Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Mom Poem" by Emily

Today Emily wrote me a poem in a card. It was the most wonderful card I ever got. It said,

"Mom Poem"

I Love Mom
She is sweet
She is very kind too

But she will always love me
Mom, I love you!!

Because you are my Best friend,
Our fun together
will never end.

I love Mom.
She is sweet
She is very kind too

But she will always love me
Mom I love you too!

Emily R

Monday, November 23, 2009

Emily's 9!!!! OH MY!!!!!

Yes that's right my little baby girl is 9 years old today!!! She's becoming such a big girl, I asked her last night, "even though you're 9--- I can still call you my baby, right?" and she said, "right". She's just the best kid!!! I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH!!! Yesterday she had her PIRATE birthday party. We just invited a few of her friends over. I just wasn't up to a big BIRTHDAY party this year and she was fine with just having a few friends (Madeline, Ethan, etc...) It was a fun party and she said it was Excellent!! The party was fun but after it we had a real scare. Emily fell down the stairs, not sure what exactly happened if she just tripped or had an absence seizure at the top of the stairs or what. Anyway she fell from the top of the stairs and landed on her HEAD and flipped over. IT WAS SCARY LOOKING and for a few seconds I was REALLY SCARED that she hurt herself bad. THANK GOD!!! She seems fine and I think just really scared her self more then anything, I know she scared Brian and I. I was shaking the rest of the night, and I could not get the image of her falling, out of my head, I must have checked on her like 19 times in the night. It rattled my nerves. I was sooo worried about my girl. BUT she's fine... like I said THANK GOD!!! Anyway, today we just had an ice cream cake and sang Happy Birthday again. I really can't believe she is 9--- the time just flies by. She got some cool gifts---- she got a Webkin Pug whose wearing a T-Shirt, and she got a matching T-Shirt. She got a watch, clothes, puzzles, bakugan toys, a microscope (from Daddy and me), and a some more toys too. I think she had a nice birthday. The gift she really wanted was a pillow pet, which is coming in the mail. It's just a stuffed animal pillow but SHE JUST THOUGHT IT WAS SOOOOOOO CUTE She HAD TO HAVE it!!!! So we ordered it online and it'll come sometime in the next 2-4 weeks. That'll be a nice surprise anyway for her. Anyway, just wanted to pop on here and tell everyone about my girl's bday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET EMILY!! MOMMY LOVES YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!! XOXOXO

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm here again... Wow... 2 in one month it's amazing! Today was a good day we went over Brian's brother's house and had dinner there. It was nice, and we were trying to finalize plans for Thanksgiving---- I know it seems really early but we just needed to talk about who's house it would be at and what each of us would do. We decided to just go shopping together and split the cost this way one family isn't paying for the whole thing. I am soo happy we are as a family communicating more and It makes me sooo happy. We've had some issues in the past and they are all getting resolved. It was just about not understanding each other, and communication not being open. Things are soo much better now. I really feel like we are going to be that close family I always wanted to have with them. November is going to be such a busy month. Our family has sooo many birthdays in November... Emily, Brian, my Father in law, my niece Heather, my Great nephew Nicholas and my nephew Jimmy... it's really WOW!! My mom's birthday was in November too. Such a busy month.. not to mention Thanksgiving so I'm just feeling good that we talked and got things in some order early. What else... well I've become somewhat addicted to this game on facebook called Farmville.. it's kinda like you built this farm and you have to harvest your fields and take care of animals. I really like it.. and it helps when the boredom strikes. I still am enjoying Facebook, but I've learned soo much about people... most of the people that I've Friended from my past I really like. I enjoy their updates and think that I would get along with them if I were to meet them in "REAL" life, others whom I even had strong relationships with back in HS, and I've realized that If I didn't know them before I would NOT LIKE THEM at all now. Politically, or personality wize I just find them obnoxious. It's funny--- you remember them one way and found out that they aren't that person at all, but because you were young and they hadn't developed their ideals yet. When you're young your relationships are based on looks or feelings alone. But when you get older you base them more on important qualities... I don't know if I am explaining myself well but it's just how I've felt about some of my former "real" friends. I didn't think of them the way that they are today.... I still thought of them the innocent way of my youth but now getting to know them that's all gone. They have turned into people whose character I don't like. It's kinda sad to know that I would not like them if I had the chance to be their friend and I would not really wanna be. But luckily that is the minority and not the majority of people I've reconnected with. Most of them are really cool and I'm happy that I've developed even a small relationship with thru Facebook. Oh well, I'm kinda sad the weekend is over. I really enjoy being with my family. I especially like the extra time I get with Emily and Brian. Sometimes I feel like the week is just one routine after another.. It's nice to just have the lazy days of the weekend. I don't like being bored but I like the non-chalant quality of the weekend too.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall is here, Christmas is around the corner.

Hello.. I'm updating on here, it's amazing I know. I guess I just feel like writing I was kinda eager about it. Thinking that I would write this and that.. now lets hope I don't forget. I guess I'll start off with Emily because well she's the most important part anyway... always. She's doing sooo good in 3rd grade. She came home the other day and said... "Mommy I'm doing excellent in 3rd grade." and I could not help but to smile. She's sooo cute, and ofcourse right. She's gotta all A's on her tests. Her daddy and I are very proud. She has decided she wants to be Hannah Montana for Halloween. I am thrilled, cause I get to help her with the costume. We aren't buying a store one but rather putting one together. I bought this really cool GOLD jacket that I've modified some to fit her (it's was a size small juniors) so it was a little big on her and I think it's gonna look really good. Then we got her some pants, and borrowed some boots from Madeline. It's looking really cool so far!! What else.. I went to Christmas Tree shop tonight with Danielle.. we had sooo much fun!! We really enjoyed just relaxing and not having any of the kids with us... so we got to take our time. Infact we were in there for so long.. we didn't realize how long and were shocked to realize it was quarter to ten @ night when we left.. YIKES. It was awesome. Got some cool things and a really cool photo album scrapbook for Emily that we can put her school pics in/ and art work and etc up until 6th grade anyway. I LOVE IT! I spent almost $60.00 so I was like YIKES.. but I didn't feel too bad cause Dan spend double.. hehe. IT was fun like I said. Still doing facebook and I still like it but @ times I find it annoying. You open yourself up a little to being hurt some. I question if the friendships I'm developing on there are at all real. I guess I mean do they care about me really or am I just a person that they don't really care about. I'm not sure I'm enjoying it as much as I used to. It's hard to email some one and not get a response back--- my skin is thin and it hurts my feelings a little. I'm wondering if perhaps I'm not cut out for a system of social interaction such as it. It's hard for me to explain myself with out you knowing me. If you knew me it would make sense. I tend to be VERY honest with people but also care what they think tooooo much. The combination can lead to hurt feelings, mostly mine because other so called "friends" don't really care. Been feeling that way about someone that I actually considered one of my real friends on their, so it's just been a bad week for facebook this week. Also I've had a headache on and off for a few days in a row and it's just annoying. It feels much better right now.. maybe perhaps that helped me decide to write a blog. Ofcourse perhaps I've been getting the headaches cause I"m a little stressed. Worrying about Brian... his next surgery is on the 26th of this month. I know it's gonna be OKAY but you know. oKay... Well I'm feeling a little tired and I guess since it's almost 1 am tht makes sense.. so I guess I'll go now. I'm really going to TRY and update a little more often!! Anyway PEACE OUT!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well it's been a hectic couple of weeks and with Emily's school starting and everything going on.. I realized I didn't write about something very important. Brian's Grandma passed away.. earlier this month. She was 95. I can honestly say I NEVER knew anyone like her before. I admired her soo much.. she spoke her mind and she lived her life and I NEVER knew anyone that lived that long or that great in my life until I was lucky enough to meet and become family with "Great". I liked that nick name.. Her great grandchildren in Ohio called her that... and I always thought it fit her perfectly. She was great. Her name was Grace, that too was a perfect name. We didn't agree on everything and she never minded telling me what things about me, she didnt understand. For instance... she told me I was ruining that steak.. when I ordered it well down. She also was from a different generation and kept some of those biases that older people tend to have. But she was kind to everyone, and especially her family..... she was so very generous. I always was amazed by her ability to take not only me in but Fernando as well. She treated him no differently then one of her own grandchildren.. I really loved her for that. I loved her for alot of reasons.. I loved her for her kindness, and her rugid yet gentle way that I can't explain better than that. She would give you her opinion but not in a way that angered you., just in a flat matter of fact way that said well this is really the right way and I don't need to argue with you about it. It was just Great, just her way... and I don't think there will ever be anyone like her. I'm sooo glad I knew her for 11 years..... I'll miss her, I'll miss her, I'll miss her.. and I know it's soo much more difficult for Brian. But we all know that she was ready... she's been telling us for years... Im ready whenever God calls me... I'm ready. So we know she was ready, and wanting to see her husband again up in heaven. She lived by herself, drove her own car, mended to her garden up until just over a month ago... she had a great live, it was long, it was filled with love, and family. What more can you ask out of life... her death was peaceful, and she was ready. I think everyone would want to go like that... with visions of things to discover in heaven and completely at peace after a loong wonderful life.. SO it's not soo much sadness I feel but just a sense that we all will simply miss her.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My little lover of learning....

