Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lots to talk about -- and HAPPY NEW YEAR

Hey all.... Well it's been a whirlwind of events since the last time I wrote on here. First the day after Christmas, we packed up the van and headed to O H I O, to celebrate Great's 95th BIRTHDAY Celebration! We stayed with our brother Rob, his wife Eileen and our nephews--- THANK YOU very much for your hospitality!! We had a great time! On Friday night we had dinner, and sat around reminiscing, and even played a little rock BAND... which our Nephews really liked!!!! ON Saturday we went to SKYLINE CHILI for lunch... it's a fast food restaurant in Ohio that serves Chili on Spaghetti with Tons and TONS of cheese--- That's called a three way! W. Onions it's a 4 way. And onions and beans is a 5 way. AWESOME!!! We can't go to Ohio without visiting Skyline!! Then on Saturday night we went to Brian's cousin Niki's house. She had a baby about 6 months ago. His name is Parker John and he is SUCH A SWEET baby... O My GOD! Really a very sweet little guy! They bought a new house not that long ago and it was the first time we had seen it.... Really nice and quite big. They had all the rooms painted really BOLD colored! I LOVED IT (and am jealous of people who are that BOLD! We played more Rock band and everyone got really into it, it was fun! We didn't stay too late because Great had a big day ahead of her and we all needed to get home. On Sunday was Great's birthday party--- it was in a Irish Pub. We had the entire upper deck of the restaurant.. It was HUGE and all the Grandkids gave speeches about their Grandma.... it was very sweet! Great was so happy, and I think she had a lot of fun. A few of her friends were there and they are even a few months older then she is! She is amazing, truly--- she still drives some, and she lives on her own. She is very inspiring and an extremely generous woman! I only hope.... I can live that long and be that happy! After the party the family all went back to Rob's house and did some more reminiscing-- and then Brian & his 2 brothers, his Mom and his nephew John all played a rousing game of HEARTS! A family favorite! We left on MOnday morning after breakfast and got home around 7:30pm. We stopped at a Texas Roadhouse on the way home and took our time eating lunch. It was a very nice time, with only a few set backs... for instance Emily was a little sick the whole time, and even threw up a little the Saturday night we were there but she managed to still have a great time despite it! So after we got home On Monday night, we saw my niece, and her boyfriend and their baby--- they were watching the dogs, cats and our house for us. THANK YOU, THANK YOU GUYS... Anyway, On Tuesday we just kind of chilled out except for Brian who had to work. But today was really fun, Emily and I went with Dan, Mad and Josh to the Garden State Discovery Musuem they had a New Year's EVE celebration event and on top of the activities they have there normally they also had a countdown at noon with Balloons and hats, and music! They whole nine yards.. Emily loved it, and she even got to make a wish in the microphone for something in '09 and she wished for WORLD PEACE!! Great, huh! Lets all wish for the same----- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

PS.. To my cousin Tiffany, I HOPE YOU ARE FEELING MUCH BETTER! :) Missy

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Chritstmas to ALL!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! First I must say this.... I LOVE CHRISTMAS, However it is soooo STRESSFUL! It is added stressful because we are leaving to go to Ohio tomorrow and we have all this stuff to get done before we go and there is NO CHANCE at all..... we will get it all done!! Also right now, I HAVE a major headache and our turkey which according to the package should be done in 3 hours-3 1/2 hours and has been in the oven for 4 hours...... IS STILL NOT DONE!!!! Ahhhh... the JOY of the HOLIDAYS!!!! But having gotten all my Shitty things out of the way, I must say that I did have a great Christmas morning... We were all SPOILED by each other! Emily got lots of presents and her FAVORITE of course was from Santa and was KOTA "the very expensive" triceratops dinosaur! It is really cute and moves and she can ride on it, and bounce on it and she just LOVES it. IT was by far the MOST EXCITED she has been over a Christmas yet. But she didn't wake up until 9:30 am and that was a bit shocking, I had trouble sleeping from about 4:30 am and on.... I probably fell back to sleep around 7:00 am and I was out so I was completely surprised when Emily woke us all up at 9:30 am!! It was a surprise.. Emily opened all her presents and Fernando opened all his too but Brian and I didn't get to open all of ours in the morning, because we go to BREAKFAST at my Aunt's house every year and we didn't want to be eating lunch... as it was it was BRUNCH but luckily they are really cool about it and understanding and pretty much know that we will almost always be the last to come. IT was fun hanging out with them and Len(my aunt's Husband-but not technically-Len, GET THE HINT ALREADY WOULDCHA!! - HA HA!) is the chef and every thing was delicious as usual. SO THANKS GUYS... anyway we had to leave by 2:00 to get our turkey in the oven!! We got it in like around 2:45 so it's been in there for awhile!! COOK ALREADY PLEASE... I'm starving! Well not really because I've been eating junk! But that's because I've been starving and I've done ruined my appetite! Anyway, Brian spoiled me again! I got some really nice presents including all 3 of the Twilight books that I haven't read. SO yeah, I'll have something to read on the way done to OHIO. I think Brian liked all his gifts and I know that Fernando liked his which included several autographed sixers things and the guitar he wanted! He also enjoyed the $3.99 whoopie cushion that we got him and must have faked farted atleast 400 times since opening it last night. It's our tradition to open one present on Christmas eve. Anyway, we just watched (sorta) the Christmas Story and If I could just somehow twitch my nose and have EVERYTHING that I need to do be done and dinner on the table--- Everything would be right with the world! But Atleast we all have our health... well except I am now on Thyroid medicine, Blood pressure medicine and Anxiety Medicine. But it could be worse and I do know that and even with all my bitching know that we are extremely lucky and I am so thankful to GOD about all that we have! SO I hope that you had a Merry Christmas (stress and all) It was wonderful seeing Emily's smiling face this morning and I'm gonna try and remember that when the stress because too much (that and I think I'll go take my Anxiety medicine right now!- LOL) Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Watching Home Alone by the light of blue daggers!

