Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our 44th PRESIDENT.... Barack OBAMA!!

Hey GOOD MORNING, I'm so great this morning and I woke up feeling so PROUD to be an American. I can't believe last night and the amazing victory that Barack Obama won, it was AWESOME!!! WOW--- it really was not just a squeaker but a bona fide win, no democrat had won more then 50% of the popular vote in a very long time if ever. WOW!! I am so HAPPY that John McCain was so gracious, and it shows him in the light that I originally saw him in. I had a lot of positive views of John McCain BEFORE his campaign, and I'm so happy that he decided to end his campaign in a positive way. I DO have serious issues with the BOOING from his crowd, but I guess they are just bitterly disappointed and I can understand that, but it's about respect and I think that ALOT of John McCain supporters do have much to learn about that. Brian and I watched coverage til almost 1 am. I am exhausted but I don't really care, it was so worth listening to Barack's acceptance speech. I can't wait until he can proof all the nay sayers wrong, I listened to his speech last night and felt such pride in our country and I LOVED when he talked about the legacy we will leave our children in 100 years and that we were here at this defining moment and I took in every word, Brian and I were both crying tears of joy!!! I think good things will come out of this man's presidency but we do have a LLOOOONNNNGGG road ahead of us, much to do and much to make better. I think the first step was huge and I think it was electing Barack Obama!!! I think I'll be smiling all DAY!!! :)

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