Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tales of the Dread Pirate Aaarrrggghhh PROJECT!!

HI Everyone & Happy New Year! ! I know it's been awhile.. I've been neglecting this blog, maybe it'll be my new year's resolution to write a bit more on it. Right now though I have something really important I want to share... Brian has launched a KICKSTARTER project & we only have 23 days to try & get it funded. SO what's the project? Well Brian made up these bedtime stories for Emily years ago & still tells her them to this day & he's turned them into a series of Children's book & we are trying to get them published. It's way too hard to try & get a book published through a publishing house so he wants to try & get the book illustrated & self published. Which we don't have the money to do so we are using the website Kickstarter to try and do so. The money will only be used for the purpose of getting the book made. WE need lots of support so if you can please share it thru twitter or Facebook that would be wonderful. It's a funny tale of a "farting pirate" who's name is the "DREAD PIRATE Aaarrrggghhh" & who's fart are so fierce they make him the most feared pirate in all the seas! EMily LOVEs them & we want to share the story of him w/ others!!! Please help make Brian & infact our entire family's dream come true!! Any help you can give us would be appreciate.. either backing it or promoting the project would be very helpful!!


The Tales of the Dread Pirate Aaarrrggghhh by Brian E. Roach

The Dread Pirate Aaarrggghhh was the most feared pirate who ever sailed the 7 seas...and the smelliest...these are his stories!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This beautiful girl was named Autumn, she was 12...She was reported missing by her parents on Saturday October 20th... Usually you hear about these things & you feel sad for the parents & child but afterwards you go on about your business cause what can you really do. Wishing things like this never happened & down deep feeling relieved it's happened there & not here. Not where you live.. grateful that it's not your town or god forbid your child. This time was different though, this time it hit way too close to home,& so I honestly couldn't stop thinking about Autumn, & her parents, it was all I could think about on Sunday after hearing about it, a deep profound fear & sadness about this child because not only did it happen in a town called Clayton NJ, the very next town from the one I grew up in but I knew her, not well but I knew her mom & had met her once, see I am facebook friends with her mom Jennifer. We had went to High School together. I wasn't super close to her back in the day, but close enough that she or I accepted the other's friend request a few years ago, & as I've grown to know Jennifer more, I've gotten to really like her. Some people you just connect a little bit more to than others on facebook, you can tell they are people whom you'd like to hang out with. I got to see her again two summers ago at a BBQ that one of another friend from High school was having, I realized I was right, she was still sweet & kind & I liked her instantly. We didn't talk too much that day, but we had a pleasant conversation, you know the kind you have when it's a little awkward not having seen a person in so long, but a very nice one nonetheless. I could tell my impression from facebook had been right, she was a nice person & had nice kids. The kind of person I could see being "real" friends with. She had brought along her two girls, She has a son & a step son also but I don't remember if they were there. I do remember her daughters, two of them. I initially thought they were twins, but I'm pretty sure she said no. Maybe Irish twins, very close in age. I could tell Jennifer was a good mom, a loving mom. SO when I heard about Autumn, I just couldn't stop thinking of how much pain she must be in. I just felt so scared that if this could happen to her daughter it could happen to anyone, to mine so I couldn't stop thinking about where Autumn was, it consumed me. I had met her, this beautiful girl from the missing poster, this time, this missing child wasn't just some child it was Autumn, Jennifer's daughter. I just wanted to do something to help. So on Monday i decided to go & help look for her. I honestly felt compelled to, I just kept thinking this could have been Emily. It wasn't fair, it was heartbreaking & I wanted to support Jennifer somehow, mostly I just wanted to find Autumn & ease her pain. SO Monday morning after making arrangements for rides to Clayton I went there, they set up arrangements for searchers to meet at the Presbyterian Church in the Center of the small town, lots of people showed up, desperate to help, I teamed up with other Glassboro classmates of ours from 20+years ago. Our small group was assigned 4 streets & we went door to door with flyers & looked in empty lots & anywhere & everywhere just looking for Autumn. I must admit my mind went to the place I didn't want it to while we were looking for her & at times I had an un-controllable need to SCREAM her name & other times I did. Our Team #18 was 7 women. Mine & Jennifer's former classmates/Friends from HS, Dawn & Michelle & Michelle's 20 yo daughter Samantha & three women who didn't know Jennifer or Autumn but also felt compelled to come & help. Samantha & I got teamed up. We kind of did a buddy system, each pair taking different houses. I remember saying perhaps she's in someone's house, an attic or basement so knock hard even if no one was home& listen & maybe we'll hear her screams. I just wanted so bad to find her, to stop this families suffering. We didn't of course, So after our grid was searched & we went back to the church to give them what little information we had (a women said she saw a vision, etc) & back there at the church, Jennifer saw us, she was acting so strong.. but you could see that her heart was broken. She acknowledged those in our group she knew, that by itself amazed me cause I'm not sure I'd had been that clear but to me she said " Melissa, thank you" Or something like that.. I did everything in my power not to cry cause I knew she was having a strong moment & I didn't want to do something to end it. I said simply "Sorry Jennifer" & I tried to convey everything in the hug i gave her, I hoped it let her know that she could lean on us, that she was brave & that I was sorry & a million other things I knew couldn't possibly make her feel any better. Nothing could except of course Autumn. While I wanted to stay all day there, looking for Autumn part of me wanted nothing more than to hug Emily, I couldn't stay anyway because I had to get home because no one was home to get Emily off the bus, the police told the groups that we were on stand by for now until they could re-organize & give out more grids they had our #'s & would call if need be,etc" I made arrangements to return on Tuesday morning with Sylvia another on our team, if she wasn't found before. So our team said our goodbyes at the church. But Michelle, Dawn, Samantha & I decided to continue looking for the 45 minutes we had before I absolutely had to leave to make Em's bus.. We all didn't want to stop yet...we didn't want to leave, we wanted to keep going-- we wanted to find Autumn the one thing we knew was the only thing that could ease the pain that Autumn's family was feeling. On Tuesday morning I learned that wouldn't come for Jennifer & her family because the police had discovered Autumn's body... This beautiful girl was gone & her parents will never be the same, an act of violence so despicable that you can't even wrap your head around it. To Jennifer & her family, & those that knew & loved Autumn, you have my sincerest sympathies, my thoughts & prayers are with you. Rest in peace Autumn you sweet beautiful little girl, may you be surrounded by love & peace now. I must say this, since I've heard about Autumn...It's made me want to appreciate what I have, life is full of pain & we don't know what this day or the next one will hold, & so I'm going to try & concentrate on the good more & the moment at hand. Since Autumn, Emily & I have had talks about things I wish we didn't have to. Reminders of what to do, not to do & that you don't know who is bad or good, they don't wear signs that say I'm bad-don't trust me, they could look like the nicest people, have been kind to you in past,are people you know or strangers, never go anywhere with anyone that Mommy & Daddy haven't ok'd to you directly, scream SO LOUD if anyone tries to grab you & always come straight home, always let us know where you are going, about good touches & bad touches, & all the while, hoping that I haven't scared the begeebez out of her, reminding her most people are good but you just never know so you need to have your guard up, & hoping that at 11, a quarter of this sinks in. Most importantly when I think of Autumn, all I want to do is give Emily more hugs, kisses, & way more I love you's. Lastly to anyone who is reading this please keep the Cornwell & Pasquale families in your prayers. I don't know how many people read my blog.. but if you happen to read this & would like to help a fund has been set up, contributions may be made to the Autumn Leigh Pasquale Memorial Fund, c/o Fulton Bank, 35 North Delsea Drive, Clayton, NJ 08312

