Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Monday....

Well I've been taking this Anti-anxiety medicine for a couple of weeks now and I'm not sure if it's making me worry less, but maybe it's easing the duration of the worry. But I'm not sure if I like how I feel while I'm on it. I feel kind of blah.... blah... blah. I can't really explain it better then that. I just feel a little blah. But anyway, We did have a good weekend. We did a little more shopping and are really ahead of where we usually are at this point for Christmas. We are planing on going to Ohio after Christmas because my husband's Grandma is turning 95 this year! WOW! What a great life she has had. She's really something, she still lives on her own and just really amazes me. She is very inspiring. Anyway, not too much going on. Emily had a her annual doctors appointment tonight. She's 41 pounds and I think 45 inches. I tiny thing but Dr. Mike said she is almost the perfect weight for her height. Only slightly underweight! She got a flu shot, and Dr. Mike said he was very pleased with what he was seeing! So yeah! She did so good and was so brave--- she didn't even cry when she got the shot.. She said AAARRRR like a pirate and it was over. She's so cute! Okay so what else is going on, well I worked today, and it was nice because my godson Josh was there when I got to the office, Danielle drove me in and she was picking him up there. He is SOOOOO Cute! I LOVE him, he has learned to say my name... he says "Mi--eey" It's really sooo stinking cute, and a nice start to the work day, seeing him. He also came right up to me and it just made me feel so nice. Apparently when ever they drive towards my house, he just keeps saying "Mi--eey" over and over! So sweet! Danielle and I may try and do some shopping on Wednesday. I really need to get Brian some things, I've only gotten him one present... YIKES. SO I'm hoping maybe Wednesday I can get some stuff, that would be good. Anyway, Brian is down stairs helping Fernando with his College homework, it's on computer stuff.. thank goodness for Brian, he's really great with helping him. I don't think Fernando knows how lucky he is to have Brian here for him like that. I hope he does! Anyway, I guess I should go since I really can't think of anything else to tell you. I'll just go and watch a little TV and then go to bed... GOOD NIGHT, Peaceful dreams.... :)

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