Hi.... I'm just home(not alone but just me and Emily), Brian and Fernando are playing poker at Brian's brothers house. SO I'm watching Home Alone on TV. Emily is up in her room having a blast listening to the Little People Christmas CD we gave her as an early present! She LOVES it! It's FUN to listen at her door and hear her singing so HAPPILY and unaware of me there listening! She's having so much FUN! I have got to get her to bed soon but I feel bad, so I'm going to give her 15 more minutes. It's the weekend after all. Brian and I tried to finish up our Christmas shopping but I really wasn't into it today, I just wasn't feeling it. So we still have a few things to get and I'm trying not to think about it! Emily is so excited for Christmas. She is really hoping for a Kota Trisaratops (SIC) for Christmas! We told her it was a LOT of money and she'd just have to HOPE that Santa brings it for her! She really wants it! I wonder if she'll get it! ;) Either way, it should be lots of fun on Christmas morning! Anyway, I guess I should be going and putting lil' Miss Em to bed. See ya, Missy

9:33pm UPDATE...... I just got Emily to bed and I thought I would write a little bit more because well I've been meaning to write about this. Brian had wanted to put blue lights up on the house this year and I REALLY like white lights(we've always put up white lights) so I was opposed to the whole idea of blue lights.. Anyway, My aunt and I had went out shopping, I guess it was last weekend and Brian, Fernando and our nephew Justin were suppose to put up our Christmas lights, THE WHITE ICICLE lights we HAVE!! But I get a call from Brian and he says,.... "HOney, I accidently put up BLUE Lights..." So I say, "AND HOW EXACTLY DID YOU ACCIDENTIlY put up BLUE LIGHTS".. Remembering our previous conversation and completely doubting that he ACCIDENTILY bought these lights.. Anyway he goes on trying to explain that they look white and that he didn't know and that it was only after they were up that he saw the SMALL sticker on them that said BLUE! So okay.. anyway not happy but okay trying to deal with the fact for the rest of my shopping trip, and coming to terms with the fact that we have blue ICICLE lights up.... but then My aunt and I come home (after honest a 9 HOUR shopping adventure) to find the MOST HIDEOUS BLUE ICICLE Lights. They are trying to actually LOOK LIKE icicles.... individual icicles. ANd they look like some kind of MONSTER TEETH on our house, or as I refer to them DAGGERS of DEATH!! Our house looks like it belongs in the movie... THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS!! Of course EMily thinks they look beautiful and even though I've since FOUND and BOUGHT WHITE NORMAL BEAUTIFUL icicle lights for Brian to replace the awful lights, somehow those awful lights still remain on my house! I will take a picture of them and put them on here to show them to you. My aunt and I had a LOONNG laugh in the car before we came in that first night.. and I was just freaking out about the daggers on my house! They look like lit up blue knives hanging down from my roof. It's just really awful but now it's actually kind of funny, and oh what the neighbor's must think.. They probably think we actually LIKE these lights! I do have to say this, Brian doesn't like them either, but he's just refusing to take them back down and at this late date.... really what's the difference! I also finally find it really funny... the first time Danielle saw them she said.... "Well those are really INTERESTING lights". She was trying so hard to be POLITE and I just was like... "Danielle, you can say it... those lights are awful" and then I went on and on about the daggers on my house and how much I HATE them. Anyway, like I said it's actually funny now! So there you have it, that's the story of Christmas 2008, or as I shall refer to it in the future the year of the AWFUL BLUE LIGHTS.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Countdown....