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Let me just start this by saying, I watched the debate I AM so happy with our president's performance at it. I think he was exactly what we needed him to be, he didn't let Mitt lie, & he was still respectful for the most part. I think there was one time when President Obama could have been portrayed as overstepping & that was when he was talking about education & he's very passionate about that... but I think he should have stopped talking a few moments before he actually did BUT other than that I thought he was pretty much SPOT ON!!! He explained what he’s done, he exposed Mitt on his lies, the 47% comment, & just generally seemed like he was fighting for us. He fired up the base & I’m pretty stoked. So that's got me really fired up. I decided to write a blog, because well something even before the debate has been bothering me & I don't know how to say it so I'll try my best and hope my point comes through I feel like a large portion of Mitt Romney's supporters are listening to the devils on their shoulders. What I mean about that is perhaps Mitt could turn around our economy... personally i don't think he will cause I believe in math & alot of really smart people are saying what he wants to put in place simply won't work.. a slow & steady approach makes more sense to me, The things the President has been doing since taking office, like jobs being created & a steady decrease in un-employment seems like a much smarter & better way in the long run. But people are so desperate for the economy to turn around quickly they are willing it seems to take a gamble on the un-known & un-clear planning by Mitt Romney, because after all he’s good at money.. he should be he’s been around it his whole life, BUT I have no faith that he'll turn around the economy in the best way perhaps not even in an ethical way BUT some seem so concerned with a QUICK turnaround of our economy that they are not willing to think of the "greater" picture, like losing programs that help the elderly, children, women, poor & the middle class. That's just wrong in my book. The one thing I can clearly & honestly say about Barack Obama is he CARES about people. How do I know this, because I've read a lot about him... I know for instance that he was in the projects of Chicago trying to help the citizens get asbestos from their homes in the housing projects there. He worked with people who others may have dismissed as being "voiceless" & listened to them & helped them realize they were not... HE worked with them NOT against them.. he didn't say they were unimportant to him because they didn't have money or make enough money. (*hmmmm... 47% comment) BUT instead he honestly listened to them... he cared. When he could have continued working at big law offices & make BIG time money, when they were falling over themselves wanting to hire him, he listened to his heart & decided to go into public service & make a difference for more people. He didn't listen to the devil on his shoulder that was perhaps saying, stay here at this law firm & become RICH! Now don't get me wrong, he is rich, but it's because among other things he wrote a very successful book(s)that sold a lot of copies. BUT he didn't hurt anyone do to it. I'm not sure that Mitt can say the same, I will be honest with you I don't know Mitt as well but from what I'm learning about him for instance he created Bain Capital & it was VERY successful, BUT according to a Washington Post article written by Tom Hamburger on June 21, 2012 "Mitt Romney’s financial company, Bain Capital, invested in a series of firms that specialized in relocating jobs done by American workers to new facilities in low-wage countries like China and India." That doesn't sound like doing what is best for the workers of America, it sounds just the opposite in fact. BUT even with that.. perhaps Mitt would help our economy but at what cost. Remember too that the people he wants to help also are NOT in need of it.. I think that those who can afford to pay a little bit more should, and that is not want Mitt wants to do..the middle class will suffer IF & more likely WHEN his FUNNY math doesn’t work.. we make up the largest population.. it’s not the top 2% that will have to pay IF this gamble doesn’t work.. it’s us!! NOT TO MENTION he hasn’t even laid out what programs will be ended to pay for this.. it’s a gamble, one I’m not willing to make & for what the small chance everyone who claims this math won’t work is wrong. The bigger point is we are much more than money... it's the root of all evil as they say. I'm worried that really important issues are being put on the back burner by so many who care only about the economy. Don't get me wrong money is important but there are more important things... Those things take precedent in my life & my decision on who runs my country. If we don't help people who need it the most, how can we live with ourselves. I look at third world countries.. I see the rich & powerful & I see the poor as dirt living in huts & that really scares me, we can't keep asking more of those that have less & less of those that have more.. I feel like it's a disaster waiting to happen, not only that though it's the wrong thing to do. We all want money enough to pay our bills, enough to send our children to college, enough to not have to worry if something happens but there are some of us that don't need anymore help.. they are alright. The rich among our society don't need hand holding, we do the middle class, the lower class, we need the help. I want to support a president who I believe has those peoples best interest in mind. If isn't clear after Mitt's 47% comment I don't know how it could ever be clearer, he just doesn't feel the same way about helping those among us that need it the most. He thinks we are moochers, he doesn't care about those people, people he claims don't take personal responsibility, Umm... hello your family was well off, you went to private schools, your family’s wealth allowed you not to know the struggles so many of us face. I have no idea how people who are rich feel, I've never been rich but I can imagine it's less stressful knowing how you'll pay for an unexpected problem that arises or a medical emergency. I know life can still be rough but it's a little less stressful because money is taken out of the list of concerns. All of us want to be in that position but the divide seems to be growing & growing.. it's terrifying.. it's sad. We are better than that.. we should be.. I want an America that is. I try hard not to listen to the devil on my shoulder I sometimes fail but honestly I really try not to, & my conscience doesn't allow it.. call me a bleeding heart liberal. I'd rather be just getting by & know in my heart that I’m on the right side than to be rich & greedy. I honestly would. I can sleep much better at night. SO unless you are absolutely sure that this “maybe” gamble will work & that money is that important to you that you are willing to throw out other things that are really important because remember we don’t know what Mitt Romney will get rid of in order to pay for these across the board tax cuts. Not to mention it takes more than a good business sense to lead our country.. Barack Obama has strengthened our world view & implemented many of the promises he made in 2008, & for those promises that he hasn't I’m sure will be priorities of term 2. Romney would be starting fresh with tax counts & military funding adding trillions to our deficit & so it seems like lots of things will have to be cut.. & he refuses to tell us what. It’s a gamble too great in my book. What about you?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Hybrid Happy

The best thing we did was buy a hybrid.. we love it. I know not everyone can afford a car payment but when u do the math on how much you spend on gas vs. what a car payment would cost you, you might be surprised sometimes the hybrid can pay for itself.. not only will the price of gas not upset you as much BUT you will be doing something positive for the environment. a win win Think about it.. just sayin'

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A facebook exchange.

Last night I put up this on my Facebook: The president is too respectful & kind for his own good.. he needed to be a little more aggressive- plenty of things he could have talked about (during debate)...Hello the 47% comment!! I expect the president to b a lot more aggressive next time- he has plenty of ammo just didn't use it tonight. To which someone commented that this was beat like a dead horse already (i guess the 47% comment..) To which i responded: "This is a man running for president him saying what he said about 47% of people to his richies is very IMPORTANT & telling & will always be. Plus.. lots of people fall into that category needed to hear the president stand up FOR them on a national stage instead of insult them like Romney did." & It got me a little fired up so I wrote this blog Of course I want things better, I think the president is heading us in that direction.. the right way, which unfortunately takes time, I'm seeing progress being made by our president, but it's not easy to un-do that which has been so long overdo.. i think we MUST implement green technologies & concentrate HIGHLY on education, things that I think Mitt might not focus on as much as he should.. our country & large portions of the world quite frankly have been headed in the wrong direction for some time (*decades)One way to see this is the superior education some other countries give their children, issues like this matter so much for the future of our country. The economy is a sore spot people are struggling BUT people REALLY started struggling AFTER Bush was in office for 8 years. OFCOURSE, I want the economy better too, BUT I do think, it's taught me some important lessons about patience & necessity, for instance instead of buying new furniture I buy new covers for them, we aren't spending money like we use to, we are being more careful, budgeting better, & quite frankly will be in a better position when the economy turns around, as I'm confident it will do in time, cause it isn't an easy fix. People want fast turn around, I understand, I want it too but i'm trying to be rational & it's unreasonable to expect a quick turn around when its been years/decades of heading in the wrong direction. I also look at each candidates individual character & I see so much good in Barack Obama, fighting for all citizens & the 47% comment, along with other things is not a good indication of the character of Mitt Romney, I'm sure he's done good in his lifetime & I'm sure he did some good in MA but that is because he was a seemingly different politician back then. More moderate he now seems very conservative to me. Which is fine for some but not for me, my values don't allign with that, that's why I care so much about Barack Obama getting re-elected. If it comes off as personal attacks on Romney supporters it isn't, it's just me fighting for the man I believe to be the better choice to run our country.. he's kept us safe, killed Osama Bin Laden, prevented us from going into another great depression, implemented LONG OVERDUE equal rights for our Military men & women, & i could go on & on. The point I was making is it wasn't the presidents best debate BUT I think it's going to fuel him & hopefully he'll do better next time:)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm pissed off--- & I don't care what u think! My Facebook post today!

