Saturday, December 20, 2008

Watching Home Alone by the light of blue daggers!

Hi.... I'm just home(not alone but just me and Emily), Brian and Fernando are playing poker at Brian's brothers house. SO I'm watching Home Alone on TV. Emily is up in her room having a blast listening to the Little People Christmas CD we gave her as an early present! She LOVES it! It's FUN to listen at her door and hear her singing so HAPPILY and unaware of me there listening! She's having so much FUN! I have got to get her to bed soon but I feel bad, so I'm going to give her 15 more minutes. It's the weekend after all. Brian and I tried to finish up our Christmas shopping but I really wasn't into it today, I just wasn't feeling it. So we still have a few things to get and I'm trying not to think about it! Emily is so excited for Christmas. She is really hoping for a Kota Trisaratops (SIC) for Christmas! We told her it was a LOT of money and she'd just have to HOPE that Santa brings it for her! She really wants it! I wonder if she'll get it! ;) Either way, it should be lots of fun on Christmas morning! Anyway, I guess I should be going and putting lil' Miss Em to bed. See ya, Missy

9:33pm UPDATE...... I just got Emily to bed and I thought I would write a little bit more because well I've been meaning to write about this. Brian had wanted to put blue lights up on the house this year and I REALLY like white lights(we've always put up white lights) so I was opposed to the whole idea of blue lights.. Anyway, My aunt and I had went out shopping, I guess it was last weekend and Brian, Fernando and our nephew Justin were suppose to put up our Christmas lights, THE WHITE ICICLE lights we HAVE!! But I get a call from Brian and he says,.... "HOney, I accidently put up BLUE Lights..." So I say, "AND HOW EXACTLY DID YOU ACCIDENTIlY put up BLUE LIGHTS".. Remembering our previous conversation and completely doubting that he ACCIDENTILY bought these lights.. Anyway he goes on trying to explain that they look white and that he didn't know and that it was only after they were up that he saw the SMALL sticker on them that said BLUE! So okay.. anyway not happy but okay trying to deal with the fact for the rest of my shopping trip, and coming to terms with the fact that we have blue ICICLE lights up.... but then My aunt and I come home (after honest a 9 HOUR shopping adventure) to find the MOST HIDEOUS BLUE ICICLE Lights. They are trying to actually LOOK LIKE icicles.... individual icicles. ANd they look like some kind of MONSTER TEETH on our house, or as I refer to them DAGGERS of DEATH!! Our house looks like it belongs in the movie... THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS!! Of course EMily thinks they look beautiful and even though I've since FOUND and BOUGHT WHITE NORMAL BEAUTIFUL icicle lights for Brian to replace the awful lights, somehow those awful lights still remain on my house! I will take a picture of them and put them on here to show them to you. My aunt and I had a LOONNG laugh in the car before we came in that first night.. and I was just freaking out about the daggers on my house! They look like lit up blue knives hanging down from my roof. It's just really awful but now it's actually kind of funny, and oh what the neighbor's must think.. They probably think we actually LIKE these lights! I do have to say this, Brian doesn't like them either, but he's just refusing to take them back down and at this late date.... really what's the difference! I also finally find it really funny... the first time Danielle saw them she said.... "Well those are really INTERESTING lights". She was trying so hard to be POLITE and I just was like... "Danielle, you can say it... those lights are awful" and then I went on and on about the daggers on my house and how much I HATE them. Anyway, like I said it's actually funny now! So there you have it, that's the story of Christmas 2008, or as I shall refer to it in the future the year of the AWFUL BLUE LIGHTS.

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Delicate Delight said...

yeah they are pretty bad....but i mean really, you'll just have to accept that youre the house with the awful looking christmas lights. it happens. hahaha jk. you of all ppl know that christmas is not about lights on your house! would you rather be the home that doesn't have a christmas tree like mine?