Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Countdown....

Well Hello, It's been a few days so I thought I should post an update on here. I'm feeling slightly better. Not so BLAH from my new medicine. I guess my body's getting used to them, Of course it might be that I'm just distracted by feeling stressed out over finishing our Christmas shopping!! I thought we were doing pretty good and then I wrote the list of things I still needed and was like WOW! But it will be fine, it always is! RIGHT, right! Okay... I went out shopping last night and I did get a few small things but mostly we just had fun and then we went the CHEESECAKE FACTORY and it was YUMMY!!! YUMMY, ofcourse this morning I had Cheesecake and Cherry Pepsi for breakfast! Healthy, huh!! If that isn't stress eating I don't know what is! I got an email this morning that these three things I had bought as secondary presents for my nephews are not in stock... so now I have even more shopping to do! OH Well... whatever, I'm not going to overreact.. I'm not going to stress out! Yeah right, it wouldn't be me if I didn't do that, so okay I tried and I ate fatty food and then I wonder why I'm overweight... Oh well! Anyway, tomorrow night my boss (and friend) is taking us out for a Company Christmas Dinner!SO another night I don't have to cook-- cool and even cooler, it's free! How cool is that! THANK YOU Tom!! SO that should be fun!! Anyhoo... aside from the normal stress of Christmas being only a little over a week away.. life is pretty okay I guess. I hope. Emily is good... really good. Still being a rocker-girl with ROCK BAND. She's pretty amazing on it! Alright I guess I'll go! HAVE A NICE Day!

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