I'm so disgusted by the video of Romney & his comments over 47% of people.. When I worked part time & made less than $10,000 I didn't have any federal taxes taken out... I am NOT a victim, I am NOT not being personally responsible.. I didn't make enough to have it taken out BUT I did pay federal taxes, soc security, medicare, etc, various people haven't paid federal income taxes in years cause they don't make enough, are the ELDERLY, are disabled, or some other circumstance... in fact the 10 states with the most NON-paying federal income tax citizens are RED states-----his potential voters... How he decided that Barack OBAMA's 47% were the ones not paying taxes is beyond me- but it does sound better for him. His statement is down right ridiculous,OFFENSIVE---- he will NOT worry about these people, the people whom he's trying to be THEIR president.. It's despicable. I realize that he was catering his words to $50,000 table donors but that only makes it worse in that he will say anything to anyone to get their vote no matter who's toes he has to step on... how anyone can still support this man is beyond me, If you want to un-friend me because of this.. have at it. Thank you for reading. I hope that you can understand that my anger is directed at this un-caring statement of someone who is wanting to become president & as a mother & citizen I take that VERY serious. Good day. :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A political post & I've been doing so well.. lol.

I've been thinking about something... putting aside the fact I'm a very proud supporter of Barack Obama, I know it's a shocking revelation! ;) It really does bother me that Mitt Romney has not released more tax returns... what is up with that?? This man would be running our country & in my opinion we have a right to see how he handles his own business.. seems like being president is a JOB where that seems reasonable. Especially after all the president had to do to beyond proof he was a US Born Citizen, WHY won't Mr. Romney release more than the last two years, what does he have to hide...I'm just so curious-- what is on them?? The last two years are when he knew he would run, did he clean up his act, did he do shady things on his tax returns prior to 2010, maybe not, but why make us all wonder if every thing is above board just release them.. FYI.. Barack Obama released 7 years of tax returns in 2008 & over the last 30 years no other candidate had released so few.. well except for John McCain *who released just two also, so when Mitt talks about precedent, he's referring to John McCain. hmmm...

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Things that remind me of my Mom

*the Stevie Wonder song, "I just called to say, I love you"
*Tap Shoes
*Kenny Rogers
*Kermet the Frog
*Peanut Butter Tasty cakes
*Chicken & Dumplings
*Soup w. Hot Dogs & Hamburger meat she used to make
*Old Jerry Lewis movies
*Native American things
*Memories of her taking me to Dance Class, & getting new Stickers for my Sticker albums at the Hallmark Store
*Made for TV Movies
*Mall Pizza Place.. "Orange Bowl"
*Tootsie Rolls
*Black Licorice candies

Always in my HEART! I Love YOU Mommy! RIP 1949-2001

Things that remind me of my Grandma

*JuJu Fruits
*25,000 Pyramid w Dick Clark
*"Like Sands through the hourglass so are the Days of Our Lives" Title words
*Ring O' Magic (plastic toys) Kinda an early version of Lego's
*Otter Pops
*Diet Soda especially Root Beer
*Snyders Hard Pretzels
*Rocky Road Ice Cream eaten with Pretzel Rods instead of Spoons

I love you Grandma.. Always in my heart! 1920-1992

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

March of Dimes Award Dinner

So we got an invitation to the March of Dimes Awards dinner again this year, & in the past we never went. I guess for a couple of reasons, I don't like the spotlight & also I'm not sure how I feel about a charity spending money on a dinner or awards for that matter so we've always declined. BUT then we got a note from them saying Emily was going to receive the 2nd place youth walker award for Gloucester County. Our family team also would be getting an award for 5th place Family Team. :) So anyway.. we thought Emily would like receiving an award & when we told her about it, she was so thrilled at the idea! So that was that, we were going, both Brian & I felt the same way.. well now we must go! I think for me too, it being our 10th walk it felt like it was the right time. Considering the reasons we were going we weren't that disappointed when the dinner was not very good & I kinda respected that they didn't throw mucho bucks at it, I really mean no offense.. hope u can see what I'm trying to say. They had BBQ drum sticks, baked beans & corn on the cob (the frozen kind) BUT it was in a beautiful venue & the room had a view of a water fountain in the middle of a lake. SO it was nice. Anyway.. we didn't really know what to expect having never been to one before. They must have only had the venue for 2 hours cause after quickly getting our dinners, the MC guy gave a speech & started handing out awards.. first were corporate donors, than the Family Teams, which we had to get up in front of everyone & accept, *not my cup of tea.. but it wasn't too uncomfortable.. & they did give us a really nice plague with our TEAM's name listed on it & our 5th place title... they took our picture & we held the plague proudly! Then they called the YOUTH walker awards.... Which Emily got a 2nd Place AWARD! She also received a plague with her name on it & her 2nd place title.. she was so HAPPY! We let her go up to receive it by herself, which she did great---& then Emily just had fun!!! She went from the back of the room where they were handing out the awards to the front of the room where the MC was & was raising her hands in the air like YAY!!! Then she gave the MC guy--- a HIGH five, while the crowd cheered! I was one proud mama & then she went even further.. the MC guy said, so do you want to give a speech? I think half in jest & she totally surprising everyone when she said yes and took the MICROPHONE from him & starting giving an impromptu speech saying Thank you and explaining how she raised the money for the March of Dimes! By the end.. i was crying & everyone was clapping!! The MC guy, said "See that's what this is about!!!" That's my girl making something special,EXTRA special!! I love her & I say it often but I'm going to say it again, she reminds me everyday how to live a life.. with happiness & full of joy! Here's a few pics from the night, an event I'm really happy that we went to! :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekend Hello..