Emily is doing her homework right now.... and she's chanting. "I love doing spelling Homework", "I love doing spelling Homework" "I love doing spelling homework" as she is doing her spelling homework.... she just finished and then she said, " Oh good... now on to Math" I have it sooo easy. I've heard of kids that argue, fight, protest, cry, over homework.... My kid makes cheers up!! I love her so much!!!!!

Also Emily is very EXCITED that she started SPANISH this year. She came home today with her Spanish folder and I have to say... can read the language very fluently already! Mi inteligente la hija. (my intelligent daughter)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Emily B. 3rd Grader

Well today was Emily's first day of 3rd grade. IT didn't start out soo good, Emily was worried about school sooo much this year. We kept telling her over and over it was going to be a great day!! But she didn't want to listen. So I just said a prayer when she got on the bus (she was crying and everything) that she would have a great day and sure enough she did!!! She loved her teacher and was happy to find out she had the same one on one aide as last year! She had a big ol' smile on her face when she got off the bus afterschool. YEAH!!! YAY!! HOORAY!!! She did AWESOME, just like her daddy and I told her she would! (Emily really wanted me to post this- my apologizes for how long it's been since I posted anything on here) I'm really proud of my girl, and I know she's gonna have a super year!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A poem about me by me


I'm a dreamer
I'm a worrier
looking for middle ground

I'm a what if'er
Even to my own despise

I eat the wrong foods
and then question why?

I'm lonely
in a crowd of people

I'm crowded
in a group of two

I'm lucky
and don't always see this

I'm Miss Unfortunate
but often oblivious

I hide from things
Others find odd

I have a good heart
I am a good MOM
I am a good friend
I try.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer '09 so far,,,,,

It's been a while since I've updated, but we've been having a fairly busy summer so besides my updates on facebook I haven't really thought about writing anything on here for a while. Today is kind of a lazy day so I thought I would take a few minutes to update this blog with whats been going on. Let's see...Memorial day parade (saw my friend Karen from HS), BBQ at my aunts, went to the Kenny Chesney/Sugar land concert with my aunt and cousin in June, Emily & I have been to the shore twice so far, we had a camping trip and Knoebels vacation with our good friends over the 4th of July weekend, Saturday that just passed Emily went to a pool party @ the Gloucester township municipal pool for one of her school friends (she had a blast- it was the best she's ever done being in a pool by her self), and yesterday we went to Mike Mike's graduation party BBQ. SO far it's been a fun summer I guess.. however, I really need like a week or two week vacation some where. I mean I love doing these day trips but it would be really nice to sink your teeth into a vacation and truly forget the troubles of the world. U know? IT was funny (well not funny-- ha ha) but funny ironic is that the first trip to the shore Emily and I went with Danielle, Madeline, and Josh.. we had a great day. The weather was beautiful and we just had a really nice time...... well we left about 4 or so from the shore and when we came home we found out that both Farrah Fawsett and Michael Jackson had passed away. IT WAS SO SAD!!! But we were down there and had NO CLUE... so both of us heard it after we got home and our husbands told us and we both were shocked--- it was kind of ironic because everyone else was aware of it but we were totally (happily) oblivious to it. I kinda liked not knowing.. i mean it was soo sad and it wasn't like I knew this people but since I had grown up in the 70's & 80's they were a part of my childhood. I remember watching Farrah on Charlie's Angels. It was one of my sister and I's favorite shows growing up. As for Michael I mean, I went to middle school when he was the man. SO many of my classmates had that red zipper jacket and wore the one glove. Some even had their hair like his. The thriller album was the shit during that time. So it was extra sad that these icon's from my youth were gone. I think that made it extra sad for me. Anyway, my obsession with facebook continues... I just am enjoying it. I think I like the feeling of a community. It's nice to feel like some one Likes your comment or you can get a lil' giggle over a comment they left. I did unfriend someone. This girl was soo annoying. Her status updates were obnoxious and I could not take it anymore. It was bringing me down.... so I finally just decided that we were tooo different to even be "CYBER" friends. I kinda felt bad for doing it, but I am soo much happier not to have to see her obnoxious comments... They were soo egocentric I could not take it anymore. She talked about herself in the 3rd party and referred to herself as "PRINCESS". I'm hoping that she was just kidding but after months of it.... I just didn't find the joke funny anymore (if ever). It was like, Do u ever think of any one else but yourself? I am just happier with out her stupid comments... they irritated me so. The final straw came when Michael Jackson died and she was like.... "People get over it--he was a bad man" or something like that... she wrote it like 3 times. My take on Michael Jackson is this..... I don't know what happened. DO I think he was strange, YES... but I don't know that it was proven he was a pediphile. I say let the man rest in peace and it's in God's hands to judge him now. I felt sorry for his family and his children. It's not my place to judge him and I didn't think it was hers either. I don't know what he did, and I'm not saying he was innocent... just that I don't know. I also feel like he DID alot of good in his life too... I remembered the kindness he showed to Ryan White, and all the make a wish's that were granted because of his Neverland Ranch. I'm not a super Michael Jackson fan, and I thought he was weird. But I respect him for his talents and the good things he did in his life too, and for all the other accusations against him, I'm sure he will have to face God at the Pearly gates. I think that's good enough for me.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A momentary Pause....

You know sometimes everything has u running... running to work (or in my case) walking to it. Running to get home and get Emily off the bus, deciding on dinner and homework and everything, but today I was sitting downstairs looking out the front window and noticed this squirrel sitting on our front steps and eating the left over part of Emily's peanut butter/jelly sandwich. I could tell it was from our trash because I use a cookie cutter to cut out the center and throw away the rest. I was just so fascinated watching this cute lil' guy eating this sandwich... the way he held it with his two hands, the way just like a little kid would---- he ate the best part first... he licked all the peanut butter and jelly off. I laughed out loud over that one. Infact when he was done eating the one side's peanut butter and jelly off-- he went to the other side before eating any of the just bread part. I just sat there watching him and realizing how nice it was to just take that momentary pause of everything and enjoy that moment... just me and what should have been a pesky squirrel who got in my trash cans but today he was the sweetest lil' thing.... and a needed pause for me. When I got up and looked at the clock it was 5:11 of course and that made me smile as well! =)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Can't think of a title!

Okay.... I'm starting to run out of titles for my entrees.. I'm just gonna start using a play on Movie Titles unless something else hits me that I like better. Anyway, just thought I would write about stuff that's going on. I can't believe how fast May is going... part of me is happy... because I can't wait for summer and Emily to be off. But also it just reminds me of how quick life goes by... April was a flash... and now May... it just goes by too fast. But each week I still can't wait til' the weekend. May's always a bittersweet time for me. My Mom died on May 9th, and it being the month of Mother's Day.... it is both a very sweet time and a very difficult time. I didn't forgot to acknowledge my Mom on here on May 9th.... it's just I did it on Facebook. I thought about her alot that whole week. I always think about her but I really thought about her that week. It's tough. I just miss having her here to say the most generic things to.... like crocs, would she like them? Or Kenney Chesney is in concert and wishing my Mom was here to take. Or just wishing she was here to eat chinese food with. Or would she like this new flavor of Rita's? Wanting to show her Emily's school pictures and get her reaction to them. SO many things... U just don't think that u'll miss and u miss SOOOO badly. I know she would get a kick out of EMily's obsession with the Sound Of Music... she would think that was cool! Wanting to share Emily with her... all the time!!! To see her love for her, to see her amazement of her! I just would really love that. It's all gone and its so unfair.... but that's life. It sucks sometimes but has moments of Brilliance---and u hope for more of those moments then the other. Anyway, what else.... we are going to the Memorial Day parade at my Aunts on Monday. That should be fun!! Emily LOVES it! ! Brian's surgery went well... he had it last Monday and fingers crossed gets the plastic tubes in his nose out today. HOPEFULLY!!! Then we can start to know if it's gonna help him enough so he doesn't need the other surgeries or not. Again FINGERS CROSSED!! Let's see... Emily's 2nd grade field trip is to the Philadelphia Art Museum on June 3rd and I've agreed to be a chaperone! Lets hope that goes well too! It's always a little scary when u don't know the temperament of the other children and hoping that the "bad seed" isn't in ur group. I know that sounds bad but it's true!!! I have to find the sheet for when Emily's end of year eval is... I think it's the 25th but I have no idea of the time.... Yikes. I gotta find that paper. ALright I guess I'll go.. can't think of anything else!! have a nice day! =)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thoughts for today...

