyes open but I wanted to write a quick blog and tell ya all about our very cool day! I must say this, we met for the most part very nice people, and there were only really two people that were a tad lets just say IGNORANT (for lack of the more correct term, racist) and would/could not vote for Barack Obama because he was black. You know its not going to be a good conversation, when the persons starts it, "I'm not a racist... BUT" Which just means, YES you are! Or atleast that's what I think. But we were very very very diplomatic and just essentially said a few good things about Barack Obama and his position and said that some people feel like that and that, that was very unfortunate. By the time we left those two particular people, I think they atleast had a favorable opinion of us and we shook hands with them and felt that even if we could not change them, we could represent ourselves in a positive way for the democrats. Leaving them however, made me feel like I wanted to wash their ignorance off my hands. Our favorite person we met was this little old woman, who lived in one of the apartment complexes. There was a hand written sign on her door that read," Please don't let my cats out" and we didn't know what to expect but she came to the door and she was very tiny. Maybe 4' 11', white woman and after we did our script she said, " Don't worry I'm voting for Barack Obama and that John McCain can go fly a kite". She was just so cute, and I told her, "Oh we like you" Which made her smile and us too. All in all it was a very nice day. My favorite part was being at the office and being surrounded by people who beleive so deeply in the party and Barack Obama and feeling so much hope from all of them. We also got to see ALOT of our congressman and representative and even Kelly Ripa's father who is a freeholder I believe. So it was just really a very nice feeling to be surrounded by so many people that believe. Anyway, I'm really tired and I'm gonna go now.. TAKE CARE and Remember get out and VOTE!!!!!! :) PEACE.

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