Hey everyone... What's up??? I'm soo tired I can't even believe it.. I slept for almost 10 hours last night & then took an unexpected nap today from 11:30 to 2 PM!!!! I didn't mean to sleep that long, & when i woke up I kept looking at the clock thinking no way??? I thought i was asleep for 1/2 hour.. i know that makes me seem really lazy but I've actually been super busy in the last month & I think I really needed it, SO many things going on for Emily's end of school year/ all the regular life things & Emily started drum lessons on Wednesdays too... the little rocker.. she's been doing really good with them so far. :) So I've been busy & I'm one tired lady I guess plus I've chaperoned 3 field trips in two weeks!!! Yesterday we went to Clementon Park w/ most of the entire 5th grade class.... it was the safety field trip.. 5th graders in Emily's school can volunteer to be safety's.. (every quarter they assign new kids to certain jobs around the school.. hallway monitor kinda thing.. some are bus patrol, Emily helped in a 1st grade class as her JOB during the beginning of the school year) Anyway... so we spent a long, hot day at Clementon Park.. which is a local park here in NJ... it has amusement rides & a water park.. the water park is pretty nice! We stayed in the water park for the majority of the day.. especially since Emily doesn't like rides very much but she loved hangin in the wave pool & we were there for most of it. She had a really good time! I'll post pics later! :) Anyway... Im sooooo happy Brian comes home on Monday... YAY YAY YAY!!!!! I've really missed him & really need a bit of a mental break... I don't like this whole single parent thing.. which I've felt like I've been for the last month.. very difficult.. i have such a new respect for Military families... REALLY & TRULY! He's been gone a month.. wow!! We made it. End of year?? Went so fast this year, & believe it or not Emily graduates on June 11th from Elementary school... when I think about it i really feel like crying.. i don't know why? I guess her growing up, changing a school we like & feel comfortable's just hard.. I don't know but it's really really really hitting me that she's growing up. Makes me feel bitter-sweet & gives me a whole new set of concerns for her. Love her so much, I'm sure lots of parents feel the same way I do at this age and time in their kids lives. Middle school concerns... all that drama. :( Anyway, if I write anymore I'm going to be crying so anyway.. Emily also had her 5th grade social.. see pics below.. It was really cute, they had games & there was a DJ... it was cute seeing all the kids dancing together(in a group not couples thank GOD!! So not ready for that but in groups.. Emily did great!! She's a little un-coordinated but all in all did really well. I was really proud seeing her trying all the line dances and such. :) She was the best twirler out there.. it's funny she had trouble with the kicking but the twirls were top Anyway... decided to just order a pizza for dinner & It's here so I need to get done writing for now.. have a great weekend everyone! :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Follow up.. & a weekend update.

Hi friends.. how are you guys doing??? Hopefully you all were in NJ this weekend, cause it was beautiful. Emily & I had a fun weekend. Brian's been away on business & It's been a lonely couple of weeks for me.. so glad Em & I have each other. She ofcourse misses her daddy too. But I've been pretty productive while he's been away.. & am finally almost finished my garden.. all the veggies are in except for a few tomato plants.. BUT so far.. I've got 25 plants of corn, 2 pepper plants.. 10 cucumber plants, 2 tomato plants & 8 plants of green beans.. yum... hopefully fingers crossed we get some actual HARVEST this year! :) Anyway, went over my aunts house today with Emily.. she likes playing with their 2 dogs & I helped my aunt by cleaning the deck. She is hosting an annual memorial day BBQ next weekend & I always pitch in & help her get ready for it. :) I don't mind at all... we have a fun time together, even when cleaning off grimy dirt from the We must really enjoy each other's company... haha.. Anyway, what else?? Oh... Emily & I went to Joshy's baseball game on Thursday---I've been promising him I'd go to one of them and finally made it, (his last) got it in under the wire.. lol. :) Anyway...really getting tired so probably will end soon. BUT as you are all probably aware.. Joshua went home on American Idol..Which bummed me out a little but I'm so totally rooting for Phillip now!!!! YAY!!! I really enjoy his music & to be honest I probably like it better than I liked Joshua's TYPE of music but Joshua just had such stage presence & I really enjoyed watching him... but I LOVE Phillip too.. and he's such a cutie!!!! :) I hope he wins.. nothing against Jessica.. her voice is beautiful for what it is.. but I'm not fond of that ballad type of singing :) Anyway... so tired..Been a pretty physical weekend.. so I think I"ll go now.. Goodnight.. :) Love u guys. xoxo

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"I had THE BEST day with you... TODAY!"

Wanted to take a few minutes to hop on here & share the fun day I had with you all. :) Emily had her 5th Grade class field trip... I volunteered to be a chaperone! It was a fun day... Emily had so much fun, it was a tour bus ride around Philadelphia. The two girls in our group were such sweet girls and they really seemed to like Emily... It was nice seeing kids be sweet to one another! :) I took lots of pictures which I'll post at another time but I just am feeling really happy about today... Unlike other field trips this one just felt very relaxed & I was able to be in the moment. Which I'm so grateful for! I took it all in, the fact that I was there with my daughter... and it was lovely. The tour lasted about 2 1/2 hours & we stopped at the Art Museum & ran the steps & over looked the river there!! The weather was beautiful & I just feel very grateful. :)

Also Emily & I watched American Idol.. which was great!! The last song by Phillip blew me away.. :) SO GOOD! I hope that Joshua wins but I will buy Phillips CD in a heart beat! :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My take..

Hi... Again saw something on facebook that someone posted that has me so pissed off.. but to tell you the truth I don't want to comment on it there cause I don't want the war that follows..... I say something, they say something.. it's ridiculous, and quite honestly my skin is to thin for that crap. I don't enjoy doing that crap especially with people who i don't care what their opinions are.. wish they would shut the fuck up and know for sure they shouldn't have the power to make me feel sad, or bad or frustrated.. which has happened in the past. So instead have decided to put my opinions on here so that they are out there but without the drama.... so to speak. So here you go..

Barack Obama supporting Gay Marriage... I on a personal level, am very proud of my president. For anyone who says this was a political move they are insane.. if anything this will hurt him politically not help him.. and actually that speaks volumes to me about the man this president is. He finally admitted something that he should have a long time ago EVEN if it hurts him politically. I have a problem with people who say marriage should only be between a man and a woman & who claim this isn't a CIVIL rights issue. It is! IF people are in love & want to get married why shouldn't they.. this is the land of the FREE! They should be free to do that if they so choose. :) Anyway I could go on and on about this but that's the gist of it..

Romney being a bully to someone when he was in High School.... Well people might be surprised a little at my take on this one. I think it's awful that he was a bully to anyone & I think if he did that, he needs to apologize to that person whole-heartily for his on one.. & if he doesn't that shows you alot about the character of the man he is today because that person deserves that from him. BUT as far as me judging Mitt Romney on that action from 40+years ago, I'm not going to, because I think who didn't do shit in high school that was completely stupid & hurtful... If I was judged by what I did in High School I would be mortified.. and no I wasn't a bully BUT I was a kid who made very poor choices! He was a kid, & with all the hormones and insecurity that comes with that age. Let me say this too I'm so glad schools are taking more action today than they did years ago to try and STOP bullying.. because I can say this about Mitt Romney but I'm not the person he did it to, and if I was my opinion on this might be completely different. But I'm not so I'm not going to judge Mitt Romney on this action from back then, personally I much more care about who he is today, What kinds of choices/opinions/ positions does he hold... which DUH, in my opinion are NOT the right ones! For the record Mitt Romney was DEAD wrong for treating someone LIKE that. I just don't know anyone who doesn't regret something they did in High School. So I'll give him a bit of a pass on that one.. atleast as far as politics goes..putting politics aside I've never thought much of Mitt Romney as a person anyway..... he comes off like a rich, entitled, out of touch SOB to me!! This ofcourse is just my opinion.. you are entitled to your own ofcourse. :) Missy

