Saturday, October 6, 2007


I guess I've been in the mood to write lately. Because it's only the 6th of October and I've already written like 4 blog entrees for October. I'm impressed with myself. Although it really doesn't take much to impress me in general. We had a nice "family day" today. Our friends Danielle and Tom invited us to go bowling with them. The "girls" were so cute bowling. They both threw, pushed and literally heaved that ball down the lane( they both are only about 35-38 lbs) CUTE. It was fun. Before we went bowling we did some yard stuff. We bought a new shed and it'll be delivered next week so we had to tear the old one down. A tree fell on it last year and it was completely destroyed. THE MICE that occupied it... were quite perturped at us for tearing down their house. Brian and Fernando are currently watching THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY football game. I think they are killing Purdue so Brian will be sure to be in a happy mood. YEAH!! So since I'm not really too interested in watching it.... I decided to write. One kinda neat thing that happened tonight was that I saw someone that I graduated from High School with at the bowing alley. She was in the very next lane. I went over to her and I'm not sure she recognized me at first. She hadn't changed a whole lot from HS. She has 3 kids---all girls and even though we weren't super good friends in school.... we were sorta friends. So it was nice to see her. It's amazing I haven't really seen too many people from my school after graduation even though I really don't live that far away. It's like you would think we would run into each other from time to time but no. I think I've seen like 3 people since 1990 when I graduated. REALLY... isn't that weird. Maybe it's just weird to me. I don't know. I'm not sure what we will be doing tomorrow. Our town is having their annual "Pumpkin Festival" tomorrow and we had been planning on going but Brian has to work tomorrow. I was going to pull Emily in the wagon and walk up to it but it's going to be like 88 degrees tomorrow and I'm not sure I want to walk considering how HOT it's gonna be. Can you beleive it? It's OCTOBER and it's 85-88 degrees outside. GLOBAL WARMING PEOPLE..... it's real!!

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