You know I just watched Jesse Ventura on Larry King. I was actually pretty impressed with him. I don't know much about him, I have to admit that I thought Minnesota was a bit nuts when the elected him their Governor. I thought here's this wrestler and what does he know about politics, and since I don't live in Minnesota-- I didn't really care to learn about him either. But he said a lot of things that not only do I agree with (which is a plus for why I was impressed) but he also said alot of things about torture and waterboarding that I didnt know but now understand more about. He also thinks that George Bush is the WORST president in his life time. AMEN.. ME TOO! What he said that I thought was the most telling was about he had been waterboarded as part of his navy seals, and that he knows it's TORTURE!! He also said that if he had 1 hour and Dick Cheney he would have Dick confessing to murder!! It doesn't work because people will say anything to have u stop... not necessarily the truth!!! Anyway, He said some other things that were interesting as well, you should check it out---- I found it on! Talk to u later.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Miss Idiot... atleast in my opinion.

Miss California has decided to PLATFORM to STOP GAY MARRIAGE... sweety... WITH all that could use help in this world... THIS IS WHAT YOU DECIDE! If you believe in GOD so much, let him decide if something is right or wrong.. BTW... the bible was written by MEN! IS She really tht stupid? THINK about it?.... Abortion? Gay? Birth Control? Affairs? Cursing? Where does it end? Is it your job to police the minds of others... Live your life. I've come to realize that I'm not God----- only God should judge people! I believe in him strongly. I don't believe EVERY SINGLE WORD in the BIBLE!! I think if U DO what is in YOUR heart to do. Leave others to do what is in THEIR heart to do. OFcourse... if it's illegal that's one thing but the Bible says ALOT of things are wrong that are not illegal.... Can u imagine the jails if people were punished for having affairs. According to the bible that is just as wrong! I don't see u platforming for that. Miss California... you're being rewarded by the GAY HATERS in the world and you are liking the POWER and the PRAISE... but is it really important.. I think more people should show love towards each other... Gay, Straight, WHATEVER... You are fighting LOVE, and that is WRONG! & IDIOTIC!!! So my apologies for calling u an IDIOT but I call it like I see it and this is MY BLOG!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hi, I've been non-productive today as far as the house work goes.. but I did create a new playlist for my blog... be prepared... LOTS OF COUNTRY music! But I listen to the country tv station while I do the treadmill at night and I'm starting to like alot more songs. But there is alot of other stuff too... lots of Flogging Molly and Jimmy Buffett. The first song is called "Online" it's quite funny and I thought appropiate. Not that I do that but I think alot of people do. FUNNY song. Listen to the lyrics... it's hysterical. Anyway, What else... Brian's surgery has been changed to the 11th of May now and will be done @ the hospital instead of the surgical center. Because of his sleep apnea. I'm happy they are being extra cautious... it's just seems scarier in a hospital and not at an out patient facility. It's going to be fine it's just me worrying---- it's going to be fine! OMG...almost forgot we walked in the MARCH OF DIMES walk on Sunday. IT WAS SOO HOT!! But we made it and we raised $1600.00 for the cause. So it was great! Speaking of walking.... I am getting frustrated with my lack of weight loss. I've been walking on the treadmill for over a month and 1/2 now and I don't feel any skinnier at all. I DO FEEL BETTER and I'm not going to give up yet but it is FRUSTRATING and I wish I was seeing more weight loss. Emily got straight A's again on her third marking period report card!!!!! SO PROUD OF HER!!!! Way to GO!!!! Emily u ROCK!! Today is my nephew and sister's birthday---- so if they read this...... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!" Well I better go I have lots of things I should be doing and haven't yet... YIKES... I almost forgot to mention this whole SWINE FLU outbreak. How scary. What can you do, hide in your house.... life goes on... but I did by some germ busting hand wipes for Emily and I've put them in her back pack! I'm using them on her hands after the bus!! You never know. This morning---- this little girl coughed right on Emily and I did care a little more then normal!! For a worrier like me---- I need to avoid NEWS coverage!!! So I'm just gonna keep facebooking and trying to avoid all articles about it! AVOIDANCE is the best medicine---- both of the virus and of the coverage.... it's the only hope, atleast for my peace of mind! Anyway, ending on that friendly "reminder" to you, I guess you should have avoided reading this.... hehe :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's Happening Hotstuff!!

Hi.. I know I've been horrible about coming here and writing. What can I say, I've been busy. Actually I have. Emily had a bit of the stomach bug, but luckily it only lasted one day. She had it on Sunday and threw up like 5 times but by Monday the worse of it was over. I kept her home from school as a precaution. She thankfully seems all better now. She is at school today, she took a fall on the way to the bus this morning and we had to get a bandaid form the bus driver and she had to go to school with a ripped pair of jeans. SO that was our morning adventure. She was really brave and didn't even cry but was very concerned about the fact that she was bleeding. I hope her day goes well today. So what else.. well our March of Dimes walk is this Sunday. We are walking in Glassboro this year because well the Camden County one this year starts in Camden and goes over the bridge... well with me being so afraid of heights, we can just forget that idea!!!! We haven't raised as much money as previous years (maybe it's the economy) or the fact that Brian's work didn't let him send out a universal email to the whole firm. Either way, we are trying and I've even got a few donations on my facebook acct. Which is sooo wonderful, some of these people I haven't seen in 20 years and it is so nice of them to do. I felt really happy when I saw they had donated. It really meant something to me. Anyway, I'm doing great with the treadmill and not to sound like I'm bragging--- I'm just really proud of myself. I still don't know if I actually have lost any weight or not. Not by my jean calculations. Brian thinks I'm losing weight in areas I can't tell yet-- maybe my brain! hehe. Anyway, more seriously Brian's surgery is on May 4th. It's a little scary and I just hope the recovery isn't tooo difficult. But he's pretty tough. I just hope it makes him feel better. He's soo tired and having a really hard time sleeping. He wakes around like a zombie sometimes and it's not his fault--- he's just so exhausted. He never gets in the REM sleep that we all need. Emily is still loving the Sound of Music and still her happy go lucky self. She has her 2nd tumbling (3 total) class on Thursday. So we are busy around here. We are also looking forward to Pat visiting. She'll be here right after Brian's surgery --- but first staying with Jim and Deb. It's our nephew Patrick's birthday right around then and so she's going there first. Patrick is a fun kid and I think he'll really like that his grandma will be here for his birthday!! They are really close too. She tries to do that--- make it up for one of her grandkids' birthdays-- and then someone elses the next time. She's very fair like that. Emily is soo looking forward to Pat's visit---- she just loves having Grandma here. I asked Pat if she would help me with my flower beds while she's here. She loves that stuff. She said sure. So that's really nice of her too. I'm sure it will make my flower beds loook better. Anyway.. I guess I'll go-- I'm so tired maybe I'll take a little nap, even though I really do have so much to do around the house. But I'm not in the mood. Maybe I'll cook Chili for dinner. I'm not sure I have enough of the ingrediants I'll just have to manage. Anyway, have a good day! Missy

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Emily Update...