MY newest Obsession.. ID channel

Actually I'm not sure how NEW this obsession is because it's been awhile since I discovered this channel.. but OMG.. I can't stop watching it. I don't know why? I'm not sure what that says about me, I must find murder & mayhem fascinating, cause that is all this channel is about!!!! But every day it seems whenever, I can't find anything else to watch I always end up on channel 111... ID which stands for Investigation Discovery.. I think. Sometimes if I don't stop myself I'll watch episode after episode.. It is fascinating and disturbing- I get a little pissed when they re-play the same episodes over and over and then I'm forced to find something else to do... haha. I guess I wasn't paranoid enough with life- YEAH RIGHT! NOW i need to know how many freaks are out there.. just sayin' but I've always kind of had a fascination with this stuff.. I remember every day after school growing up, at 4 pm Quincy came on. I loved that show.. perhaps some psychologist would explain to me one day this is WHY you are soooo paranoid but I did watch it everyday. Anyway, the channel has original programs like... "Fatal Encounters..." that name is S C A R Y right!! & programs like "Behind mansion walls..." about rich psychos! It also has shows like 48 hours & Dateline on ID! (which is just episodes of Dateline & 48 hours replayed on ID) Anyway.... If you like shows like this you should give this channel a try... just don't become a psychopath because of it.. apparently we really do have enough of them already!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Just watched the latest episode of "real housewives of OC" i enjoyed the episode. I must admit I enjoy Heather.. she's kind of funny! "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR" haha.. I didn't think I would like her but she's got this endearing quality about her. I totally agree with Brianna that Brooks seems weird but having been raised by a single mom & NEVER EVER approving of any one my mom ever dated. can see a lot of my self in her. But hope she isn't pushing Brooks away for that reason because I learned the lesson too late that at the end of the day I just wanted my mom to be happy, & having someone in her life would have made my own mother happy, but having said that.. I really don't think that is the case here, I think she doesn't think he's right for her mom, and I agree that something seems off about him. I call BULLSHIT on a lot of what he says.. but then again who knows.. I'll be curious as to where that relationship goes. Anyway.. Emily & I watched the finale of the VOICE tonight & the result show for Dancing with the Stars.. That girl is really getting into TV shows... it's nice to watch them with her, we really have a nice time watching them together. Anyway.. Roshon & Melissa both went home tonight on Dancing with the Stars-- I have to say those were the right two. I feel bad for Max because he hasn't won the mirror ball yet.. I hope he's matched up with someone next year who really has a chance... cause he's been on that show for lots of seasons & If I were him I might be thinking perhaps it's me. I don't think that, I'm just trying to say it might begin to feel discouraging for him. I really wanted to root for Melissa Gilbert after all I grew up on Little House but she just danced really awkwardly... I do think she improved this week but it was a little too late.. & there really are so many good dancers this year.. I feel like any of the last 4 could win. William, Donald, Maria or Katherine.. they are all excellent! I don't know who I really favor.. I like Katherine alot because she seems really sweet and says "naughty bits" which cracks me up.. so I probably am rooting for her plus I think she is now the under dog and I like rooting for the under dog. :) Ok now that I have made myself seem like a TV junky I guess I'll go to bed. haha.. Goodnight! Missy

Mom: A poem for you!


IN LOVING MEMORY OF MY MOTHER....Gone way too early at age 51.. I miss you so much! I love you always & forever!

Margaret Bory

born Nov. 19,1949
died May 9, 2001

No time to celebrate the miracle
No time to become good friends
NO time to say enough
NO time to make amends

Your life was over in a moment
Even though it took several years
Fighting it was exhausting
Trying to hide the tears


In just a different way
A spirit and connection
Thought of each and everyday

By Missy

Friday, May 4, 2012

What the hell.. why not.. show me the MONEY! lol.

I've been trying to focus a little more on this blog... I signed up for it's a great website where a bunch of mom-bloggers join & share their blogs.   I find it funny that I've had my blog since 2007 & never really thought about "marketing" it. I still don't think about it that way after all I don't make anything, I didn't & still don't know if I have anything to say anyone else would even CARE to read....  For me my blog is personal I started it cause I wanted to share things with my daughter, the things that I wish my mom could have shared more of with me.  She died young @ 51 & we moved around alot when I was little, we struggled a lot, my mom worked really hard raising us as a single mom.  In ways, my life is easier than my mothers, in other ways I'm still a mom, and that's the hardest job ever. The biggest difference is my mom's life was much more busy, and busy with things she didn't want to be doing like working just to put food on the table.. I don't think she ever had a moment to think about making memories or appreciating the little things.. her life wasn't really conducive to do that... she worked nights, which meant she slept alot during the day.  We didn't talk nearly as much as Emily & I do, but I still loved her with all my heart! I just wish she would have shared more, you realize the things that matter often too late so that is why I share so much on here, at time maybe too much, it's just I don't want to regret not telling Emily just how much I loved her, or how much she mattered to me, so that's why I do this blog,  I share a lot on this blog & most of it is so if my daughter one day wanted memories, she'd have them especially God forbid you know.  I think now is a good time to say thank you to my husband.. who works really hard for us, I'm lucky to have a husband who supports his family so much, he has a great job and we together decided I should stay home with Emily.. at times I've had to go to work outside the home but for the most part I've been able to be a full-time stay at home mom to Emily. So thank you Brian.. you really are an incredible husband & father.. I know I don't say it enough.  But I love you & appreciate all that you do so that I can be here for Emily. Okay enough with the mushy stuff.. back to the money making..hah! Anyway, SO I really never thought about trying to make money off my blog....I mean with any real effort.   But the more I thought about it.. the more I thought well why not?? Emily is starting to enter Middle School.. in a few years she'll be in High School then College.  College??? How the hell are we going to pay for that?? We are trying to get out of our debt & work on it.. but why not have this blog help me help Emily even if it's just enough for her food card! Haha.. I know I'm not going to get rich off this, and that isn't the point. Hell I've had advertisements on my blog for a few years & I think I've made $7.00 (which they won't even give to you until you make like $100.00) so yeah I don't have HIGH hopes of becoming a millionaire or anything but I thought well why not?? I wonder what could happen IF I actually put a little effort in, could I maybe make a little for Emily for college. After all we only have about 7 years so & I thought well why not?? I don't know how someone reading this will take what I'm saying, I guess I don't really care, I'm sure people try making money off their blogs for a variety of reasons.. for me, I thought what the hell, what's more of an important reason than trying to help your daughter pay for college. So I finally decided, why not? what do I have to lose, after all College is expensive & I never was able to afford to go but I PROMISE you, my daughter will!  SO anyway.. that is why you see the advertisements on the side of my blog, If any of them seem interesting to you.. go ahead and click on them. This is how I can make money from my blog--- I'm still learning so if any other bloggers out there have any legit ways to make money off a blog, then please let me know.  :) thanks for reading.. Missy

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just things..

Well decided to write a quick post, sometimes when something has me down.. I want to write not necessarily about what it is that has me feeling this way but just so I can try and re-focus my mind on something else.  So many things have me feeling a little blue at the moment, 1 of them is my father in law was suppose to visit us this weekend.  We haven't seen him in quite sometime.. so we were all pretty excited about finally seeing him again! Emily was very excited about seeing her Grandpa.  See, he moved to Las Vegas a few years ago and aside from one short visit when he came to NJ we haven't seen him since but un-fortunately something beyond his control made him have to cancel his trip. SO that sucks.... I told Brian he really should try by all means to see him soon... he's had some health issues over the last years, and I know Brian really wants to visit with him ( as do all of us.. but financially it might not be possible for all of us to go). :( SO that's just one of the things making me feel down. I don't really feel like going into all of them so I'll just leave it at that.  We have Emily's IEP meeting on Thursday... they always make me a little anxious, just cause I want everyone to be on the same page.  This is a hard one too because we have a new case manager because Emily is going into middle school. Which is so mind boggling to me, I can't believe it.. MIDDLE SCHOOL??? When did this happen, seriously, she's just my little girl. I guess I better get used to her growing up.. it doesn't seem to be slowing down any.  Emily has three field trips coming up.. two in May & one in June.  I volunteered for all of them.... Emily wanted me too.. and I did too!  I just hope I'm not responsible for too many kids.. cause that can be really stressful.  Trying to keep an eye on so many, especially when ur a nervous nelly like me.  But I've chaperoned many a field trip and haven't lost any kids yet so I'm sure it will be fine. but just in case keep ur fingers crossed for me,  would you?. Can't :) Anyway, feeling a little tired so I think I'll end here & since this is the first day of May.. I hope everyone who reads this has a happy May!  Missy


Sunday, April 22, 2012

This is why we walk in March of Dimes...

