Monday, October 29, 2007

The Santa Note....

Here is a note Emily wrote to Santa. I thought it was cute, so I am sharing it.

Dear Santa,
I want Empolean for Christmas in Japan. Go
to Japan and get Empolean. I Love You Santa.
Have a good Day! I love You!
Love Emily

Ofcourse it was in pink marker and it included a map to Japan. :) Missy OH yeah, in case you don't know it.. Empolean is a POKEMON... Duh.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Well I had a nice weekend. Saturday, we went to my friend's daughters 5th birthday. So that was nice and Emily had a really fun time. After that I went to Michael's ( u know the craft store ) Which let me just tell you isn't as good as AC Moore... It may be neater but it's not as good. That of course is just my opinion. For what it's worth. Then we came home and Brian went out to a sports bar to watch " The Ohio State" University KILL Penn State. He went with a friend of his that is an alumni of Penn State. So Brian had a good time, I'm not sure his friend had as good of a time. By the end of the game the announcers were calling Penn State's field... " the unhappy valley." Which I thought was funny. I stayed home w/ Emily and put the game on periodically just to see how it was going. Emily and I did crafts... no nothing we bought at Michael's becuase I DIDN'T buy anything at Michaels. But she was just in the mood to make crafts.... so she made me a card that said, " I LOVE YOU" and she made Brian a card that said... "Brian.. I'm one what fun." It was a picture of him as a baby. Don't ask me why she made him that but she did and it was cute. And today we just ran some errands and had lunch at Arby's and just did stuff as a family... nothing really exciting but it was still nice to just be together. You know one of those days. Oh also I'm doing a little project of stripping and staining what was my Grandmother's dresser and refinishing it. It's a lot of work but I think I'll be really happy when it's done. I'd like to do it since I don't really have a lot of things that were my Grandmothers. It's not like an expensive peice of furniture, but it means alot to me. We also started trying to plan Emily's Bday party. She has decided that she wants to have a birthday party at the bowling alley. It's a little expensive but we never really have ever had a party anywhere but our house and we figured it was a good time to do it, since she wants to invite the kids from her class to it. She is very excited about it and ofcourse it will be a Pokemon themed party.. since it's all about Pokemon right now. She's so into it. It's hysterical. She walks and talks Pokemon and she is being a pokemon for Halloween. I'll put some pics up of her in her costume. Oh yeah, my friend asked me to be her son's Godmother. I'm so thrilled about this. I love him so much! His baptism is on the 17TH Of November. I'm really looking forward to it. Mostly I'm looking forward to being a special part of his life forever and that makes me feel really happy. Anyway, thats a catch up on the weekend and what's been going on in my life. :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

Okay... we tuck her in, head on pillow, snug as a bug in a rug under her sheet and blanket. 1/2 hour later this is the way we find her. Too cute .... we had to take a picture. :)

Happy Anniversary

It was our wedding Anniversary on Saturday. Brian gave me 2 dozen beautiful Red Roses. Aren't they amazing! So sweet, we had a really nice anniversary.

Friday, October 19, 2007

If at first you don't succeed...

I've been really slacking about my commitment to drink 100 ounces of water a day. I haven't even been drinking 30 oz in the last couple of weeks. I think I didn't really see any results and I just stopped trying but I've decided to try again. SO... here goes, take two. I am feeling really committed and so I have already drank 20 ounces. So that is a good start. Anyway, Emily's picture day was today at school. She is so pretty. She was wearing a cute little brown and pink shirt and pink pants. She was funny this morning because her best little friend Bryan was on the bus ( He doesn't usally ride the AM bus ) SHe was so happy when she saw him. She climbed right over him to sit right next to him and inbetween him and some other little boy. It was really sweet. Bryan is so sweet to Emily. When Emily didn't have her one on one to help her with things, it was Bryan who helped her open her pudding, cheese sticks, etc. We would ask her who helped you today and she would say, " Bryan". I told his mother that when I saw her at back t0 school night. How sweet her little boy is and to thank him for all he does. It is so sweet. I hope that the sweetness the kids have right now doesn't go away. I listen to other parents and find out from their experience how mean kids are and we thankfully haven't had to deal with it. I still think kids in general are really kind and compassionate. Last year when Emily was a little "different" from the kids. They are rallied around Emily and really helped her. Her Kindergarten teacher who we really liked ALOT. Told us at the first parent teacher conference about how the kids were all helping Emily to not walk on her tippy toes and they would all say... " Emily- Heels down" in a really supportive way. She said the class eventually would say it her when ever she would wear her heels and she had to stop wearing them because of it. I loved that story and that the teacher was nice enough to share it with us. I just hope when the "cool" factor really sets in that the kids including Emily will not judge each other but will be friends with everyone. I truly hope for that. Because wouldn't that be great! Anyway.... I guess I'll go make the beds. My other goal make my bed EVERYDAY. I'm trying. TGIF, Have a nice one!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Talky writey BLOG.

