Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hi, I've been non-productive today as far as the house work goes.. but I did create a new playlist for my blog... be prepared... LOTS OF COUNTRY music! But I listen to the country tv station while I do the treadmill at night and I'm starting to like alot more songs. But there is alot of other stuff too... lots of Flogging Molly and Jimmy Buffett. The first song is called "Online" it's quite funny and I thought appropiate. Not that I do that but I think alot of people do. FUNNY song. Listen to the lyrics... it's hysterical. Anyway, What else... Brian's surgery has been changed to the 11th of May now and will be done @ the hospital instead of the surgical center. Because of his sleep apnea. I'm happy they are being extra cautious... it's just seems scarier in a hospital and not at an out patient facility. It's going to be fine it's just me worrying---- it's going to be fine! OMG...almost forgot we walked in the MARCH OF DIMES walk on Sunday. IT WAS SOO HOT!! But we made it and we raised $1600.00 for the cause. So it was great! Speaking of walking.... I am getting frustrated with my lack of weight loss. I've been walking on the treadmill for over a month and 1/2 now and I don't feel any skinnier at all. I DO FEEL BETTER and I'm not going to give up yet but it is FRUSTRATING and I wish I was seeing more weight loss. Emily got straight A's again on her third marking period report card!!!!! SO PROUD OF HER!!!! Way to GO!!!! Emily u ROCK!! Today is my nephew and sister's birthday---- so if they read this...... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!" Well I better go I have lots of things I should be doing and haven't yet... YIKES... I almost forgot to mention this whole SWINE FLU outbreak. How scary. What can you do, hide in your house.... life goes on... but I did by some germ busting hand wipes for Emily and I've put them in her back pack! I'm using them on her hands after the bus!! You never know. This morning---- this little girl coughed right on Emily and I did care a little more then normal!! For a worrier like me---- I need to avoid NEWS coverage!!! So I'm just gonna keep facebooking and trying to avoid all articles about it! AVOIDANCE is the best medicine---- both of the virus and of the coverage.... it's the only hope, atleast for my peace of mind! Anyway, ending on that friendly "reminder" to you, I guess you should have avoided reading this.... hehe :)

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