When I first became pregnant, I was scared, stressed and so EXCITED too. It was at a most difficult time in my life. My mom, Margaret who was my rock my whole life had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian cancer, about a year or so before. My Mom and I were extremely close. So close that she and my baby brother (14) at the time lived with my husband and I. So I was devastated when it seemed like my Mom wasn't winning her battle with her cancer. We needed a miracle.. we had no idea it would come in the form of a new baby. I never had really thought much about having a baby. I LOVED children but Emily was a bit of a surprise!! I call her my gift from God!! I can't imagine my life today with out her. She is my LIFE, and I've never been happier. When Emily was born however it wasn't a typical happy birth. It was a scary devastating time. It was compounded because my Mom was so sick too. Emily was born very premature. She was what they call a micro-preemie. I had never seen a baby so small, in fact I had no idea there were babies that small. She weighed 14.7 ounces and was 10 inches long. I remember looking at her and thinking how can she survive? IT wasn't easy. It was a long 6 month journey of ups and the scariest downs you can imagine. Yes, we thought we would lose her many times. She had 4 major surgeries before she was 6 months old. The first one when she weighed still less than a pound and was only 7 days old. That was just one of many times they told us, "She probably will not make it". She had lung infections, UTI's, bowel surgeries, sepsis, countless blood transfusions, eye surgery, and so many xrays, blood sticks, work ups, etc. Her poor little feet still show the marks from all the blood sticks she needed. ALL of these things were done to her before she was 6 months old and all in the attempt to save her life. It was painful to know that she was in pain. TO know that there was little that my husband and I could do for her. But we were there, everyday in every way we could be. I was so torn.... between being with my Mom and being with my daughter. My Mom let me know that I was to be with my daughter and that was it. Her taking that decision out of my hands was an example of her love for me. But it was still a torture for me. The two most important females in my life.... both fighting for their lives. And me feeling helpless to do anything about it. I did what I could and now when I look back, I don't know how we got through it. Emily finally started to improve but unfortunately my Mom had fought as hard and long as she could. I lost my Mom and the world lost a great woman on May 9, 2001 and Emily came home on May 17, 2001. It was a very bittersweet time and I got through it because of Emily. I know she is a gift from God. My Mom knew it too and that brings me such comfort. Today, Emily is doing so great! She is a happy/healthy 11 year old. She is in the advanced placement class at school. We are so proud of the fact that she has gotten straight A's final year grades since she started going to school. She is now in 5th grade! She is so full of life! She sings and dances through it! Now why am I sharing all of this with you. Well for one thing... We felt so helpless when Emily was born that our family decided to do something to help others. We decided to start walking in the March of Dimes Walk America/ March for Babies. Our first walk was in 2003. This year we will be walking in our 10th walk. We have raised thousands of dollars for the March of Dimes... I'm proud of that, and I know my Mom would be too. So please I am asking you if you can to please make a donation to our Team Emily. The link is on my wall page or just click below:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

D.A.R.E. Graduation Day

Well today was Emily's 5th grade D.A.R.E Graduation.. It was really great, I of course felt really proud to see her up there receiving her DARE Certificate & taking the PLEDGE to stay away from drugs.  The class also performed a little song & gave out both poster & essay awards.  Emily didn't win one but it didn't matter, just seeing her up on the stage made me so proud.  She also volunteered to be one of the pom pom girls, and had to learn the routine in one day. (she was absent from school the last few days.. ) This year, this last year of Elementary school is so bittersweet... So many exciting achievements for Emily, & believe me Emily is taking them all in, She has such an exuberance over everything.. she was so excited about DARE graduation.  She has a joy about her.. She loves life!  She made me very proud--- She teaches me more than I'll ever teach her.

Monday, April 16, 2012

10 Years of walking for babies.. GO TEAM EMILY!

Well we are getting close to our March of Dimes walk, it's on April 29th this year & it's EXTRA SPECIAL cause it's our 10th Anniversary walk!  We've walked in every walk for the last ten years! YAY!  We've raised as a team $950.00,so far this year,  our original team goal was $1000.00 so we are really close to that.. and we beat our total last year already... i think it's saying something considering the economy is still so fragile.. we have some great friends & family... our family is lucky! We still have over a week to try and get even more donations!! I have a good feeling.. we are going to blow up our GOAL! :) WOO HOO!! Ofcourse I'll include a link so that if you want to help us, you can!! thank you everyone who donated or plans to..YOU ARE AWESOME!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter blessings..

Emily is so excited for Easter tomorrow.. I'm glad at 11 she STILL is EXCITED over all the little things that Easter brings.. I'm sure some day she'll out grow them.. that'll be hard on me, but I know that day will come at some time.  She's growing so much and I'm having a hard time with that at times.  I look at her & know it but it's hard to know it.. you know?? She's 11, and all that, that comes with it.  BUT today like I said I'm happy she's still so excited of the idea of getting her Easter basket & doing her little Easter egg hunt to find it.. it's a tradition. I asked her, " Are you too old for it?"  Privately hoping what the answer would be.. Luckily for me, she said, "NO WAY Mom.. I still want to"  I'll probably put a little more coins in the eggs instead of the little cheap plastic toys I could get away with when she was younger, but I don't care about that.  It brings me joy to know she's still happy to partake in these fun little Easter traditions.. and even when i know in my heart it's happening, she's growing up.. I realize that while it's happening.. it hasn't HAPPENED! :) She'll always be my baby.. no matter her age & that is just that. I know it, and I make sure she knows it too. I love her always & forever-- and know that I'll love & appreciate every age she is, but ends of things are always bittersweet. :)Well, anyway,  we have a fun day planned tomorrow, we are going over my cousin Ursula's house, who is making A GREAT BIG dinner for lots of family & friends... so happy to be included in & surrounded by her & our families.  The only thing that could make it any better is if Brian was home.. he's been a way on business-- I'm missing him so much, as is Emily ofcourse.. this is the first Easter we won't be all together. :( My heart is sad over that... but am really looking forward to when he'll be home.. i guess absence really does make the heart grow. I of course never doubted my love for him but it sure is a reminder when you miss someone so much! Happy Easter to you all!! May your day be filled with love & blessed beyond belief. xoxo

Thursday, March 29, 2012

What not to forget to say to a preemie parent..