Don't really know what I feel like writing about today. I guess I'll just talk/write and see where it takes me. Emily has a cold but thankfully hasnt had to miss any school. Our friend Brian left this morning. It was fun having him stay with us. Last night we all went to Red Lobster. Is there anything better then their butter/cheddar/garlic biscuits.... OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM SO. TOO GOOD! I may have to add them to my favorite things list. Truly. YUM! Just finished reading Rosie's new book. I really liked it!! It was a very easy read and I like that since I'm not much of a book reader. Brian got me one to read and then also an autograph copy for me to keep.. Okay he scored major browny points for that. I had asked him to get me one for Christmas but he gave it to me early and said it was for our anniversary.... Cool! Well we are gonna just have pizza for dinner since I worked and Brian worked today, I don't feel like cooking and the only thing I was thinking of maybe making was ham steaks and Brian didnt want them so we settled on pizza. Cool beans. Two nights of not having to cook dinner, me like. It's not that I can't cook, it's not even that I don't like to cook. I just don't like doing it EVERYDAY. Anyway, this is a very boring blog but what can I say. I'm not really in the mood to write but I wanted to try so I did and this was it and that is that. HA... anyway have a nice day!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tub Cleaning...

I'm in the middle of cleaning my tub.... waiting the 2 to 3 minutes I need the cleaner to sit on the soap scum, lime buildup, etc that has occupied my tub for too long now. DISGUSTING... I know. But what can I say, If I was rich I could have someone do it for me but since I am not I wait until guest are suppose to arrive before the major cleaning gets done on my tub. So sue me. Atleast I care enough to not make my guest deal with it, just my family. Oh and let me just tell you it's 11:00 PM. BUT I can't sleep so this makes sense to me. Our good friend Brian is coming to spend 2 nights with us because he's here from Colorado on Business. We are happy to have him. But it means I have to clean my tub.... thank god for guest becuase it's atleast the push I need to give it a good cleaning. ANYWAY.... tub is cleaned. Now I am cleaning the shower liner in the washing machine..... becuase even though when we bought it said on the package... Resistent to MOLD. IT ISN'T. I guess I'll move on to a different topic becuase this blog may just be too graphic for some. Anyway, poor Emily has been having a slight fever.. it comes and goes but right before bed tonight was 101.2 so I'm hoping going to bed early and taking some children's tylenol will help. Becuase she's had it for about 3 days now and I'm starting to you guessed it WORRY about it. It wasn't real high any of the time I took it but I just wished it would go away. She doesn't have any other symptoms, well actually tonight she had a little bit of the sniffles. I really don't want to keep her home from school again because it would be her 3rd or 4th already and she's only been in school for a little over a month. But what can you do if she's sick she's sick. You know. Danielle's daughter had the same thing last week starting with a slight fever and then turning into a cold. So who knows. I just am hoping she's fine in the AM. PLEASE! Dispite the fact that Emily was a little under the weather, we managed to have a semi- nice weekend. We got some stuff done, well atleast started, around the house. Brian, His brother Jim and My brother Fernando had to dig a hole and frame it out for the concrete we need to lay for our Shed we are putting in the back yard. My bro in law brought our nephews over and I watched them for him while he helped us. They are such cute kids... one is 4 and the other is 10. They were very well behaved and I enjoyed spending the time with them. The older one is into Pokemon so he and Emily have that in common. Which is nice since all her cousins that are young are boys, they may not have wanted to play with her if she was a girly girl. She has enough cars, bugs and dinosaurs to easily entertain any boy. Emily is pretty well rounded when it comes to toys. She has the baby dolls which she likes to play with. But also loves the more "boy" stuff too. She's a very cool kid. If I do say so myself. I can't beleive she will be 7 years old in November. It's just going so fast. I was telling Brian that I am happy that I write about her in the blog. Becuase she can look back on it and really get a sense of what kind of kid she was. I could some it up in "Amazing" but now she'll have proof of it. Hopefully from the little snippets on this blog she'll understand that. I hope so anyway. Well I guess I better go to bed soon... Oh yeah I have to stay awake atleast until the washing machine goes off since otherwise Brian will not have a shower liner in the morning. But I guess I'll go read. I'm reading Rosie O'Donnell's new book. I am still completely addicted to her blog.. it's amazing. Go visit it if you haven't.... it may just change your mind about her. I think she is just great. REAL... she shares so much of herself on it. For me, it's like a friend I never met but feel like I know and understand. WIERD.. I hope I don't sound like a wacko. Oh Well... Whatever. I'm gonna stop writting because I'm beginning to feel tired like I might just be able to sleep and I don't want to lose that feeling. Okay.... well GOODnight. Missy

