Friday, October 19, 2007

If at first you don't succeed...

I've been really slacking about my commitment to drink 100 ounces of water a day. I haven't even been drinking 30 oz in the last couple of weeks. I think I didn't really see any results and I just stopped trying but I've decided to try again. SO... here goes, take two. I am feeling really committed and so I have already drank 20 ounces. So that is a good start. Anyway, Emily's picture day was today at school. She is so pretty. She was wearing a cute little brown and pink shirt and pink pants. She was funny this morning because her best little friend Bryan was on the bus ( He doesn't usally ride the AM bus ) SHe was so happy when she saw him. She climbed right over him to sit right next to him and inbetween him and some other little boy. It was really sweet. Bryan is so sweet to Emily. When Emily didn't have her one on one to help her with things, it was Bryan who helped her open her pudding, cheese sticks, etc. We would ask her who helped you today and she would say, " Bryan". I told his mother that when I saw her at back t0 school night. How sweet her little boy is and to thank him for all he does. It is so sweet. I hope that the sweetness the kids have right now doesn't go away. I listen to other parents and find out from their experience how mean kids are and we thankfully haven't had to deal with it. I still think kids in general are really kind and compassionate. Last year when Emily was a little "different" from the kids. They are rallied around Emily and really helped her. Her Kindergarten teacher who we really liked ALOT. Told us at the first parent teacher conference about how the kids were all helping Emily to not walk on her tippy toes and they would all say... " Emily- Heels down" in a really supportive way. She said the class eventually would say it her when ever she would wear her heels and she had to stop wearing them because of it. I loved that story and that the teacher was nice enough to share it with us. I just hope when the "cool" factor really sets in that the kids including Emily will not judge each other but will be friends with everyone. I truly hope for that. Because wouldn't that be great! Anyway.... I guess I'll go make the beds. My other goal make my bed EVERYDAY. I'm trying. TGIF, Have a nice one!!

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