Hi.. well today was a beautiful day. It hit 80 degrees outside and sunny. Emily is in a tumbling class, her first official class was on Thursday. She really liked it, but she was so exhausted afterwards. She did somersaults, log rolls, and an obstacle course. She had a lot of fun. I'm a little afraid when she does the somersaults wrong that she is going to hurt her neck. ( some of them just don't look right) OUCH... but she didn't seem to care and Ms. Brianna (her teacher) did try and show them the right way to do them. Also Emily has a NEW PASSION.... The movie, "The Sound Of Music" it's not that she hadn't seen it before or even that she didn't like it before but she has become a bit obsessed with it lately. She is really into making Theme songs for EVERYTHING. She thinks the world would be a better place if everything in it, had a theme song. Maybe she's right. Ofcourse--- she prefers to be the primary singer and if others( like Mommy and Daddy) sing it's not as good and she covers her ears. SO anyway, like I was saying Emily is really into the movie and so she made up a theme song for it. It's actually pretty good. It incorporates the DO, RA, ME, FA,SO, LA TE, DO which is one of her favorite scenes. You know when Maria (the governess) teaches the children how to sing. EMiLY loves that scene and she watches it over and over and belts out the song along with the MOVIE. It's actually really cute. Anyway.... I told her I would make a video of her singing the theme song and I would put it up on my blog. SO as soon as I can figure out where the cord is to connect it to the computer--- I'll put it on here. ALso EMily just came in and said,"Don't forget to tell them about Kurt" Which is because Emily LOVES all the children in the movie. Especially Kurt------ because he is the cutest of course. Anyway that is what our little Emily has been up to lately, that and she can't wait til Summer is here. I think she is ready for summer vacation... :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Just a catch up.........

Hello I'm babysitting Joshua today and he's sleeping right now so I thought I would write a little blog while I wait for him to wake up. I should do the dishes from lunch. But I really don't feel like it plus I have been extremely lazy writing on here lately and I wanted to while I could. Emily is home from school today, woke up complaining of a tummy ache and I thought she was really sick. I think I got duped though because she is now seeming fine, which I would rather it be that then her actually being sick but I told her unless she has a fever she IS GOING to school tomorrow--- no question about it!!! I just checked on Emily though and she was cute because she had turned off the light and shut the blind and said she was going to take a nap. I'll believe that when I see it but I still think it is kind of cute. :) Anyway, I have been doing really good with the treadmill. I have done it now for almost a month. For about a week I've done atleast an hour on it. For me that is really awesome. I don't if I've lost any weight or not because I have NOT been checking my weight. Which is probably for the best. But I do feel better and proud of myself too. We also finally started out fundraising for the March of Dimes walk. It's on the 26th of April this year and we are really late with it this year so I'm hoping for the best but not sure we will beat last years amt. I always like it when we beat our previous best! Oh and by the way.. still completely addicted to facebook! :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Angie? What were u thinking!

Okay.. Huffington Post had an article about an interview that Angie Harmon gave to I think it was fox news. I didn't see the interview so I don't know whether the report was fair or unfair but I thought it was kinda funny because apparently she said something like, I like the republican party because they don't point fingers and accept your differences and don't make u feel like u have to agree with them. NOW EXCUSE me but by her saying that, isn't she pointing fingers and blah blah blah... shut up. I always liked her as an actress and I'll still like her as an actress, she can have whatever views she wants but I think it's a little hypocritical to say that u don't like pointing the fingers at people when u are doing that very thing by saying that. I mean, right? Republicans, democrats, christians, athiest, whatever.... I truly look at people with an open mind and ofcourse I wish that some people did not have the views they had, for instance I wish that EXTREME pro lifers would not kill abortion doctors to make a point that they don't like them killing "babies". I DON"T LIKE THOSE PEOPLE. I don't like people that feel it is their responsibility to POLICE the rest of us and tell us what it is we should believe, example.... don't have an abortion, don't be gay (as if it's a choice), don't smoke marijuana (even if ur in pain-- I would have got my Mom a case of joints if it would have helped ease her pain when she had cancer), don't eat meat, don't wear fur, etc. I don't like judgmental people..... PERIOD. And maybe someone would look at me for writing this and think I'm hypocrite and judging Angie but I'm not really judging her I'm just pointing out a brain fart she had. The point I'm trying to make is that it was really a stupid thing to say and personally I try to be a friend to anyone until I see something that makes me go... whoa you are NOT the kind of person I want in my life. I want people who regardless of their beliefs are GOOD people! So, GUESS what ANGIE BABY.. this member of the democratic party takes offense to what you said because I try really hard not to point fingers until I'm giving a reason to. Im sure ur a good person and I would probably like u in real life, but I think it was mighty stupid of u to say that line, because it just was. People say stupid things and it's okay. I say stupid things all the time, but I would think that ur agent is like what the hell were u thinking. STUPID STUPID STUPID!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello, Bloggers, its me Missy.

Okay to all my adoring fans out there, He he he..... I haven't forgotten about this blog. I've just been soooo busy. At the moment I can't remember what with but it must have been very important. Anyway, I'm here and I only have a few minutes to quickly write something on here. Not a whole lot going on... last night we went to a talent show/curriculum fair at Emily's school. Well Emily wanted to go and because of that I'm glad we went! ;) Let's see... today I watched Josh. He'll be two next weekend. I can't beleive it---- he's getting so big and starting to really talk alot!! Seens everyday he learns two or three new words.. it's a fun time! Been seeing him and Mad alot lately. Doing the lunch thing w. Dan. Fun. Anyway, Emily's doing great. She's playing in her room right now--- a few minutes to herself before bed time. She likes that. In a few minutes it'll be snuggle time. Yeah- my favorite time of day. Okay what else... I'm missing my laptop so much. I didn't think I've become soo in need of it but since we sent it out to get repaired I feel like a limb is missing---- Okay so many that was a slight exageration but really not much of one. I guess I'll go I just wanted to write something so nobody thought I fell off a cliff or something. Okay my heart did a little jump just at that idea (I'm THAT afraid of heights.) :) goodnight!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

ProActive WORKS....

Hello, Well it's Saturday and we are definitely having a LAZY day, although I WALKED on the TREADMILL for like the 5th day in a ROW and I am so happy. The treadmill being in our room- ROCKS, I can watch TV and the time goes by so much faster. It's motivating me to keep it up. YEAH!! I'll be skinny before Summer!! BET! Anyway, I have been using Proactive for maybe 2 weeks and it totally works!! I'm so happy, a product that actually does what it promises-- how amazing. Some days I don't even wear foundation and am fine! It's really cool. Ok. I totally don't feel like writing today so I guess I'll stop.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Missy is..... not been coming on here enough.

Hello, well it's been a little while. My new obsession with facebook is started to wear off, so I hopefully can get on here a little more now and put some new post on here more often. I'm listening to Flogging Molly on my daughter's Hello Kitty CD player... quite a contrast. But we are going to their concert at House of Blues in AC tomorrow night and I've been listening to them alot lately. Their concerts are so much FUN, lots of excitement. We are really looking forward to it, what we aren't looking forward to is Brian's surgery. It's been scheduled for May 4th. I know it's gonna help, I just have a really good feeling about it, and so I'm trying not to worry. The anxiety medicine helps too. I think Brian just wants it to be over, who can blame him and he was upset that it couldn't even be scheduled until May-- he was hoping that it would be like April or even this month, plus now he can't go to Steeler Fan's camp and is totally BUMMED. I don't know what I can do to make him feel better, but I hope he knows that I'm here for him. Anyway, Lets see I need to get Emily off the bus soon, SO I have about 10 minutes to write and then I'll have to go. I worked today, and was able to get done about an hour early so I've been happy to have a little Me time before Emily gets home from school. Oh yeah also this really ANNOYING thing happened, Our harddrive that holds ALL of our digital pictures... DEAD, Fried... I mean how annoying and the guy said because of the way the harddrive is made it could be $1500.00 to get it off of there. Brian's going to try some things but it's not looking good and I mean that is so UPSETTING.. it's like there was a fire and everything is gone. Some of them are located in other spots, like the ones on here but it's still so heartbreaking. Brian-- please come through!! Keeping my fingers crossed. Alright I guess I should go so I'm not rush rush rushing... to make the bus. I've been walking everyday this week, so that's cool-- I'll keep you posted on my progress, because you know if I can do it--- the lazy lady, then anyone can! ;) Missy

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Surgery, Facebook and Praise...

