Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Extreme Awesomness! :)

I consider myself perhaps a Crazy Coupon lady.. but not like those people on the TV show Extreme Coupon.. well that may have changed on Saturday. Haha.. Got almost $50 worth of items (Cat food, Dog food, Cat Litter, Cat Treats, 2 Flintstone Vitamins, Paper Towels.. that's all I can think of but there may have been more) FOR ONLY $3.28! I thought it was $3.81 and then saw the receipt earlier today and realized it was even less than i thought, (which also gave me the idea to give a shout out to MYSELF on here.. LOL!) I used coupons (including a $5.00 one of the dog food which was on sale for $5.99) & we redeemed our KMART reward card savings of $31.00 which was like HUGE!!! So i felt really good about that. :) WOO HOO!!! My advice is to take advantage of these reward cards & definitely use coupons, you won't always be able to save like this but even if it happens 4 times a year it's like WOO HOO, how cool is that? So get couponing & GOOD LUCK!! PEACE

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