Tuesday, January 31, 2012

RHOBH Reunion PT 1 (my take)

I decided to write a little fluff for a change. Last night was the first night of the "REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS" reunion.. part one of THREE! I enjoyed it but have to say, I felt kinda bad for Lisa. Why was everyone being soooo mean to her! Especially Adrienne & even Kyle a little.... Cause honestly as a viewer I think Lisa's little jabs are just her british sense of humor, she's trying to make a joke. Have a sense of humor everyone!!!!! Geez! I mean it would be one thing if she was trying to RUIN you all in some way but since you guys are all super rich I think that you real housewives need to chill! Let's see I think that with REAL issues facing one of you.. Taylor, the rest of their minor issues with each other seemed even more petty. I felt really bad for Taylor, her pain is so obvious. I always believed that Taylor was telling the truth about Russell.. he always seemed not right to me! Just a gut feeling I got from watching him on the TV. When it came to light that he was abusing her, I was like.. that's it! He was always SOOOO careful when he was with the ladies, as if he was trying hard to come off "NICE" & "Normal". Just my take on it. Anyway, moving on.. the FUNNIEST part of the Reunion was when Camille called Lisa or more appropriate Lisa's BUTT a BADONKADONK! haha. I also thought that Kyle didn't come off good in the reunion and I really like her but she said that Lisa was Munipulative. I don't see that at all, atleast in any of the final editing we the fans see.. I think Lisa is FUNNY & caring! I believe that Lisa actually would do anything for a friend, & to me she seemed genuinely concerned for Taylor! I think she from the beginning didn't like Russell and wasn't willing to "pretend" like she did, and that caused the tension from day one with Taylor. I think that is honorable to tell you the truth, perhaps she got the same kind of feeling I got from him. In hindsight I see that she was the smart one! Anyway.. what else??? Adrienne came off whiney. Taylor came off like she's working on her self. Camille.. I like her this year, which wasn't the case at all last year, I didn't care for her last season, I think she WAS stirring up trouble last year, this year she seemed really much more sincere. Brandi.. is just plain funny & will tell you the truth according to her. She isn't careful with her words, they just come out.. word vomit!!!! This is both a curse and refreshing.. I don't think she doesn't care but perhaps she doesn't. I haven't figured that out yet.. This is different than how Lisa is, because Lisa doesn't mean to hurt others, she thinks she's being funny. Lisa reminds me of that other British housewife from DC. I forget her name but she was always getting in trouble for her sense of humor too. I didn't like her as much but can see the similarities in their sense of humors. Us American's are tooo uptight. & then there's Kim who wasn't there.. she was in reab. It was sooooo obvious in the show that Kim was not healthy. I'm glad she's getting treatment for herself and her family. Good Luck to her. :) Anyway.. I guess that's it. UNTIL the next one. lol.

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