Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's Happening Hotstuff!!

Hi.. I know I've been horrible about coming here and writing. What can I say, I've been busy. Actually I have. Emily had a bit of the stomach bug, but luckily it only lasted one day. She had it on Sunday and threw up like 5 times but by Monday the worse of it was over. I kept her home from school as a precaution. She thankfully seems all better now. She is at school today, she took a fall on the way to the bus this morning and we had to get a bandaid form the bus driver and she had to go to school with a ripped pair of jeans. SO that was our morning adventure. She was really brave and didn't even cry but was very concerned about the fact that she was bleeding. I hope her day goes well today. So what else.. well our March of Dimes walk is this Sunday. We are walking in Glassboro this year because well the Camden County one this year starts in Camden and goes over the bridge... well with me being so afraid of heights, we can just forget that idea!!!! We haven't raised as much money as previous years (maybe it's the economy) or the fact that Brian's work didn't let him send out a universal email to the whole firm. Either way, we are trying and I've even got a few donations on my facebook acct. Which is sooo wonderful, some of these people I haven't seen in 20 years and it is so nice of them to do. I felt really happy when I saw they had donated. It really meant something to me. Anyway, I'm doing great with the treadmill and not to sound like I'm bragging--- I'm just really proud of myself. I still don't know if I actually have lost any weight or not. Not by my jean calculations. Brian thinks I'm losing weight in areas I can't tell yet-- maybe my brain! hehe. Anyway, more seriously Brian's surgery is on May 4th. It's a little scary and I just hope the recovery isn't tooo difficult. But he's pretty tough. I just hope it makes him feel better. He's soo tired and having a really hard time sleeping. He wakes around like a zombie sometimes and it's not his fault--- he's just so exhausted. He never gets in the REM sleep that we all need. Emily is still loving the Sound of Music and still her happy go lucky self. She has her 2nd tumbling (3 total) class on Thursday. So we are busy around here. We are also looking forward to Pat visiting. She'll be here right after Brian's surgery --- but first staying with Jim and Deb. It's our nephew Patrick's birthday right around then and so she's going there first. Patrick is a fun kid and I think he'll really like that his grandma will be here for his birthday!! They are really close too. She tries to do that--- make it up for one of her grandkids' birthdays-- and then someone elses the next time. She's very fair like that. Emily is soo looking forward to Pat's visit---- she just loves having Grandma here. I asked Pat if she would help me with my flower beds while she's here. She loves that stuff. She said sure. So that's really nice of her too. I'm sure it will make my flower beds loook better. Anyway.. I guess I'll go-- I'm so tired maybe I'll take a little nap, even though I really do have so much to do around the house. But I'm not in the mood. Maybe I'll cook Chili for dinner. I'm not sure I have enough of the ingrediants I'll just have to manage. Anyway, have a good day! Missy

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