Thursday, April 30, 2009

Miss Idiot... atleast in my opinion.

Miss California has decided to PLATFORM to STOP GAY MARRIAGE... sweety... WITH all that could use help in this world... THIS IS WHAT YOU DECIDE! If you believe in GOD so much, let him decide if something is right or wrong.. BTW... the bible was written by MEN! IS She really tht stupid? THINK about it?.... Abortion? Gay? Birth Control? Affairs? Cursing? Where does it end? Is it your job to police the minds of others... Live your life. I've come to realize that I'm not God----- only God should judge people! I believe in him strongly. I don't believe EVERY SINGLE WORD in the BIBLE!! I think if U DO what is in YOUR heart to do. Leave others to do what is in THEIR heart to do. OFcourse... if it's illegal that's one thing but the Bible says ALOT of things are wrong that are not illegal.... Can u imagine the jails if people were punished for having affairs. According to the bible that is just as wrong! I don't see u platforming for that. Miss California... you're being rewarded by the GAY HATERS in the world and you are liking the POWER and the PRAISE... but is it really important.. I think more people should show love towards each other... Gay, Straight, WHATEVER... You are fighting LOVE, and that is WRONG! & IDIOTIC!!! So my apologies for calling u an IDIOT but I call it like I see it and this is MY BLOG!

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