Hello, soo let's see, I think I've mentioned this before but Brian's been having these dizzy(?) spells and they are really upsetting. He went and had a balance test last week and then he had a follow up with his Ears, nose and throat doctor to day for a diagnosis and plan. Anyway he needs to have surgery to do 4 things... remove his tonsils, shave his palate, move his adams apple up, and fix his deviated septum and all of this should per his doc... "make him feel like a new man" because right now he is not getting the oxygen his body needs and it's affected so many things included small blood vessels in his ears... and blah blah blah. I'm just hoping it A) helps him sleep better and B) helps him feel better. If those two things happen it will be AWESOME.... Brian is not happy about having to have surgery. I understands, but if it helps his quality of life-- you gotta do it and Brian knows that---- it's just surgery and surgery is always scary and SCARY. So please keep your fingers crossed and Prayers placed for Brian in the coming weeks. :) THANKS!!! Anyway, what else.. I'm still completely addicted to facebook. ALthough it's not as much fun when you've seen everyone's pictures and it's just updates and then you are kind of reminded that you were not the most popular kid in school and still have that slight feeling of being an outsider still. I can't explain it, so many people seem to have genuine relationships with their "friends" on facebook and for me-- most of those people are people I knew only from High School and even then not very well. SO it's still a little awkward. But yet, I can't seem to stop from going on it atleast a couple of times a day just to see what's new. I'm such a dork. Or perhaps just bored, or maybe just trying to find an escape from scary things--- like Brian and my health. It's probably a bit of all of these things. Let's see-- I'm not sure if I mentioned this already (i'm sure I have) but Emily made the EXCEL program at her school. It's called PLACE. Each letter stands for something but I can't remember what they are. She really likes it, ofcourse if she had it her way she'd already be through a majority of the "homework" book and she is only suppose to do what is assigned and that's hard for her, the girl loves to LEARN what can I say.... PROUD MAMA. People probably are so sick of me praising my daughter but oh well if you are going to come here, that's what you are gonna get because I'm just so proud of that girl. LOVE her soo... Anyway, I guess I should probably go. I'll write again soon. Take Care. :)

Monday, March 2, 2009


I was contemplating building a dark room some where in my house. This thought came to me because Target is no longer developing FILM... not 35 mm FILM they are doing only DIGITAL. Not only did this make me feel OLD but it kinda pissed me off too. I mean, I really miss the excitement of not knowing what a picture looks like. The world is not perfect and yet if an image on our digital camera isn't perfect we almost always DELETE it. I miss going up to the counter, getting my envelope of pictures, and not having a clue what is on them. I miss the excitement and the thrill of going through them and finding the 5 really good ones and also being able to laugh at the really bad ones. I have a whole bunch of 35 mm film and also 110 film (yes can u believe it) I don't even have a clue what is on them. It will probably cost me $40(each) to get the 110 film developed and so I'm thinking it will probably never happen!! I also LOVE looking at old pictures, seeing what we looked like in a different decade, the clothes, the HAIR( I was a teenager in the 80's--the HAIR was BIG and HIGH and HAIRSPRAYED TO DEATH and hysterical.), the attitude, the glasses, It's FUNNY. It's one of the things I enjoy the most about Facebook--- people like to put up old pictures, quite frankly really funny pictures, that I just laugh at-- embarrassing- yes but also really FUNNY. So you laugh and you don't take it so serious. Someone voiced their opinion of annoyance at the old pictures on FB, and that's their right to but for me it's like get over it, do you understand how funny it is, and that good or bad--- it is what it is. Just a moment in your life that you had, you can like it or not but it was yours. SO I choose to accept it, and enjoy it and laugh at it and then live my life now and be happy. :) OH and THAT'S FREE ADVICE!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Night "Crafts"


AND Mommy's..

Friday, February 27, 2009

The dump I call "HOME".

Okay so I exaggerate some but my house is a COMPLETE MESS. I have lost my driver's license AGAIN for the Umpteenth time and yesterday I was on a mission to find it-- I FAILED that mission. I tore up my whole house looking for it and I STILL DID NOT FIND IT. SO now I am left with having to go get a new one tomorrow and also having to clean my house! I should have just went and got a new one and saved myself all this grieve. Dan and I were going to go to the Casino's yesterday and I was sure I was going to HIT it big and that I would need my license to collect my millions.. HA HA! Anyway, we ended up not going, between working and searching for my license I was too tired and then wanted to spend the night with Emily since I was basically reverse cleaning since she got home. Anyway, I'm really not in the mood to clean and so I'm using this blog as a distraction from actually doing what I should be doing. CLEANING!!! Oh well,...... In about an hour, Emily will be home and I'll get to spend some time with her and that will actually be a distraction I LOVE. SO that's good--- if only I didn't have to look at the mess around me, I'd be in a much better mood. :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mr. Presidents first speech to the nation.

Hello well I just had to write something about that great speech that Mr. President gave last night. I thought it was an A+!! I think that he gave very straight forward responses of things we need to do as a government and an individual to help get us out of this mess. The one thing about Barack Obama is that he gives a lot of common sense answers to problems and I really like THAT. I've heard a lot of Republicans/oppositions ask how is he going to pay for all this. I think he explained... that you get out of this war (the right way) that's billions of dollars, you go line by line of the useless programs -in 30 days they have saved 2 trillion dollars and you create jobs. All of these are real common sense solutions. I find myself feeling very positive about the direction we are heading in, it's gonna be a long winding bumpy road but at least we ARE headed in the right direction FINALLY.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Emily's Dinner Conversation..

Well today my beautiful daughter and I were having this very peaceful dinner, just the two of us. Fernando was outside playing Basketball and Brian was working late, SO anyway it was very peaceful... Emily was freshly bathed and looked so sweet in her footed pj's and her wet hair and then the little princess says....

"Right when I first got in the Tub, I FARTED this really big FART and it was STINKY TOO."

Okay, Well thanks for Sharing EMILY.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Boredom = Productivity

Hello, Well as I stated earlier... I was so bored today, however I did decide to get off my rump and at least DO something. First I started with Emily's closet-- which is always a mess and always emotional to clean out. It just reminds me of how big she is getting -- and having to let go of clothes she has outgrown. Also her closet held a lot of papers that she has wrote, books she has made and art projects and it's always real tough for me to let anything go. It all means so much to me. Anyway, I managed to organize it and even have a whole bag of trash and a small bag of clothes to get rid of. But it was tough. Then I decided to go ahead and clean my room. I am just about done but I'm at the stage where I don't feel like doing it anymore and still have a big pile on the bed to sort out. My goal was to finish it all and have the bed made by 4:30... It's already 4:05 and I'm not thinking it's gonna happen. We'll see... I also managed to get a few loads of laundry done and so at least my boredom did produce something. Although I'm a little pissed I spent my whole day off cleaning and now I'm wishing I had relaxed. You know I'm never happy. :)


Hello the title probably fills you in, I'M SO BORED!! I made my self some breakfast-- eggs and bacon, and ate that. Now I'm just sitting around not doing much, I could read-- but I'm not in the mood. I could clean-- but I'm not in the mood. I'm being a stick in the mud and I can't think of a single thing I want to do. It's my day off I should be happy, but I'm just blah blah blah... BORED! GOD, could I make this blog any more boring-- I'm gonna go before I depress myself any further.. :) missy

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Price of Castration...

Okay, as I mentioned yesterday our kittens are officially ball-less this morning. I am writing another blog about this only because I have a funny post-op story. We had to separate the kittens from our other 2 cats and so the kittens are locked in the laundry room, my husband went in there to feed them, and they HISSED at him-BOTH of them Simultaneously. They were pissed!!! They have never done that before!! When Brian told me this I just LAUGHED! Oh what those kittens must think of him after all he's the one that took them, I'm so glad that I didn't go with him. He alone is the meanie!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

There should be a key that is shaped like a musical note

Well we went to outback tonight. I have that stupid commercial song in my head for outback..... "We're going outback tonight" And so I think there should be a key on this stupid keyboard that has the musical note on it so I could use it instead of having to explain this in 4 lines. Ofcourse, Mr. Smarty pants computer genius just told me that their is symbols in word but that I would have to cut and paste them. Oh well that's just too much work anyway. And officially this has taken 6 lines now. I really don't have much to write about. I watched Mad and Josh today, it was fun. They were both very good today and it was a fairly easy day. Mad really likes art, and her and I have that in common and so we did a little art project and I really enjoyed doing that with her. I have to work at the office tomorrow and our two kitten/cats are getting neutered tomorrow. Poor little fellows they have no clue that tonight is their last night with their members. Now I'll have 7 neutered males in my home. My 6 furry friends and my husband who was vasectomy. Outback was really good tonight, YUM!! We went with our friend Brian, who's in town from Denver. He's so funny and we always have a nice time with him. Emily just loves him. She must have told him at least two dozen times tonight that she loves him. It's really quite sweet. Well I guess I'll go-- because for some reason I'm actually tired. Perhaps it's because I haven't slept good in the last week but I'm not sure!!! HA HA!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Wednesday!!

