Friday, December 5, 2008


I thought I would write a quick or maybe not so quick note to let you know what's been going on in my life. Well lets see.. yesterday we went to Emily's parent-teacher conference for the first marking period. Her Teacher Mrs. M said she is doing really great .. In fact she got all A's and high ones too. Reading A 99%, Spelling A 99%, Language A 99% and Math A 97%..... WOW!! And she got no "X"'s in her behavior section! (an X means needs improvement) That actually made her the most PROUD the fact she had no X's especially none in Cooperative Attitude! Which was a BIG IMPROVEMENT from last year! We never worry about her grades, at least not yet but it's those other areas that sometimes she needs to work on... but not this time she did great all around! We were very happy with her and proud too. Anyway, we've done some Xmas shopping, mostly for our nephews. We still have a ways to go! Last night Danielle and I went to see Twilight.. for the 2nd time. We went 2 weeks ago and then again last night. It's a good escape from the stresses in your life. We both walk out of the theater like..... Aaaahhh Edward! It's kind of funny. The first time we saw it I just was soo giggly. It was funny because I couldn't stop giggling-- it was like I was a pre teenager again and had a little crushy poo on Edward. I know, I know, DORK!!!! oh WELL..... :)

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Delicate Delight said...

Thats so good to hear Missy! I'm so proud of Emily and she definitely has come such a long way! I remember when we couldn't get her to cooperate or talk to others...her social and emotional development has been great!