Saturday, January 7, 2012


Well it's almost midnight, a perfect time for me to write a blog! I really think I'm part vampire... let's see i just finished watching most of the "republican" debate.. ugh!!! That is some scary choices. OMG.... I'd like to think that with anyone of those guys running against him, that Barack has a really good chance but I know that their are alot of people with the same believes as them... and that truly scares the shit out of me!!!! I didn't watch the whole debate, only about 40 minutes but it was enough... i'm not sure anyone of them looked very good.. i think perhaps the one who was the most articulate was maybe Rick Santorum, and by articulate, i don't mean intelligent I just mean he could literally put two words together... hehe. I think the one who came off the most intelligent or passionate was Ron Paul. The funny part of the night was Emily came into the room while I was watching it and asked to snuggle so we talked about the debate a little.. I explained that one of these men will be chosen as the Rebublican candidate who will go against Barack Obama and try and defeat him to become President. She said, "why are there only WHITE guys up there???" Out of the mouths of babes.. lol! I had to laugh! She stayed there for a few minutes and then said, "this debate is soooooo boring" and left.. LOL!! OH well it certainly didn't impress Emily.....Okay so what about me, Let's see.. what did I learn from the debate.. hmm.. hmmm... hmmmm... alright give me a second. Okay I got something.. i learned that they really don't like GAY marraige! That Mitt would like to reverse Roe Vs Wade, that they disagree with Barack Obama on pretty much everything and that's about it. Needless to say, I think I'm still going with Barack Obama. :) I watched this really great video that someone had posted on Twitter.. called NOT disappointed by President Obama.. and the video was of this man who explained why he was NOT disappointed in the President.. for example.. "I am NOT disappointed in a president who signed legislation to give health care benefits to 30,000,000 people." It was a great video. So great I've decided to post it here....

Alright well.. good night friends.. PEACE!

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