Well Hello, It's been a few days so I thought I should post an update on here. I'm feeling slightly better. Not so BLAH from my new medicine. I guess my body's getting used to them, Of course it might be that I'm just distracted by feeling stressed out over finishing our Christmas shopping!! I thought we were doing pretty good and then I wrote the list of things I still needed and was like WOW! But it will be fine, it always is! RIGHT, right! Okay... I went out shopping last night and I did get a few small things but mostly we just had fun and then we went the CHEESECAKE FACTORY and it was YUMMY!!! YUMMY, ofcourse this morning I had Cheesecake and Cherry Pepsi for breakfast! Healthy, huh!! If that isn't stress eating I don't know what is! I got an email this morning that these three things I had bought as secondary presents for my nephews are not in stock... so now I have even more shopping to do! OH Well... whatever, I'm not going to overreact.. I'm not going to stress out! Yeah right, it wouldn't be me if I didn't do that, so okay I tried and I ate fatty food and then I wonder why I'm overweight... Oh well! Anyway, tomorrow night my boss (and friend) is taking us out for a Company Christmas Dinner!SO another night I don't have to cook-- cool and even cooler, it's free! How cool is that! THANK YOU Tom!! SO that should be fun!! Anyhoo... aside from the normal stress of Christmas being only a little over a week away.. life is pretty okay I guess. I hope. Emily is good... really good. Still being a rocker-girl with ROCK BAND. She's pretty amazing on it! Alright I guess I'll go! HAVE A NICE Day!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A fall Observation....

Today I was walking to work. I was fascinated by the imprints left on the sidewalk from the leaves that had fallen. How could just a delicate, thin thing leave such a beautiful imprint on the hard concrete. It made me smile and I looked for them the whole way to work.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Monday....

Well I've been taking this Anti-anxiety medicine for a couple of weeks now and I'm not sure if it's making me worry less, but maybe it's easing the duration of the worry. But I'm not sure if I like how I feel while I'm on it. I feel kind of blah.... blah... blah. I can't really explain it better then that. I just feel a little blah. But anyway, We did have a good weekend. We did a little more shopping and are really ahead of where we usually are at this point for Christmas. We are planing on going to Ohio after Christmas because my husband's Grandma is turning 95 this year! WOW! What a great life she has had. She's really something, she still lives on her own and just really amazes me. She is very inspiring. Anyway, not too much going on. Emily had a her annual doctors appointment tonight. She's 41 pounds and I think 45 inches. I tiny thing but Dr. Mike said she is almost the perfect weight for her height. Only slightly underweight! She got a flu shot, and Dr. Mike said he was very pleased with what he was seeing! So yeah! She did so good and was so brave--- she didn't even cry when she got the shot.. She said AAARRRR like a pirate and it was over. She's so cute! Okay so what else is going on, well I worked today, and it was nice because my godson Josh was there when I got to the office, Danielle drove me in and she was picking him up there. He is SOOOOO Cute! I LOVE him, he has learned to say my name... he says "Mi--eey" It's really sooo stinking cute, and a nice start to the work day, seeing him. He also came right up to me and it just made me feel so nice. Apparently when ever they drive towards my house, he just keeps saying "Mi--eey" over and over! So sweet! Danielle and I may try and do some shopping on Wednesday. I really need to get Brian some things, I've only gotten him one present... YIKES. SO I'm hoping maybe Wednesday I can get some stuff, that would be good. Anyway, Brian is down stairs helping Fernando with his College homework, it's on computer stuff.. thank goodness for Brian, he's really great with helping him. I don't think Fernando knows how lucky he is to have Brian here for him like that. I hope he does! Anyway, I guess I should go since I really can't think of anything else to tell you. I'll just go and watch a little TV and then go to bed... GOOD NIGHT, Peaceful dreams.... :)

Friday, December 5, 2008


I thought I would write a quick or maybe not so quick note to let you know what's been going on in my life. Well lets see.. yesterday we went to Emily's parent-teacher conference for the first marking period. Her Teacher Mrs. M said she is doing really great .. In fact she got all A's and high ones too. Reading A 99%, Spelling A 99%, Language A 99% and Math A 97%..... WOW!! And she got no "X"'s in her behavior section! (an X means needs improvement) That actually made her the most PROUD the fact she had no X's especially none in Cooperative Attitude! Which was a BIG IMPROVEMENT from last year! We never worry about her grades, at least not yet but it's those other areas that sometimes she needs to work on... but not this time she did great all around! We were very happy with her and proud too. Anyway, we've done some Xmas shopping, mostly for our nephews. We still have a ways to go! Last night Danielle and I went to see Twilight.. for the 2nd time. We went 2 weeks ago and then again last night. It's a good escape from the stresses in your life. We both walk out of the theater like..... Aaaahhh Edward! It's kind of funny. The first time we saw it I just was soo giggly. It was funny because I couldn't stop giggling-- it was like I was a pre teenager again and had a little crushy poo on Edward. I know, I know, DORK!!!! oh WELL..... :)