Was thinking about something just now and decided to write a quick little post on it.  The walk for March of Dimes is coming up, it always gets me thinking, remembering our 6 month journey in the hospital with Emily when she was a baby.  When you have a premature baby.. no one says congratulations to you.  Like "Congratulations--she's beautiful"  Instead they say things like, "So what are the doctors saying?" "Oh my god, she's so tiny?" "how is she doing?" with pity in their eyes. I get it, i understand that but I remember one nurse we had, her name was Colleen, it was early on but she wasn't one of our regular nurses, anyway she had Emily for the first time and Emily was still really sick at the time, still tiny as ever, I remember the first thing she said to me after saying, "I'm Colleen-- I'll be taking care of Emily today" she said, "Congratulations on your baby--she's beautiful" her saying it to me was eye opening,,, I was like "WOW, THANK YOU!!!!" I didn't realize how much I needed to hear it!!! She was my baby girl & she was beautiful & I was happy she was here. We were HAPPY along with all the other feelings and stresses we were having since Emily's birth. Anyway,  It meant a lot to me and  I'm sharing this so if someone you know has a preemie or a micro-preemie, you might remember to say it---- it might be just want they need to hear, it was for me anyway.  :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I agree a lot with this man :)

RIP Trayvor

I've been avoiding the news lately for my own good.. don't know much about anything newsworthy to be honest. SO I haven't really wanted to speak out on the case in Florida of Trayvor Martin, however I don't want my silence to come off the wrong way-for me I try not to make an opinion on things I'm not completely informed on BUT I thought I would share with you what I'm feeling about the case from what it is I do know of it. What I know about the Trayvor Martin case is that it is a tragedy & seems like something that should definitely be investigated fully to find out how this ever happened,...personally, i don't think anyone should carry a gun! I'm not a fan of firearms, simply for the fact it's too easy for something to go wrong... I don't agree with vigilantism either. I also know, I don't really know the person accused of it either, or if the awful thing he did eats at him night and day. I try not to judge anyone, however EVEN if he is remorseful, he still should be punished for his actions but nothing will bring back the life of a 17 yo boy who anyway you look at it shouldn't have died. It's so sad....why would that man ever believe that was the thing to do... shoot an un-armed boy, why why why.. & he was only 17! Just a kid starting out his life.. makes me so sad! We as a society sometimes want to jump to conclusions on things that anger us sooo much, & i hope that this doesn't seem like a call for more violence from others wanting revenge for Trayvor's death, because that will do no one any good. Honestly the part I don't know is if race had anything to do with it, perhaps it did, but since no one can get inside George Zimmerman's head to find out, unless evidence comes out showing us definitely he was, no one may ever know so I'm not commenting too much on that aspect since I don't know nor think anyone will ever really know. I hope that some good comes out of it, and perhaps the next person who decides to take the law into their own hands, although for the life of me I can't imagine what Trayvor even did that George Zimmerman thought was "suspicious" what?? Walking.. but that's another thing.. I wasn't there.. I don't know the situation but I've heard that is what he told the dispatcher..he seems suspicious.. WHY??? hmmmm.. does make one wonder, But anyway my point was I hope that the next person in a similar situation decides to JUST make a call to the police & STAYS in his home. The thing that I keep thinking is that George Zimmerman SHOULD NEVER have been outside with a gun if for no other reason than we as humans in the heat of the moment, filled with adrenalin, perhaps fear, probably wouldn't make the right choice and in this case it caused a boy his life.. and the person who did it should be punished for that- no matter if he wishes so much he could take it back, he can' he needs to be held accountable for it in some way-- he needs to have his day in court and stand accountable for what happened. But there is a lesson here, many perhaps but the one I keep thinking about is people need to THINK THINK THINK before they do something that can have such devastating results. My thoughts & prayers go out to Trayvor Martin's family, may he RIP!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Emily... then & now.. WOW!!!

As our March of Dimes walk approaches it always makes me remember how far Emily has come.. decided I would post a picture so you can see physically the difference. :) It's truly amazing. i couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments, she has become a beautiful girl on the outside, a kind/caring person on the inside & a brain in the classroom.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

New found needs...

Having a great weekend with the family... just a quiet weekend.. it's amazing how mellow I'm becoming. I mean don't get me wrong I've never been much of a crazy women, Well except there were those three months in 1997 when I rented that shore house w/ my 2 crazy friends, and we had a great time don't get me wrong-- I'll just call them my sowing oats months! But other than that I've always been a fairly mild person but I have always NEEDED to be doing something! Usually it was shopping which led to debt and wasn't productive in the least. I'm learning that I DON'T need to do anything-- and I'm finally learning to like it, I think Emily has taught me that, I've learned so much from my only child. The need for material things is just not as important to me as it once was.. I am happy with the clothes I have.. and thankful for having them. I am happy with the home I have and happy to have one. I think my whole philosophy about life has really evolved and changed over many years. I'm not perfect by any means but I can definitely see my self growing & it does make me proud.Now that is not to say I don't look around my house at times and think.. ugh so much needs to be done around here, but it's gonna take baby steps to get there... for instance a few tiles are missing in our bathroom-- we need to replace that tile, but I've gotten used to looking at it. So until we have the $, it's gonna have to be that way. The same with the outside siding.. I try not to think about the fact we still have that old (not healthy for you) siding on our house, which I KNOW needs to be changed... or the windows that are ancient.. Our goal is too try really hard to find the cash someday to do those things but we don't want to acquire any more debt, and we are trying hard to get rid of some of the debt we already have.. it is a tedious process, but we are determined. Now a big stress that is looming in the ever nearing future is Emily's college education.. ugh! That is why it is so important we get out of this debt NOW!!! I pray that she continues on the academic level she is now and she can get some scholarships and grants to help pay for it.. BUT either way I am determined that my only child ATTEND college an option that was NEVER encouraged in my own house growing up... that is one thing that is no matter what we will all figure out a way to make happen. Emily although she is only 11 will have the OPTION to go to college by any means available, she wants to go and we want her to go. She will attend. :) I think that lies heavy on me and is perhaps a major reason for my new found "frugal-ness" I'll sacrifice my wants for my daughter every time, and I know my husband feels alot of the same things!! :) Anyway..this post wasn't really what I thought it would be, but that's alot like life.. sometimes it changes on you.. and usually you learn something from it. :) Happy Sunday!

BTW... if you feel the want to help us in our desire to send Emily to college.. why not buy my husband's book.. it couldn't hurt.. lol!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Crossroad....

Brian & I just got home from Emily's parent-teacher conference. As usual she is doing fantastic grade-wise. This of course fills us with pride, but we feel like we are at a crossroad in her Educational plan. Next year she starts middle school, Like most Middle schools the one Emily will attend is much bigger, has lockers, locker combinations, switching of classes, etc. A process that is difficult for most children but for Emily even more so( she has an even harder time adjusting to change, and she's needed a one on one aide for a various reasons through out her Elementary years but who has made some leaps and bounds over the course of those years.) So we've been debating whether she still needed a one-on-one aide and also whether & when we should let her try it on her own. BUT is now the right time??? The new "case-worker" at the last IEP meeting thought maybe it was, but is it?? This woman doesn't know our child..and educational Emily doesn't need one, but that was NEVER the reason for her having one. Obviously we've been thinking a lot about this..I wonder IF these kids will "label" her (if she has help), it's hard enough to make friends in middle school let alone when you have an aide, AND she is doing really WELL in her school BUT how will she be in this new environment?? We have always been concerned with her safety, she had a lot of balance issues, sensory issues, awareness issues, especially in her earlier years, kindergarten, first, second, third grades. The last two years she has made so much progress.. not the least is she has outgrown the absence seizures she had been having since 1st grade, or for that matter that she has grown a good 6 inches in the past two years... (Emily was always the smallest in her class.. starting out at 14 oz that isn't a big surprise.. but she's grown alot!!) Which has helped her with her balance!! But Emily still has an awareness issue, which can get worse with added stimuli.. especially in a school twice as big & double the children! SOOOOO.. the question remains is it the right time.. Emily's teacher has an opinion that it isn't.. that she should have an aide for atleast the beginning part of the year, and ofcourse our primary concern is Emily's safety soooo we think our decision is to go ahead and keep the aide. I hope that the kids are kinder than we are giving them credit for being.. that they won't label her because Emily is one of the smartest kids they will ever meet & is such a kind and funny kid, who just needs a little more help for a little bit longer! We don't want to throw her to the Middle school "wolves" so to speak. Especially if her teacher thinks she isn't quite ready after all we see her in a totally different environment than she does.. and obviously respect her opinion. BUT is any parent of a special needs kid ready to let them perhaps fall a few times to gain the independence they need to reach.. when will the right time be?? The choice will never be easy.. we love her too much and don't want anything to happen to her.. but everyone at one time needs the chance to try. I think that this just isn't that time yet.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another reward card..