Hey Happy Wednesday! Just got home from work a little while ago, and Emily is happily playing on the computer! Her new favorite past time-- that and still Pokemon. The girl is something. You know but anyway,... I am really enjoying this whole face book thing. I can't get over, how many different people are in one place. People whom you never thought you would hear from again. And suddenly-- there they are, just a small click away. Pretty neat. Work was fine today. NO big time issues. Emily got another Bumble-bee card!! Hip Hip Hooray!! Brian's going to a 76ers game tonight with our nephew, so Emily and I are having a girl's night. Maybe we'll watch a movie! IF we have time too. We still have homework to do, dinner to eat, Emily's bath and etc....So maybe not. We'll see. I guess I should go, this wasn't much of a blog. But Oh well..... Anyway, More later maybe ? :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Another one.. WOW!

Not much to report, but I'm not tired, even though it's almost 1 AM and I should be. So I decided to try my hand at writing.... Let's see, I already have some friends on my facebook account. I must admit it is kind of exciting when you get an email that says SO and SO wants to be friends with you. It's been so long since you may have thought of that person and it makes you think.... WOW, I wonder what they are up to and I wonder why I didn't get to know this person better when I had the chance. You know, but High School is what High School is. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA... I just wish I knew then what I know now. I mean I would have concentrated on getting an education and done less stupid things. I would have had more fun and not taken everything so serious. I would have kept in touch with people better and I would have made more real friends there. But you know live and learn. Emily was still kinda up when I went to check in on her at 11:00 pm. She's just like me-- Nocturnal. We put her to bed at 8:30 most nights and it doesn't matter-- she can't go to sleep right away. I have a horrible time of falling asleep. I'm a thinker and I just think about the most random stupid things with the occasional serious thought thrown in for good worry. You know I really need to update my playlist-- not that I don't love all those songs still but I just am getting tired of listening to them. I need to put some Twilight music on there-- Yeah for sure. I have the CD but I keep forgetting to bring it to work and so I just need to put it on my playlist. I probably should go to bed, I feel the slightest urge to sleep. So Goodnight Friends-- May you have pleasant dreams! Peace!

Wow... an update.

Well okay, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Lets see were to begin well I guess I'll start at the most recent and go backwards.....I just put a roast in the oven and I decided to write on here... and Emily had a playdate with Mad today, she likes it but it's funny because they both are so different. Both great kids but just into really different things, so it's a little bit of a struggle to find things for them to do together, but by the end of the day, the two of them didn't want to leave each other. It was nice for me to be able to visit with Danielle too, it's just nice to sit and talk. Yesterday I went out with my aunt, Lunch and Christmas tree shop--- it was fun seeing her because it's been a while and then last night was just fun, because Brian has a FACEBOOK account and I decided I would join too. But I had no idea, just how many of my high school classmates were on there. This one friend of mine from High School had a ton on pics from our HS years on there. OMG--- I had no idea. It was fun to see those pics and look at current pics of everyone. It was kinda fun, and a tad lame as well.. But oh well. What else...... Brian and I had a very nice VALENTINE's Day. I got a beautiful Emerald and Diamond necklace and 18 roses. We also had a date. JUST him and I, that rarely happens so it was really nice. We went and saw TAKEN, it was pretty good if you suspend reality enough to enjoy it.... ;) and then we went to dinner. Emily's parent-teacher conferences were last week too. Brian ending up being the only one to go because Emily was sick, but it went really well. Emily got straight A's again!! She's so smart! Her teacher said she is doing well but needs to work on being more independent as far as doing more things on her own and not needing her aide so much. (just being a little lazy is all and also trying to get others to do things because she doesn't want to--- is what I think). Not much else going on, we did go over our friends house last weekend and played rockband and just hung out! That was fun, I guess that fills you in-- besides working that's about everything. I guess I better go! SEE YA.

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Good Samiritian Moment.....

Hello All..okay I guess you are wondering what that title means..... Well, while walking home from work today I saw this beautiful yellow lab aimlessly walking around on the street and at one point it nearly got hit by a car. Anyway, I could see that it didn't have a collar on but that it appeared to be well taken care of so I called it over. He came right up to me, no barking or anything. So I looked around and I saw this van with it's door open in a driveway and thought maybe the dog belonged to them. So I went to the door and knocked and asked the person if the dog was theirs, they said no. So I walked some more with the dog in the opposite direction from where I was going and went to a couple more houses where cars were parked but no body knew who's dog it was. Anyway, after a little while of the dog following me it then decided no longer to listen to me so I decided well to go home and call ASPCA and see if anyone could help the dog out or what I should do ( since Brian wasn't home I couldn't go and bring the dog back or anything ) SO anyway, I decided to start walking home but I was still thinking and worrying about that dog. I saw this man and he was walking another dog with a little girl and I yelled at him---- "Are you missing a DOG?" HE must have misunderstood me because he replied, "NO I ALREADY TOLD THE GUY I DIDN'T SEE HIS YELLOW DOG" I got so excited, I said, "I HAVE THE DOG--- Where's the guy?" Anyway, the guy comes driving up in his truck yelling, "MARLEY!!!!" Yep, that was the dogs name! Can you believe it? I should have guessed. Anyway, the guy thanked me and I know I didn't really do much but I still felt like I had helped and at least I took the effort to try. The rest of my walk was quite enjoyable because I felt really happy that I was able to reunite the dog with his owner... My warm fuzzy feeling lasted the whole way home which was good because it was kind of cold out!!! :) Peace........MISSY

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Colds and Commercials..

Hey, well it's been a few days since I've blogged, I've been feeling lousy since Saturday and I've just not felt like writing anything. I must be feeling a little bit better because I've gotten an urge to write something on here. How good this blog will be, I'm not so sure. Mostly because I haven't done anything at all really since Sunday when we watched the SUPER BOWL! How good was that game!!! OMG.. I really enjoyed it and Brian was SO HAPPY they WON!! He is taking credit for the win because he was wearing Santonio Holmes jersey! Who as everyone should know is from "THE" Ohio State University and caught the winning touchdown!! So it was extra thrilling for him. Anyway, I can't even really remember any of the commercials so I guess all those MILLIONS spend on them were a waste well atleast on me but it could have been my head was just too full of crap to retain any information. I don't know. Anyway, not much else is going on, I did work on Monday at the office and also watched Josh. I knew that I wasn't feeling well but I still felt like I could watch him, plus I didn't want Dan and Tom to be stuck! So I just washed my hands a ton and tried not to breath too much on him. LOL! I called their house yesterday to make sure I hadn't given him my cold, I would have felt sooo bad if I had. But they told me, he seems fine. YEAH! I'm hoping the worst is over and hey I am writing on here so that must be a good sign. I'm going to wash our sheets today in HOT water because they must be full of cold germs and I'm gonna spray Lysol EVERYWHERE! I'm tired of having this cold--- where is all this mucus coming from, I feel like those little green guys from the Mucinex commercial are having a party in there and I'm not happy about it! I love those commercials! THEY MAKE ME LAUGH! I don't know why, maybe because inside I'm only 12. Really, Anyway I did absolutely nothing most of the day yesterday except when Brian and Fernando went to the 76er's game and I had to take care of Emily and put her to bed. Other then that I just kind of chilled out and tried to drink lots of fluids (yes... Dr. Dan!). Today I was planning on going to work but then Tom called and said I could come in on Friday instead if I wanted to. I was like THANK GOD!! Because I didn't really feel like working, Emily's school was 2 hours delayed because of the snow and I was happy to just have the extra time to rest this morning without RUSH RUSH RUSH to get her to the bus stop, anyway it was nice not to have to and also I was able to give her a bath and take a shower (THANK GOD) So it ended up being a much better morning then I planned on. I probably should go know--- I'm sure I've bored you enough. I write as though I'm talking to someone even though I'm not sure who. But if you read this blog I thank you for caring about me enough to read all my dull drums. (I'm not sure I've ever wrote that word combo before or if I'm using it correctly-- like that's new) Anyway, Time to do the laundry! If you're a mom doesn't if feel like you are forever doing the laundry or worrying about doing the laundry. Really, it's like that old Donut commercial.... Time to make the Donuts! I just realized I had three references to commercials in this blog. WOW.. that was so unexpected. COOL I now have a title for this one. Sometimes I can't think of a title until after I write a blog and sometimes I write the title and then write the blog so anyway, Good DAY and I hope what ever I have you don't get! :) MISSY

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Brian's BIG DAY!!

