Friday, November 14, 2008

Emily's School's Americanism Show.....

Hi, Today was another PROUD MAMA day, Emily performed in the Americanism Day Show. HEr School every year has a show called Americanism and They have lots of AmVets there, Miss NJ is there and Lots of Local Government officials there. IT's really, really, really very nice and the kids all work really hard at it. But usually, I'm so far in the back of the Auditoriam I can't SEE ANYTHING!!! Today, ALL THAT WAS DIFFERENT, I felt like a VIP! I was in the 3rd row, right up close to Emily and SHE DID SO AWESOME!!! I WAS SO PROUD!! Not only did they have to sing, BUT THEY HAD TO SIGN THE SONG!! She did really incredible! I was really proud! I know I already said that but I am SOOOO PROUD of EMILY!! It's become a tradition of ours to go to the diner before heading over to the school. SO that is what Emily and I did again this year and we had a really nice breakfast there first. Emily usually has her aide up on the stage with her but not this year, she was up there all by herself and she did SO GREAT!! I'm really happy with her aide and her teacher, and that they seem to be really good with her! So it's a big relief to see her settling in so nicely with them. I guess all that worrying at the beginning of the year was unnecessary, and even though I really did LIKE Emily's aide last year, I'm also very happy with this one as well. As long as they are good for Emily, I'm HAPPY and that seems to be the case. SO YEAH!! SO anyway, ENJOY the PICTURES of the show and I'm just going to wait for my Lil' superstar to get home! :) Oh yeah, ANOTHER ADDED EXCITEMENT ADDED BONUS..... Emily got 3rd PLACE in the Patriotic Poster contest!! And she got a medal and Barnes and Nobles GC!!!

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