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yet Another Cute Emily Tale.....

Emily was doing her homework. Since she is very capable of doing it alone. I pretty much let her do it all by herself and then after she is done I will check it. So the first part of her homework had like 20 pictures of things on it, like one was a LID and under the picture would be a L_ _ and she had to fill in the missing letters. Okay.... so she does that in like 10 seconds and at the bottom of the paper there are 3 squares and under the squares there are 3 words.... KID MITT and HILL... She has to draw what the words are. So she draws a Hill, she draws a MITT and she draws a BABY GOAT. TRUE STORY... Okay.... Now I tell you, how smart is my "kid".

A Book Review

Well I've been reading this book called, "Me to We". It's a very interesting book. It was written by two brothers who started a non-profit organization when they were very young. One was only like 12 or something when he read a newspaper article about child labor. He decided to do something about it and started.... Free the Children-A non profit organziation. It's about essentially what they have learned since then from various individuals and experiences that have taught them essentially about trying to live Me to We. Instead of thinking about oneself or ones life only thinking about how your actions/choices affect the world, your society, and your family and neighbors. It's about thinking more globally and consciencely. It's funny because while I "TRY" to read self-help books... I usually rarily get thru one. I am finding this book different. It's an easy read. I figure if I can take even a few things away from it and try to incorporate them into my day to day life then it will be worth it. It's the little choices that we make in life that can have profound results that we arent even aware of. I really do beleive that!! The book also makes you think about people that have helped you in your life... who really impacted it but maybe they aren't even aware of how much they have helped you. Maybe letting them know. Taking time to do something nice for someone and not being TOO busy. Just basically trying to be a better person. I would really love to try and be a better person. I think everyone could strive for that. I hope this blog doesn't seem to preachy. I wasn't trying to be preachy. It's just a very inspiring book that I would recommend to people who are trying to find a little more meaning in their lifes. Well, That's all folks.... Go buy the book or borrow it from the library like I did. :) Peace Out!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007