Well our house is eagerly awaiting the SuperBowl to start. Brian's a HUGE DIE-HARD STEELER'S FAN and so we are excited they are in the super bowl!! Unfortunately I'm not feeling well, I got a cold--- sore throat, headache, a little congestion, and just a general feeling of shit. So I've been trying to take it easy, and I'm drinking thera-flu. But it doesn't make for a very fun super bowl day, well atleast not for me! Which sucks. But I'm really hoping they win, because that would just make Brian so happy and his joy over it is contagious so you can't help but become a little fan of them yourself, just ask Emily. She has become quite the little Steeler's fan in her own right. She watched the History of the Steelers on DVD this morning with Brian. I mean she wanted to watch it, and she asked a ton of questions, She absorbed as much of the information in it that she could. She is truly a sponge and when she wants to learn something she doesn't stop until she has learned it WELL. SO it was really cute! She was sitting on Brian's lap just so happy and he just loved it! He was talking football w. his little girl, and I think it made his day!! Now if the Steeler's can win today, I think it will be a terrific day for Brian. Anyway, we all have our Steeler's gear on and I'm just hoping my headache goes away before all the cheering (let's hope) starts!! SO I'm gonna go drink the rest of my lemon flavored thera-flu and hope for the best! Take Care and GO STEELERS!!!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hello Yellow..................

Well I know that's a strange title but I understand it and that is all that matters... Ha Ha!! Anyway, I'm doing okay. Brian has been having these dizzy spells and they are quite upsetting. He has to go see an ear, nose and throat specialist because hopefully it's just an inner ear thing, and nothing more serious. More to worry about, isn't life like that. Just when one worry goes away another one comes. I'm trying not too worry but it's almost impossible-- thinking of the worse case scenario-- my mind works like that and then I try to instantly push it out of my thoughts. Please say a little pray for him that it's nothing serious! thanks!! Well lets see, Yesterday two ideas popped in my head for blog ideas, the first was about my recurring dreams.. to see if any one out there in blog land could analyze them for me. But then I just thought I don't want to maybe learn what they meant. I have a pretty good idea anyway, SO then I thought I would write about the Berlin Farmers Market--- it's a flea market not far from where we live, but for some reason my Mom always called it the Berlin Auction. I think they use to do auctions there and anyway that's just what we called it. Our family visited it over and over again while I was growing up, sometimes every weekend. Sometimes twice a month. It was just something we did, you know the funny thing is that we rarely ever bought anything much, maybe a Nancy Drew book for my sister Mary but we just enjoyed it--- the hunt for the bargain and the atmosphere and the SOFT PRETZELS... they are the best, anyway I got such a craving for them yesterday, I convinced Brian that we should go get some!! Yum Yum... they never change.. Delicious! I hope they can survive this economy because oh it would just be awful.. they are more than delicious, they also remind me so much of time with my Mom. We NEVER went to the Auction without getting some and I mean like a dozen, or atleast a 1/2 dozen and they were warm and good and we would eat 1/2 of the bag of them before we got home. Just like how I did yesterday. While they were hot and delicious! Yum! Well, I guess I did write about that one didn't I. So right now, Brian's new medicine for his dizzy spells has wiped him out and he is taking a nap, which is good because he doesn't sleep enough and Emily is playing with a little sticker book she got for Christmas--- She's happy and my cat Napoleon is laying in the sun that is coming in from the window. So it's a peaceful little scene here. Everyone happy or sleeping..... Alright well I guess I'll go and find something productive to do, you know like clean.. UUURRGGHHH, well maybe not I mean I don't want to interrupt all this lovely Peace. :)

OH my Goodness. I almost forgot I have a cute Berlin Auction story. My niece Heather was visiting me when she was about 7 or 8, Emily's age now and we told her that we were going to the mall. To which she replied, Are we going to the Clean Mall or the Dirty Mall? I laughed and laughed because I knew the dirty mall was the Berlin Auction. Isn't that just so cute, I mean she just lay it out there exactly perfectly, it is just that, a dirty mall! I love that story.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Zuma and Typing....

Hello, I'm feeling a little sad tonight, Just stuff... too much thinking. That can definitely do it sometimes. But I did just have a momentary lapse of it, because Emily is down stairs so completely joyful playing her newest obsession.... The game ZUMA. She just loves it! She is downstairs on my laptop, singing " Don't Panic-- Playing Zuma-- Never give up" She has a great little tune to it. It's actually quite catchy. She also has been learning to TYPE the right way. Using the home row and all. She is getting quite good. I remember back in the OLD days of my school days-- I didn't learn to type until 7th grade. And here my 2nd grader is already mastering it! WOW... times sure have changed!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Congratulations Mr. President...

Hello, I couldn't go to bed tonight without writing a little about my joy over seeing this day finally come. It is OFFICIAL now, President Obama is our 44th President!!! I'm so happy, I am so inspired over and over again. I saw the crowds that gathered in Washington to witness a new day, a day of immense meaning. A day of renewed hope and it really made me feel proud to be an American. I was at work so I didn't get to see too much coverage, but Tom (my boss & Friend) let me listen to it on my computer and I even got to watch a little too. SO thank you Tom!! It meant so much to me! I was able to see him sworn in, I loved it--- the flubs and all. It made me think this man is really eager to get in to office. He was talking over the other guy and everything! Fantastic! Anyway, As Emily said when she saw our neighbors this morning..... Happy Inauguration Day!! To which they didn't seem quite so happy, I think they were Republicans... But oh well it didn't tamper her spirits any. That's my girl.... :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Reason's I'm a DORK.......

Okay.. Some people can't deal with being called a DORK. But whatever, I am a dork/ Nerd. I think it makes me, well me. I'll admit it and here are some reasons I can officially call myself a dork and also laugh at myself:

1) I own the DVD.... ABC's Afterschool specials! IT's 26 episodes of Afterschool specials that aired in the 1970's and 1980's-- AWESOME!!

2) I walk to work... I think I'm just an ENVIRONMENTALIST not wanting to POLLUTE our air but you may think else wise... TO each his own.

3) I own the first season of the BRADY BUNCH on DVD!!

4) I like and sing along to Emily's CD's like Laurie Berkner!

5) I am OLD but still love watching Real World on MTV

6) I've seen Twilight 3 Times in the Theater and want to go see it a FOURTH time!! Aaaaaahhhh My EDWARD.

7) I like TOP CHEF and Project RUNWAY!!

8) I buy self help books and then DON'T READ THEM... Doesn't everyone do that though...

9) I'm a GOLD Member of the CLASSMATES Website.... just because I want to see how bad or good people look after 20 years.


11) I LOVE Other PEOPLE's BLOGS!! I'm upset a little that Rosie quit her blog.. I mean I thought we WERE friends!! HA HA!

12) I LIKE funky sneakers... like converses! They make me feel younger!

13) I think my husband is sexy when he's pretending to be a ROCKER while playing ROCK BAND!!

14) I watch National Lampoons Vacation probably once every two weeks... I find something very comforting about that movie. But I like the first half of the movie much better then the 2nd half. So I think my DVD will get worn out on 1/2 the DVD only. Can that happen?

15) I seriously can't explain the THRILL I get when I find an article of clothing on sale in the Clearance rank for like $2 and its either Emily or my size. I LOVE IT!! If I could bottle that feeling up---- I'd be happy always!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Update as promised! WOW that never happens.

Ok.... We went to the game last night and it was actually a really good game. THE Sixers WON... actually they KICKED BUTT! Totally cool-- It's fun having a little date with the hubby................. Peace OUT!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sixer's Game tonight!