Finally signed up for the staples reward card. You know me.. the month I signed up they had triple rewards for recycled ink cartridges.. since we had 5 cartridges to recycle, and they are normally only $2 but we got $6 for each which means we will get a reward certificate for $30.00, it was the ABSOLUTE perfect time! Not that I'm cheap BUT I do love a bargain! The only catch was we had to spend $50.00 to get the triple amt for each one but it was well worth it considering we needed ink and we knew we would get back $30.00. Anyway... I really think these cards are a great way to save money.. the only thing it takes is a little bit of planning.. apparently Staples does these double and triple ink cartridge deals a few times a year so we hold onto all we use until then and take advantage of the EXTRA bit of moolah! :)YAY! Ink Cartridges were always one of those annoying purchases cause you NEED them and there aren't usually coupons for them so the best you can do is wait for them to go on some kind of sale.. my aunt Barbara has been on the staples reward program for a while and so I'm happy I finally took her advice and joined! Feel stupid I didn't do it earlier but oh well....This really makes me happy cause I'm still trying* not to buy things that aren't on sale or without a coupon (*when at all possible). Anyway just thought I'd share with you this great program! Take Care!:) Good Night!

PS... RIP Whitney Houston.. whatever the reason for her untimely death, it's still a tragic lost when she was only 48.. sometimes peoples demons get the best of them.. obviously I'm speculating as no one knows the cause of death, no matter still sad for her family especially her daughter and she's a Jersey Girl so that makes her special in my book. :) God Bless.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


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RHOBH Reunion PT 1 (my take)

I decided to write a little fluff for a change. Last night was the first night of the "REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS" reunion.. part one of THREE! I enjoyed it but have to say, I felt kinda bad for Lisa. Why was everyone being soooo mean to her! Especially Adrienne & even Kyle a little.... Cause honestly as a viewer I think Lisa's little jabs are just her british sense of humor, she's trying to make a joke. Have a sense of humor everyone!!!!! Geez! I mean it would be one thing if she was trying to RUIN you all in some way but since you guys are all super rich I think that you real housewives need to chill! Let's see I think that with REAL issues facing one of you.. Taylor, the rest of their minor issues with each other seemed even more petty. I felt really bad for Taylor, her pain is so obvious. I always believed that Taylor was telling the truth about Russell.. he always seemed not right to me! Just a gut feeling I got from watching him on the TV. When it came to light that he was abusing her, I was like.. that's it! He was always SOOOO careful when he was with the ladies, as if he was trying hard to come off "NICE" & "Normal". Just my take on it. Anyway, moving on.. the FUNNIEST part of the Reunion was when Camille called Lisa or more appropriate Lisa's BUTT a BADONKADONK! haha. I also thought that Kyle didn't come off good in the reunion and I really like her but she said that Lisa was Munipulative. I don't see that at all, atleast in any of the final editing we the fans see.. I think Lisa is FUNNY & caring! I believe that Lisa actually would do anything for a friend, & to me she seemed genuinely concerned for Taylor! I think she from the beginning didn't like Russell and wasn't willing to "pretend" like she did, and that caused the tension from day one with Taylor. I think that is honorable to tell you the truth, perhaps she got the same kind of feeling I got from him. In hindsight I see that she was the smart one! Anyway.. what else??? Adrienne came off whiney. Taylor came off like she's working on her self. Camille.. I like her this year, which wasn't the case at all last year, I didn't care for her last season, I think she WAS stirring up trouble last year, this year she seemed really much more sincere. Brandi.. is just plain funny & will tell you the truth according to her. She isn't careful with her words, they just come out.. word vomit!!!! This is both a curse and refreshing.. I don't think she doesn't care but perhaps she doesn't. I haven't figured that out yet.. This is different than how Lisa is, because Lisa doesn't mean to hurt others, she thinks she's being funny. Lisa reminds me of that other British housewife from DC. I forget her name but she was always getting in trouble for her sense of humor too. I didn't like her as much but can see the similarities in their sense of humors. Us American's are tooo uptight. & then there's Kim who wasn't there.. she was in reab. It was sooooo obvious in the show that Kim was not healthy. I'm glad she's getting treatment for herself and her family. Good Luck to her. :) Anyway.. I guess that's it. UNTIL the next one. lol.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Extreme Awesomness! :)

I consider myself perhaps a Crazy Coupon lady.. but not like those people on the TV show Extreme Coupon.. well that may have changed on Saturday. Haha.. Got almost $50 worth of items (Cat food, Dog food, Cat Litter, Cat Treats, 2 Flintstone Vitamins, Paper Towels.. that's all I can think of but there may have been more) FOR ONLY $3.28! I thought it was $3.81 and then saw the receipt earlier today and realized it was even less than i thought, (which also gave me the idea to give a shout out to MYSELF on here.. LOL!) I used coupons (including a $5.00 one of the dog food which was on sale for $5.99) & we redeemed our KMART reward card savings of $31.00 which was like HUGE!!! So i felt really good about that. :) WOO HOO!!! My advice is to take advantage of these reward cards & definitely use coupons, you won't always be able to save like this but even if it happens 4 times a year it's like WOO HOO, how cool is that? So get couponing & GOOD LUCK!! PEACE

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Well it's almost midnight, a perfect time for me to write a blog! I really think I'm part vampire... let's see i just finished watching most of the "republican" debate.. ugh!!! That is some scary choices. OMG.... I'd like to think that with anyone of those guys running against him, that Barack has a really good chance but I know that their are alot of people with the same believes as them... and that truly scares the shit out of me!!!! I didn't watch the whole debate, only about 40 minutes but it was enough... i'm not sure anyone of them looked very good.. i think perhaps the one who was the most articulate was maybe Rick Santorum, and by articulate, i don't mean intelligent I just mean he could literally put two words together... hehe. I think the one who came off the most intelligent or passionate was Ron Paul. The funny part of the night was Emily came into the room while I was watching it and asked to snuggle so we talked about the debate a little.. I explained that one of these men will be chosen as the Rebublican candidate who will go against Barack Obama and try and defeat him to become President. She said, "why are there only WHITE guys up there???" Out of the mouths of babes.. lol! I had to laugh! She stayed there for a few minutes and then said, "this debate is soooooo boring" and left.. LOL!! OH well it certainly didn't impress Emily.....Okay so what about me, Let's see.. what did I learn from the debate.. hmm.. hmmm... hmmmm... alright give me a second. Okay I got something.. i learned that they really don't like GAY marraige! That Mitt would like to reverse Roe Vs Wade, that they disagree with Barack Obama on pretty much everything and that's about it. Needless to say, I think I'm still going with Barack Obama. :) I watched this really great video that someone had posted on Twitter.. called NOT disappointed by President Obama.. and the video was of this man who explained why he was NOT disappointed in the President.. for example.. "I am NOT disappointed in a president who signed legislation to give health care benefits to 30,000,000 people." It was a great video. So great I've decided to post it here....

Alright well.. good night friends.. PEACE!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Random! :)

This is my crazy cat Napoleon in my makeshift expired coupon holder

Notice my "coupon-binder" in this one... YES.. I'm a crazy coupon lady!

FINALLY.. the cat found a better place to rest!!!