Thursday, October 4, 2007

Just Stuff.....

Well Hello, I forgot to mention it because it's been such a difficult couple of weeks with wondering about Emily and having to go see the neurologist and everything. But I finally quit the deli.... YEAH! I'm so happy. It's just such a thrill not to have to think or stress about working at a place I disliked so much. I mean it wasn't the people... it just wasn't want I wanted to be doing. I mean if I'm going to be away from my family, I want it to atleast be something I like doing. You know, anyway, I'm really happy about it. Plus I think I'll be getting a few more hours in doing the bookkeeping for my friend's business. So I feel good about that. I can still contribute to my family and actually enjoy the work. Anyway, my neice is pregnant. I'm going to be a Great Aunt. OH MY GOD, I never actually thought about that until this very moment. OH MY GOD. Okay, now I feel really old. I'm looking forward to meeting the little fello though. They found out they are having a boy and it's due around my Mom's birthday. It would be really cool if it was born on her birthday. I think my Mom would have liked that. My neice and I have always been really close but over the last few years we've drifted apart some. I hope having the baby brings us together again. She's a good kid but I do worry about her. I just don't know if she knows what direction her life is taking. I'm not sure any of us know that for sure, but especially when you are only 20... it's hard. Atleast her boyfriend seems like a decent guy and is sticking by her and the baby. But they are both so young, maybe the baby will force them to grow up some. Either way, I love her with all my heart and I hope everything works out for them all. It's almost 11 pm so I should probably go to sleep. I've been having to wake up earlier since Emily started school. I've always been a late sleeper and I'm usually up around 7 now. So I'm just now getting used to it. So I guess I'll stop writing now. Peace OUT!

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