Tonight we are going to a 76'ers Basketball game. Brian bought season tickets this year and as season ticket holders we have the opportunity to have seats in the box section for 2 games. SO Because I'm spoiled (HA HA) I wanted to go to those two games and one of them is TONIGHT! Our normal seats are in the nose bleed section and are BENEATH me!! HA HA..... :) We have to leave around 6 pm! I'm looking forward to it but part of me (the lazy part) is just like I'll just stay home. I don't want to have to get ready and find something to wear that I feel comfortable in and blah blah blah.. and it's just easier to stay home. I mean I'm not going to but I am always like this, once I get there I will have fun but the whole process just doesn't seem worth it! Pathetic, Right? Oh well....... My aunt is watching Emily for us and Emily is excited about that! Also my niece is watching her until my Aunt gets here so THANK YOU both for helping us out like this. Well actually they are helping Fernando out because we were going to the game regardless but Fernando wants to use our regular tickets and for him to do that he had to find a babysitter and that is what he did. But still THANKS, because it is very nice of you! Anyway, I better go and see if my clothes are dry (they are in the dryer, I'm so organized, nothing like waiting til the last second. We only have about an hour! YIKES. Anyway, I'll let you know later if they win or not. They are having a mediocre season so far. I haven't been that into them this year, I don't know why, because they are usually mediocre so that isn't it, I just haven't been watching to many of the games. Anyway, Good Bye.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

WOW... What a beautiful sunset tonight!

Hi, It's been a rather dull day, but tonight when Brian got home, he told me to come outside with him. I have to say I was still in my PJ's (isn't that pathetic!) but the sky was magnificent. It was a completely bright orange/pink beautiful sunset and I'm glad I saw it!! IT was GLORIOUS!! Truly. Ahhhhh..... Anyway, the rest of my day was like I said pretty dull, Emily was home from school, she had a 24 hour flu thing. She could have probably went to school but her school's nurse would have probably just sent her home. This nurse has me so paranoid about sending her in with even the slightest symptom. Because she will ALWAYS ask me to come and pick her up. Being that I don't drive, it does make that more difficult! Yesterday though she was really NOT feeling well. So it was probably for the best anyway, why risk her getting more sick if her reserve was a little down. Better to be safe then sorry. SO we just kind of chilled out and I made her really try and rest today. I figure if I make it NO FUN, she be less likely to want to stay home. Yes, she's only 8 but she pulls the "I don't wanna go to school thing already" and she's so smart she knows just how to get away with it! Stinker! But I must say this, I did enjoy our extra snuggle time today! Let's see what else. I will be babysitting Joshua tomorrow.... he is getting so talkative. It's really fun to see him learning so much, it's amazing week to week what he learns. FUN! It's a lot easier to understand what he wants and needs because if you ask him something, he'll say MMMmmmm if he wants it! It's really cute. I see him almost every week and I really like that. I have also been seeing a little more of my great nephew Nicholas too because Steve is working full time now and I think Heather is going a little stir crazy in her house. So I saw Nicholas two times last week, he is growing so fast and he is such a little cutie but he is into everything and Heather has her hands filled with that little guy!! But he is really sweet and really really cute! So Heather keep coming to visit us! My nephew, Justin was really funny last week because he and Heather counted how many pictures of them were up and they were giving me shit because I had so many more of other relatives/friends then of the two of them. I told them if you give them to me, I put them up. SO the next day Heather came back with pictures! IT was cute, I have to get them up or they are never going to let me forget it. HA HA!! Anyway, before I bore you even more I guess I should go. But I do hope that you were able to see that sunset tonight, it was heavenly. Anyway, GOOD NIGHT! Sweet dreams.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A film review....

I know this isn't a new movie but I just saw the movie "Waitress" on HBO. I LIKED IT! It's totally a Missy Movie.... A quirky drama/comedy. My FAVORITE kind!! It's about this Waitress who works at a PIE Diner, Yes, apparently there are diners that only serve PIE. I didn't know that. But well maybe only in movies NOT real life- I don't know. But anyway, to get back to the review---- She is a really great Pie baker and she is trying to enter a pie contest and leave her loser husband. But life gets complicated when she finds out after a night of drunken sex with the loser husband she gets pregnant! Anyway, I don't want to give up the whole plot so I will not say too much more but it's good and I think you should get off your butt and rent it. Especially if you happen to like quirky little films like ME!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

BDF, I love you from BMF

Hi, I have to tell you this cute Emily story. First Emily is the BEST bed time staller in the UNIVERSE but she is SOOO Cute about it! I'm a sucker for her every time! Tonight I promised myself that she was going to be in BED by 8:30 but that didn't happen. We were playing with this balloon that she got last week from Chick Fila and she was having so much fun just catching that thing, (so Much for all those Xmas PRESENTS--- Right?) SO anyway, I let her stay up til 8:42, and then, after we brushed her teeth it was probably 8:45 and then she asked me for a back rub so I said, Well okay but it's either a back rub or a story. NOT BOTH! (See I'm being a toughie.. :) "OK-- I'll take a back rub." she says. So I give her a back rub. I got one of those little massaging doohickeys for Xmas. You know they have a handle and looks like a little car with wheels and she just loves it! After the back rub she says, "Can you write on my back-- PLEASE MOMMY?" We play this game where we try to guess what the other person draws. I told her, yes but only 2 and then of course I did 3 drawings. After that she says, "Mommy, I have a secret" She says it so sweet, so ofcourse I just melt and I say, "Oh good, cause I LOVE secrets" and then Emily says, "Mommy-- You are my BMF and I love you always and forever and will you be my BFF?" SO I say, " Ofcourse, and you are most definitely my BDF and we will always and forever be BFF." Emily is really into abbreviating and just so you know:


So anyway, she stayed up til 9:05 but OMG, How cute is she? I mean I really do LOVE bed time just because it is really such a sweet time and so what if she stays up a little late, it's totally worth it! And technically she was IN BED just fifteen minutes late just not ASLEEP! See what I mean I'm a SUCKER, but honestly can you blame me. :) So anyway, sweet dreams. Goodnight.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Great Bumper Sticker....

Okay... So today while I walked home from work. I saw this Bumper Sticker.....

Friends Don't let Friends VOTE Republican.

It made me SMILE!


Sunday, January 4, 2009

A few of my New Favorites....

HI... So awhile ago I listed my favorite things... And I just thought I'd update it with a few new ones.

-Twilight Movie and book (of course)
-my new bobo lined crocs... comfy
-giant chewy nerds
-Cheesecake factory nachos
-Emily's joyful squeals
-my new purple laptop
-MY blog

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blah Blah Blah and a Product Review

HI... Brian and Fernando are at the movies, and Emily is happily playing with BENDAROOs--- they are sorta a sticky version of pipe cleaners that you can mold into just about anything, she got them for Christmas and really likes them. Maybe I'll take a picture of some of her creations and display them on here. Anyway, I figured this was the perfect time for me to take a few minutes to write a blog. I'm listening to the Twilight Soundtrack. I went and saw it again last night. Okay, that's three times and I enjoyed it just as much as ever! Danielle and I went with her niece to see it! SOO FUN! Anyway, I'm finally on the 2nd book, I've read about 150 pages so far. Let's see this winter vacation has gone by sooo fast. I wish that it wasn't over, I have really enjoyed having Emily home. It makes me a little sad that she has to go back to school already. But I'll have a busy week to distract myself... I work on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and I'll be babysitting Josh on Friday. So that'll be good. Oh yeah, I have to tell you this, Emily has become fascinated with the "smooth away" Infomercial. It's this hair removal system that is on TV-- anyway, we saw it at the Rite-Aid and decided to give it a whirl. Anyway so here is my take on the product. It promises to Instantly remove hair with out pain. It does remove hair but it takes a Little effort ( not instantly) but it is NOT painful at all. I actually think it was worth the $9.95, I would use it if I forgot to shave and I wanted to just clean up my ankles or in the summer for a quick fresh up. The fact that it doesn't require electricity or water is great to just take in the car for long trips and you can shave you legs as you are waiting to get to your destination(as long as you're not driving) It does take a while to do but I actually found it rather soothing. Anyway, that's that. My first Product testing. I say if you see Smooth away---- give it a try. :) Have a nice Day.. Missy