Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tub Cleaning...

I'm in the middle of cleaning my tub.... waiting the 2 to 3 minutes I need the cleaner to sit on the soap scum, lime buildup, etc that has occupied my tub for too long now. DISGUSTING... I know. But what can I say, If I was rich I could have someone do it for me but since I am not I wait until guest are suppose to arrive before the major cleaning gets done on my tub. So sue me. Atleast I care enough to not make my guest deal with it, just my family. Oh and let me just tell you it's 11:00 PM. BUT I can't sleep so this makes sense to me. Our good friend Brian is coming to spend 2 nights with us because he's here from Colorado on Business. We are happy to have him. But it means I have to clean my tub.... thank god for guest becuase it's atleast the push I need to give it a good cleaning. ANYWAY.... tub is cleaned. Now I am cleaning the shower liner in the washing machine..... becuase even though when we bought it said on the package... Resistent to MOLD. IT ISN'T. I guess I'll move on to a different topic becuase this blog may just be too graphic for some. Anyway, poor Emily has been having a slight fever.. it comes and goes but right before bed tonight was 101.2 so I'm hoping going to bed early and taking some children's tylenol will help. Becuase she's had it for about 3 days now and I'm starting to you guessed it WORRY about it. It wasn't real high any of the time I took it but I just wished it would go away. She doesn't have any other symptoms, well actually tonight she had a little bit of the sniffles. I really don't want to keep her home from school again because it would be her 3rd or 4th already and she's only been in school for a little over a month. But what can you do if she's sick she's sick. You know. Danielle's daughter had the same thing last week starting with a slight fever and then turning into a cold. So who knows. I just am hoping she's fine in the AM. PLEASE! Dispite the fact that Emily was a little under the weather, we managed to have a semi- nice weekend. We got some stuff done, well atleast started, around the house. Brian, His brother Jim and My brother Fernando had to dig a hole and frame it out for the concrete we need to lay for our Shed we are putting in the back yard. My bro in law brought our nephews over and I watched them for him while he helped us. They are such cute kids... one is 4 and the other is 10. They were very well behaved and I enjoyed spending the time with them. The older one is into Pokemon so he and Emily have that in common. Which is nice since all her cousins that are young are boys, they may not have wanted to play with her if she was a girly girl. She has enough cars, bugs and dinosaurs to easily entertain any boy. Emily is pretty well rounded when it comes to toys. She has the baby dolls which she likes to play with. But also loves the more "boy" stuff too. She's a very cool kid. If I do say so myself. I can't beleive she will be 7 years old in November. It's just going so fast. I was telling Brian that I am happy that I write about her in the blog. Becuase she can look back on it and really get a sense of what kind of kid she was. I could some it up in "Amazing" but now she'll have proof of it. Hopefully from the little snippets on this blog she'll understand that. I hope so anyway. Well I guess I better go to bed soon... Oh yeah I have to stay awake atleast until the washing machine goes off since otherwise Brian will not have a shower liner in the morning. But I guess I'll go read. I'm reading Rosie O'Donnell's new book. I am still completely addicted to her blog.. it's amazing. Go visit it if you haven't.... it may just change your mind about her. I think she is just great. REAL... she shares so much of herself on it. For me, it's like a friend I never met but feel like I know and understand. WIERD.. I hope I don't sound like a wacko. Oh Well... Whatever. I'm gonna stop writting because I'm beginning to feel tired like I might just be able to sleep and I don't want to lose that feeling. Okay.... well GOODnight. Missy

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