I guess I've been in the mood to write lately. Because it's only the 6th of October and I've already written like 4 blog entrees for October. I'm impressed with myself. Although it really doesn't take much to impress me in general. We had a nice "family day" today. Our friends Danielle and Tom invited us to go bowling with them. The "girls" were so cute bowling. They both threw, pushed and literally heaved that ball down the lane( they both are only about 35-38 lbs) CUTE. It was fun. Before we went bowling we did some yard stuff. We bought a new shed and it'll be delivered next week so we had to tear the old one down. A tree fell on it last year and it was completely destroyed. THE MICE that occupied it... were quite perturped at us for tearing down their house. Brian and Fernando are currently watching THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY football game. I think they are killing Purdue so Brian will be sure to be in a happy mood. YEAH!! So since I'm not really too interested in watching it.... I decided to write. One kinda neat thing that happened tonight was that I saw someone that I graduated from High School with at the bowing alley. She was in the very next lane. I went over to her and I'm not sure she recognized me at first. She hadn't changed a whole lot from HS. She has 3 kids---all girls and even though we weren't super good friends in school.... we were sorta friends. So it was nice to see her. It's amazing I haven't really seen too many people from my school after graduation even though I really don't live that far away. It's like you would think we would run into each other from time to time but no. I think I've seen like 3 people since 1990 when I graduated. REALLY... isn't that weird. Maybe it's just weird to me. I don't know. I'm not sure what we will be doing tomorrow. Our town is having their annual "Pumpkin Festival" tomorrow and we had been planning on going but Brian has to work tomorrow. I was going to pull Emily in the wagon and walk up to it but it's going to be like 88 degrees tomorrow and I'm not sure I want to walk considering how HOT it's gonna be. Can you beleive it? It's OCTOBER and it's 85-88 degrees outside. GLOBAL WARMING PEOPLE..... it's real!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Just Stuff.....

Well Hello, I forgot to mention it because it's been such a difficult couple of weeks with wondering about Emily and having to go see the neurologist and everything. But I finally quit the deli.... YEAH! I'm so happy. It's just such a thrill not to have to think or stress about working at a place I disliked so much. I mean it wasn't the people... it just wasn't want I wanted to be doing. I mean if I'm going to be away from my family, I want it to atleast be something I like doing. You know, anyway, I'm really happy about it. Plus I think I'll be getting a few more hours in doing the bookkeeping for my friend's business. So I feel good about that. I can still contribute to my family and actually enjoy the work. Anyway, my neice is pregnant. I'm going to be a Great Aunt. OH MY GOD, I never actually thought about that until this very moment. OH MY GOD. Okay, now I feel really old. I'm looking forward to meeting the little fello though. They found out they are having a boy and it's due around my Mom's birthday. It would be really cool if it was born on her birthday. I think my Mom would have liked that. My neice and I have always been really close but over the last few years we've drifted apart some. I hope having the baby brings us together again. She's a good kid but I do worry about her. I just don't know if she knows what direction her life is taking. I'm not sure any of us know that for sure, but especially when you are only 20... it's hard. Atleast her boyfriend seems like a decent guy and is sticking by her and the baby. But they are both so young, maybe the baby will force them to grow up some. Either way, I love her with all my heart and I hope everything works out for them all. It's almost 11 pm so I should probably go to sleep. I've been having to wake up earlier since Emily started school. I've always been a late sleeper and I'm usually up around 7 now. So I'm just now getting used to it. So I guess I'll stop writing now. Peace OUT!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

An answer!!

Okay... We just got back from the Neurologist Appointment for Emily. She has "Absence Seizures" Epilepsy. She apparently had 2 seizures during the EEG. So they were very comfortable with the diagnosis. She will be on medicine and hopefully it will control them. It's another thing, but it's manageable and I feel okay about it. I mean I wish she didn't have them but like even the doctor had to admit, " She's one of those miracle micro-preemies." Having Absence Seizures doesn't even have anything to do with her having been a premature baby. It's just one of those things, that some kids have to deal with. It shouldn't cause any major changes in her life, and it should not really interfere too much with her day to day. She may have them but we'll get thru them. She's still her happy go lucky self!! Although, she did not like having the EEG done and had a minor meltdown but she was better about 1/2 way thru. I'm so relieved that it's diagnosed and that we have an answer to what's been happening. Brian and I, knew it was "Absence Seizures" and we just needed a doctor to tell us for sure. BUT for me until they told us, it could have been something worse so it's just a relief to know for sure. I'm just so thankful!! Thankful that Emily is fine, Thankful that she is my daughter, Thankful for everything in my life!! TRULY. GOD IS GOOD!!